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A Babylove Giggle and Hoot Nappies Review Plus Win A Month's Supply of Babylove Nappies!

Have you a young child in your home who is a big fan of the excellent children's television series Giggle and Hoot on ABC TV?
If you do, then you will definitely want to know about a great offer currently available at all Woolworths supermarkets.

For a limited time only, Babylove nappies and ABC TV have partnered to produce a special Giggle and Hoot nappy promotion and it's exclusive to Woolworths supermarkets nationally. Inside specially marked jumbo packs of Babylove nappies, you'll find a quality hard-board puzzle manufactured by the well known Tree Toys and there are four great, themed puzzles to collect in the series.

The large 12 piece frame tray puzzles are fantastic quality. Recommended for the three plus age group, they are certain to bring a giggle to nappy change time in your home.

The ABC's Jimmy Giggle, Hoot and Hootabelle are much-loved friends of little people everywhere and now you can make nappy changes a smooth affair for your little one through this exciting new partnership.

Babylove nappies are premium quality nappies designed with all the latest advances in the nappy industry. The DriWave Technology built into the surface of the nappy works to draw moisture from your child's delicate skin repeatedly, keeping your child dryer and for longer. The nappies have a super-soft cover and are gentle on your child where it counts.

We've been trying out Babylove nappies these past few weeks and I am impressed with the quality, fit and capacity of the brand. Babylove nappies fit snuggly and have a great stretchy waist band to help contain leaks. I think it's important to shop around for a nappy that suitably fits your individual child and Babylove fit my toddler as if they were tailored for her.

The soft breathable cover of the nappies have ensured there has been no nappy rash to speak of so far and the flexible side rails have contained all of my Daughter's best efforts; important considering in recent weeks, my girl has discovered the joys of removing her clothing. These nappies have really been put to the test without the added security of leggings and tights! The great news is, I have felt confident that this nappy brand would live up to its reputation and that they have, time and time again.

Some things I specifically like about the brand in addition to their impressive performance so far are the coloured tabs feature for securing the nappy. I can't tell you the number of times I have tried to fit a nappy on an escaping toddler, backwards! Not a problem with the easily identifiable front and back when you're in a pinch.

Another notable feature I like about this brand is the illustrated guide bar on the front of each nappy. By following the numbered lines, you can ensure you have fitted each nappy perfectly on your child, further eliminating the chance of leaks via lopsided fastening. There's no need to open and close the tabs while you fumble for the straightest fit you can manage, it's all been simplified for the swiftest nappy change imaginable. Now there's a really welcome feature!

After trialling Babylove nappies, I am ranking this brand a huge 10 out of 10 on quality and performance. They've certainly reduced my wash load and I will be making the switch from shopping haphazardly around the weekly sales to Babylove based purely on their track record so far. Collecting the gorgeous free included puzzles is a further incentive too. Make sure you check these out next time you are at Woolworths.

Babylove nappies are available in a wide selection of sizes for young children,
from Newborn to Junior as well as Training Pants and SleepyNights.
Look out for the specially marked Giggle and Hoot Babylove range available in Woolworths stores nationally. RRP $29.
Visit the Babylove website for more information.

Like to win a one month supply of Giggle and Hoot
Babylove nappies?
Babylove would like to offer one lucky Six Little Hearts reader a chance to try a jumbo box of Babylove in their chosen size.
The total value of this prize is $29.
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  1. Trying to change a poonami and the tags on the new nappy ripped off, and it was the last in my bag...

  2. I thought we'd be out of nappies fully by now but hasn't mastered night time we've still got one of those on - I have to say it is LOVELY to not change sharts after 6.5 years of it!

  3. I went to a wedding and literally as the bride arrived, there was a nappy explosion - we did do a quick change and got to watch the ceremony but then we had to race home so my partner could change his shirt!

  4. Recently I was visiting someone and had to change the biggest stinker of a nappy! I would like to think I'm pretty skilled at these by now so I just placed Baby Vick on the floor, without anything underneath him. Usually this would be no problem. Ha! Poo was leaking out the top of the nappy which then proceeded to rub into the floor of my friends carpet. Baby Vick wriggled and spread poo as far as his bum could possible reach. I was MORTIFIED! So much for my pro-ess!

  5. Whilst breastfeeding my son when he was a newborn he decided to do a No. 3 poo explosion. It went all up his back, down his legs then out onto my clothes and legs. Trying to take his clothes off without getting it over him even more and at the same time trying to undress myself, is not something I wish to experience again. My husband got a real "hoot" out of it (shame it didn't happen to him instead!) and all I could really do was "giggle".

  6. Watching my husband change our newborn daughters nappy, he thought he had it all under control until she started to wee and then poo at the same time, he realised he didn't have enough hands and freaked out, was quite funny to watch! (I did end up helping in the end or he would have been there all day!!)

  7. Out for dinner and having to change a mammoth very liquid ppoey nappy in the car half way through the meal:-(

  8. When my first child was about 4 weeks old I thought I'd venture out to a local mothers group. Just as I arrived there was a nappy explosion that DID NOT stay in his nappy. The first impression I gave to these mums was me and my son, both upset and covered in mustard baby poo. - Alicia

  9. Remembering that you've forgotten to put the next size nappy and clothes in the nappy bag when there's an unfortunate accident at the shops...

  10. I wish they had've done the free puzzle in the nappy pants as well because we love the nappy pants and are a tad obsessed with Giggle and Hoot!

  11. Taking the one week olds nappy off for a bath - carrying her to the sink and she proceeded to poo and wee all over me!

  12. Changing a wriggling baby who is whizzing while I am attempting to wipe away her sloppy poo!

    Karina L

  13. Love the guidebar idea in the nappies. Trickiest nappy change we've had? A few weeks ago it leaked so bad I just cut the baby grow off! #KidTested

  14. I too love the idea of the numbered bar to save the wonky nappy scenario. Mr SM unfortunately did this wonky nappy application recently, hence our toddler having a wee out of the leg hole...oooops!

  15. These diapers look like very good diapers. I love the designs on them

  16. As the little bundle of Joy hasnt arrived yet, I am yet to have the fun of having memories of nappy changing, but im sure there will be plenty of stories to tell!

  17. We are past the baby stages, and we no longer need nappies, but gee I so remember our youngest leaking through so many different brands of nappies when he was younger, and having to be changed so many times!
    I reckon Baby love Giggle and Hoot Nappies would have been idea for him!

  18. On the plane when I'm not good with plane toilets and turbulence thrown into the mix. Lauren P.

  19. Out of my five children, the most memorable nappy change moment was with my first born, a "poosplosion" of epic magnitude, while we were out for lunch with my in-laws and I was wearing white pants, I've never, ever worn white pants again....

  20. Halfway through our 4 hour road-trip to Townsville, we had to pull over so I could feed our then 3-month-old daughter. While sitting in the front passenger seat feeding her, she let rip with a #3, and it shot out up her back, out her legs, into my lap, over my hands and even managed to hit the dashboard! Trying to hold her while getting into my nappy bag with poo-covered hands and not spread any more of it into the front of the car was a little 'tricky' to say the least...
    (Stacey Shailer)

    1. Errr Stacey, that comment sent shudders along my spine but it has won you a month's supply of Babylove nappies so yay for the bad poo experience!!
      Hopefully, these nappies will keep everything contained. :D
      I will be in touch shortly - Merry Christmas!
      THANK YOU everybody for your hilarious experiences here! We've had a real laugh reading these!

  21. He has started to touch and see what's going on inside his nappy...One day it was a disaster...poo all over his hands :O I was trying to take him to the bathroom. He wanted to give me a hug (with his dirty hands)...

  22. My first nappy change in the hospital I was still so out of it and had no idea what I was doing!

  23. My partner never believed me about the poo explosion. He always thought I was being a drama queen until he witnessed one. #1 was about 9 weeks old (I was old hat at it by then!!) we were out somewhere and ended up having to bathe bub in the sink!! A complete scrub down as it was in his hair right down to his feet. Luckily I always carry those sample body wash things in the nappy bag!!
    Needless to say I was never called a drama queen about this subject ever again!!

  24. Nappy changing of a 2 year old in the small toilet of a regional airplane. I tried to pretend he hadn't done number 2s, but the smell was overwhelming! He just fitted on the top of the closed toilet, but it was nearly impossible to close the door. Then the air hostess told me there was nowhere to put the nappy, as they don't clear the bins overnight. I had to carry the nappy back to our seat! Grrr!

  25. On a car trip on the side of the highway,
    We can't stand it we say!
    The smell was yuk,
    Hard changing by the car with windy trucks.

  26. With a very wiggly and energetic 2 year old, most nappy changes are challenging! Megan Higgs

  27. Cleaning up my 2yr old's explosive pooey nappy. He doesn't stay still, and the last thing I need during an explosive poo clean up is a wriggly, giggly 2 year old.

  28. We had to change an explosion so big it had travelled up her back - in the back seat of the car at a funeral! Thanks little one! - Caroline Maria Rose Hannessen

  29. How about all of them when it's a number 2! My little darl always loves to make nappy change time of a number 2 a new time for mummy to get a new 'tan' haha!
    Nikita Tasi

  30. My baby boy had reflux,
    And always vomited everywhere.
    One time he not only did a poosplosion,
    But also vomited in my hair.
    There was vomit all over both of us,
    And poo all through his clothes.
    I attempted to change him in the car,
    Whilst trying not to breathe out my nose.
    Kimberley Manago

  31. The trickiest i've ever had to change was when she was sick and had diarrhea and decided that mid change it would be fun to run up the hallway...

  32. With my first child the hospital supplied terry towelling nappies that I had no idea how to use! 13 years on I'm an old hand now! Kelly Ryan

  33. When my poor miss had a terrible tummy bug, at the risk of grossing you out coming out both ends it was never going to end pretty.

  34. This would be really handy when we go away on holidays!

  35. Poonami's are always the trickiest nappy change - my kids usually got dunked in the bath when these happened! Kristy Tripney


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