Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Wordless Wednesday - Playtime Our Way

I think my two youngest babes are heart-warmingly adorable together. They play in such funny and tender little ways with one another and it makes me so happy to watch them at it.

This pair have a language and understanding that's unique to them. Having bigger siblings makes them tend to unite in their innocence. When Taite gets playful, Celeste lights up and excitedly and joyfully follows the animated ball of action that he is.

I caught this little show of rough-play one morning recently and it made me laugh!

Taite likes to be one of the first in the family to greet his baby Sister each day. He entertains her by being boyishly hyperactive and making silly noises to get her giggling and warmed-up for my arrival. Sometimes I fear he can be quite rough when he plays but the worry is mostly unwarranted - it only makes her laugh all the more. I think I am really just being over-cautious.

On this day, Celeste decided to play it his way and gave him a decent belting around the head with her soft toy. Listening to so much tiny laughter spilling from these two was just magic! I don't think I could ever tire of watching them play together.

He loved it just as much as she enjoyed dishing it out!

Do your kids play together in a way that both worries you and entertains you at the same time?

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  1. Gorgeous photos. Thanks for linking up at Agent Mystery Case. I hope we both manage to get some sleep real soon.

  2. Your tamale pie looks good and I can tell the boys really love each other!!!

  3. Yes it's annoying and amusing when my youngest boys play, someone always gets hurt just after they start having heaps of fun. Cute photos x

  4. How sweet! With only one child in the house, the other 'kid' is usually me or hubby, we do have a few silly moments here!

  5. No kids, but very cute photos there!

  6. Adorable that they get on so well. Mine are so lovey dovey after they haven't seen each other all day, and the next minute they are fighting!

  7. Hayley is such a rough nut already because her friends are mainly boys. Shes prone to hitting, pushing and most recently has discovered pinching. Definitely not a dainty little girl at the moment.

  8. Awww this made me miss my sister! Can I confess that I wish that I have 2 kids just so my son had someone to share happiness and sadness with other than us parents. Saly we cant afford another family member. These photos are nice to look at =)

  9. They really look so sweet together.

  10. These are adorable! How lovely to have caught them at play like this!


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