Friday, 17 October 2014

BabyChic Designer Accessories For Your Pram - A Review and Giveaway

How much did you spend on your child's pram? I'll bet it was a bucket load.
How expensive are those things?! They seem to be going up in price every year too. These days I am thanking my lucky stars that I am finished with pram buying altogether.

I have two prams: A stroller for quick outings and whizz-by shopping trips and a snazzy Mountain Buggy jogger pram for more heavy duty trips and rare occasions where I do some walking workouts. (Both of which I love by the way, oh, and the walking part too.) Combined these two prams cost me loads of cash and like all investments, they're worth looking after. I am hoping at the end of their faithful service to my child, that I can re-sell them for a scraping of the outlay I invested.

Whenever I've bought a new pram, (to date there's been around 10!) I've pledged to be so careful with it:

"There will be no food of any kind consumed in this pram! No ice cream! No drinks other than water!"

BUT, like all Mums out and about with their exhausting child, after a while we'll give in with whatever it takes to stop their fussing and before you know it, your baby's happily sucking on their very first lollypop following a bout of tantrums; your pram taking the brunt of their sticky mess along with your nerves as you struggle to complete your day.

Right along with that first lollypop - gone is your chance of selling that pram for a decent value later too. (Or at least having a new-looking vehicle for the next family addition.)

If you've managed to avoid fuelling your child in your pram altogether then you are a Mum to be revered. I envy your spotless buggy! For the rest of us mortals, there are measures we can take to preserve our precious prams and they're pretty simple too. Make that pretty and practical!

BabyChic are a company founded by Mum Lauren Southern who accidently fell into the designer pram business after she sought to make her plain black pram a little more aesthetically appealing. Her origins are quite amazing and you can read the full story of her business here.

Following the brilliant makeover of her own pram, Lauren was encouraged by the constant stream of flattering comments she received and so BabyChic was born. Like me, it seemed there were many Mums out there wanting liners to both beautify and protect their prams and I have been sent one to share with you here.

First up, both of my prams are black. Black is altogether boring - practical for its purpose yes, but dull. Add a lovely liner, (this one's called Apple Tree), and my Mountain Buggy has blossomed into something else entirely.

There are a number of reasons why the BabyChic design is so covetable apart from its designer look. Firstly, all BabyChic liners are universal and backed by a guarantee that they will fit your particular pram. If it does not fit in a way you are happy with, BabyChic will make it right.

BabyChic liners are 100% cotton throughout. Not only is the gorgeous fabric design itself cotton but the thick inner wadding too, keeping your child cool, comfortable and as dry as possible in the heat of Summer. This is an important consideration if you have a very young child or one that has skin conditions which may become irritated by the perspiration induced by acrylic lined products.

BabyChic liners have a stitched in waist section which means your pram straps remain snug and natural against your child's waist at all times. The liner does not pull inwards against your child's body and remains firmly in place against the pram where you want it. I don't know about you but I have owned countless liners which slide about constantly and curl in. (Sheepskin liners are notorious for doing this.) Nothing makes for a grumpier child than when this occurs and that in turn, frustrates me no-end.

All edges and sewn in contours are bound with the same stylish outer design so your liner has extra reinforcement and a quality finish. Better yet are the two ties at the top of the liner that secure it to your pram preventing the 'slippage' that looks so uncomfortable. (No need to spend your entire outing constantly yanking the liner up and baby with it - sound familiar?) There is even a fully reversible plain co-ordinated colour backing made from 100% soft cotton jersey so you can change your pram's look to suit.

Installation is easy and best of all, the liners can be cold machine washed on a gentle cycle, line dried and popped straight back into action when required. There are an array of beautiful chic designs to choose from and the liners are priced at $59.95 - a great price which you will no doubt re-coup when the time comes to part with your treasured pram. (Add the liner to the sale and score a few extra dollars.)

BabyChic have recently released a fantastic new product called the Pram / Buggy Organiser. This super nifty device attaches to the centre of the handle/s of your pram and functions like an extra set of hands to accommodate all the little extras we Mummas tend to cart about on outings. It's a place to throw your keys, phone, cosmetics, toddler snacks, (Dad's wallet and keys) and general kiddy bits and pieces as well as small change, spare nappies, wipes and so on.

This is generously sized and styled to play matchy matchy with your liner, making your pram not only stylish but improved altogether. The interior is lined with a wipeable fabric and stiff base liner. There are multiple pockets to help you organise the clutter. The Pram / Buggy Organiser is crafted in canvas, attaches to your pram via secure Velcro tabs and closes securely with magnetic closures. A great feature is the removable flap opening so that you can make it an open 'basket' for holding your goods if you prefer.

I am loving this new addition to my pram which is also universal to most models. It can even store two drinks within and it's fully washable if they spill too. Also, this design has the potential to be detached from your pram swiftly and carried as a fashionable clutch for those times when you're leaving the pram behind altogether.

The Pram / Buggy Organiser retails for $39.95 and comes in a range of stunning styles.

BabyChic Designs have very generously offered to giveaway
a Pram / Buggy Organiser to one lucky Six Little Hearts reader.
This fantastic prize is valued at $39.95 and the winner can choose their preferred design from the BabyChic website.
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  1. We have a Mountain Buggy too. Whenever we're out I am reminded that I need to dig out the pram organiser. I have nowhere to put things after my mega handbag is suffed into the basket below. BabyChic's liners and organisers and gorgeous. I feel some retail therapy coming my way. Off to check them out :)

  2. It means I can carry more stuff on my pram..and carry it in style!
    Karina Lee

  3. I have an ancient mountain buggy too, with a toddler and another on the way, the pram organiser would be absolutely fantastic for keeping track of everything whilst wrangling kids!!

  4. For new mums, the amount of stuff you have to carry for a simple day out can be very overwhelming. An organiser keeps everything in check and makes the process a whole lot smoother.

  5. The bottom basket of my stroller is made of mesh fabric. I discovered it had a gaping hole the other day when lots of items went missing down the street. I doubled back but never found all the things. One was a favourite ragdoll of my daughter's, and she has been so upset since. So having a Buggy Organiser would mean the storage is at my height and sight - maximising convenience but also preventing this type of thing from recurring.

  6. I am one of those people who lose everything I am constantly saying to my husband "where is this" This prize could save me a lot of searching and getting cross and just get on with my day.

  7. A gorgeous looking product with everything needed for out & about, full storage for all of the essentials.....a god sent for any mother!

  8. How awesome does the pram liner and organiser look? My pram days are over but this would have saved a lot of stains in my old Jeep pram!

  9. This amazing prize would make this frazzled, tired mumma feel a little stylish while trying to wrangle the toddler and a newborn

  10. It would save my stroller from the constant mess its little occupants create! Plus I have hardly any storage on/in the stroller, so the organiser to clip on to the handle would be a lifesaver!

  11. I don't have a car so my pram is my home away from home, extra space is always welcome!

  12. What a fantastic giveaway! This would be perfect for my brand new Joie Ladybug Red pram :) It would be wonderful keeping things organised and in place so I don't lose my cool while out and about. Perfect!

  13. I would actually love to give these to a very dear friend who is pregnant with her second baby. She already has a son, and now she is pregnant with a daughter. It has taken her almost 5 years to fall pregnant again, and it hasn't been the best pregnancy for her. I'd love to give her these when she has the baby as they would make a beautiful gift. Thanks for the chance. Michelle Vamvas

  14. Oooohhhh - I love the red one with the trees!!! Unfortunately we are past the pram stage and I am about to sell it :-(

  15. I so would love to say that I am still needing a pram,
    But I am hoping that one day soon we will have grandchildren to spoil,
    with a babychic pram/Buggy Organiser our sweet little one would be
    stepping out in style!

  16. It would make us a lot more organised, which is something severely needed at my place :D

    Jessica Blundell

  17. These BabyChic baby products would help me get my baby stuffs well-organized. Less mess means more calm to me.

  18. it would help me out as im a new mum to be, and im all new to this baby things, :) so this would be so wonderful to win.

  19. What a great idea!! My pram was so disgusting when we finally got rid of it!!

  20. I love that it has space for 2 drinks. My new wanderer pram doesn't have a drink holder and I'd grown so attached to the one on my other pram that I keep trying to put my drinks into an imaginary holder! Would be good to have somewhere to put them again.

  21. I'm pregnant with twins and from what I've read and been told by friends with twins I'll need to be super organised. I'll need to carry double the nappies, wipes, spare clothes, drinks and snacks. The Babychic Pram Organiser will help me carry all these without weighing down our pram.
    - Stacey Williamson

    1. Wow! Stacey congratulations! You will definitely need this product with twins on the way. I hope it makes your life a lot easier. I will be in touch shortly. :D

  22. I spen a lot of time simply worrying about keeping things clean and looking their best so these Babychic products will not only keep the pram looking like new but my mind a little clearer too.

  23. I am constantly juggling attending to 2 kids, pushing the pram, grabbing snacks, wiping faces, answering phone calls, holding hands, constantly rearranging the handbag straps falling off my shoulder from being overloaded - one of these would save the day!

  24. My pram doesn't have any storage - what was I thinking?! One of these would just reduce some of the stress of trying to find things easily, instead of scrambling through the overloaded handbag, whilst chasing after Ms 3!!

  25. Love how they are colour coordinated and the organiser is amazing. I am thankfully out of the pram stage. Just use the stroller every now and then :) #TeamMM

  26. Beautiful designs. I just love the idea that the organiser can be taken off in case I have to leave the pram. It happens quite often at the playground and you just can't trust anybody these days.

  27. WAY too much money and you've just reminded me that I should get my A into G and sell our Phil and Ted ensemble, it's no longer a must-have item in our household! x

  28. I can't count how many times my iPhone has slid off the top of the pram, or I've forgotten my wallet was up there and folded it away with the pram in the boot, only to be hunting for it still days later. This new pram organiser is a dream come true for a scatter brained mum like me!

  29. Great ideas arent they! would be so time saving and a great way to keep things clean. i know our stroller can get pretty ordinary would be great to be able to just remove the liner and wash.
    They look well made and pretty fabrics
    thanks for sharing with us for Sunday Brunch x

  30. I always lose stuff,
    And I've had enough,
    Finding wipes when there's been a mess,
    Would could me less stress.

  31. I mightn't be able to keep my love life organised but at least my nappy bag can be sorted!

  32. Oh wow how awesome will this be! I love to be organised and this would be perfect instead of everything being dumped in the bottom of the pram!

    Kylie Bowers

  33. It would allow me to take the essential in a compact organiser rather than have to cart around a big nappy bag which is often half full of stuff I don't really need anyway. It would also keep me looking very hip and chic with its gorgeous design.

  34. I have an old backpack from uni days that I use... time to upgrade!

  35. Having an organiser means any mama is prepared with all the essentials, ready to face the day's challenges with a smile! These look fab! Beautifully designed. Jillian Francis Jhamb

  36. Not having to rummage through my personal, "Bermuda Triange," ensures more focus on the important things in life – with whom I am sharing this time.

  37. I'm not a mum yet, but soon to be!! This would be a wonderful starters kit - DREAMY in fact. It's great to hear from other Mum's what they use and find practical and of good quality. So thanks for keeping on blogging and sharing these products xx

  38. Well, well! Isn't this just the perfect bundle for mums of bubs? Thanks for such a fantastic giveaway.
    I did have Fb but have recently deactivated it :(

  39. I love to be organized and anything with compartments makes me squeal!!

  40. My daughter would love this, she has just had her fourth girl, she needs practical organiser to use, when all of them are out and about.THANKYOU

  41. Travelling would be a breeze as I could pack and go with comfort and ease!


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