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Have You Tried Shopping at Ozsale?

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Ozsale.

I was recently invited to try out the online shopping experience that is Ozsale. Have you heard of them?

If you're unfamiliar, Ozsale is a website that brings its members huge discounts from designers around the world. (Think up to 80% off.) It's officially known as a shopping club and all you need to do to join is sign up with your email address. (It's free.)

Ozsale sells everything you can think of: Clothing for men, women, children and babies, fashion accessories like handbags, jewellery, giftware, homewares, skin care and cosmetics and toys. Every day, new sales are added to their site and members are notified via email of the starting times for each new arrival. A simple click-through from your inbox takes you to the sale of your choice and you can view all the day's offers and purchase from there.

As a signed-up member when using their App or Android App, you can enjoy the privilege of shopping a whole hour ahead of the official sale launch elsewhere online. Downloading the App is something you should really do if you enjoy online shopping because, be warned, stuff can sell out quickly if you're not fast! (I have missed a couple of things since I signed up.)

Go shopping online? Yes please! Naturally I was keen to try out a shopping club - who wouldn't be?

Armed with a coupon code kindly provided for me, I hit the sales. I have to say I was overwhelmed with the choices available to me. To begin with, I hadn't really set out to buy anything in particular and so I naturally gravitated towards the clothing and accessories to check out the offerings. I should mention there are plenty of Italian made handbags on this site and they are stunning and so well priced. Many are RRP $300 or above and they are available to the Australian shopper direct from overseas for around $80!

 I refrained from purchasing any more handbags. (As hard as that was!) Applause all 'round. I thought I should get stuck into some items that we actually needed as opposed to items that I lusted wanted and I am so glad that I stumbled upon my first confirmed shopping cart item in one of Ozsale's appliance sales.

The Lenoxx Healthy Choice ultimate water heater.

It didn't take me long to remember that our kettle was getting a little worn. It had been growing louder with each boil over time and a few times I had noticed a bit of a suspicious leak at its base. It must be around 10 years old now. When I told the Husband that I was intending to buy yet another kitchen appliance he was instantly negative! I have a lot of appliances and as a Mum to many they make my life easier despite his opinions. He was soon singing the praises of this latest bench top gadget though when it arrived. (As I knew he would be!)

The Healthy Choice is part kettle and part urn and yet unlike either at the same time. Like an urn, it holds up to 1.8 litres of water and provides boiling water instantly. It is unlike an urn in that it only boils water at the push of a button - that is, when you actually need it and then, only as much water as you require. This makes this appliance very environmentally friendly. It takes only 8 seconds to boil water for a cup of tea or coffee and is operated by the push of a button. The water passes over a heated element as it dispenses so no wastage of power or water. I've got to say it's perfect!

We're seriously impressed at the speed with which we can prepare beverages using this. No more waiting around - We both love this appliance! I keep this switched off at the wall immediately after each use to prevent the kids from scalding themselves if they fiddle and I really like how I don't have to worry about a kettle filled with boiling water sitting idle on our bench anymore - especially since there's an active toddler in the house who might topple it. This appliance uses 20% less energy than a regular kettle so I will be saving on power bills too. I bought this for $75 on Ozsale and its RRP was $140. Bar-gain!

Next up, Christmas came to mind. (No shortage of reminders here with all these kids in the house.)Here was the perfect opportunity to purchase something for under the tree. I found myself checking out the Artiwood toy sale. I have a thing for doll houses and castles and pretty little girly things for my youngest and toys without batteries always find themselves at the top of my list when it comes to choosing playthings.

I purchased this delightful (and big!) Trinny Fairy Playset by KRoom for a tiny $24! Its regular price was twice that from memory and I have since done a few internet searches on other sites to compare out of interest - I did well at Ozsale on this!

The toy is a gorgeous fairy castle and comes with twelve play figures and accessories as well as a play mat to set it on. This toy is constructed from durable, high quality reinforced board which snaps together. All the pieces are wipeable keeping it looking new for longer. This is an ecofriendly toy and is fully recyclable as well as requiring no tools to assemble. (Apologies for the pack shot - I am wrapping this one and tucking it under our tree for the youngest who is sure to get years of enjoyment from it.)

Finally, something for me.

"Why do I always come last?" Asks every Mum everywhere...

Clinique were on sale on Ozsale the very same day I was shopping and being a long-time fan, I was there! I grabbed myself the well-known Dramatically Different Mositurising Gel in a 50ml tube for just $30. I think price wise that's a fairly standard sale value but it is still on the cheaper side as I have seen this product at around the $50 mark elsewhere.

One of the things to consider when purchasing from Ozsale is shipping. As sales are from different 'stores,' by purchasing across a few different sales in the manner I did can mean you will pay a little bit extra for shipping. Parcels will also arrive to your door at different times due to the fact that they are from various sales and locations - often from around the world. Hardly a negative really when you consider the savings and breadth of categories and offerings on their site but something to consider if arrival time is a factor with any of your purchases. If you do decide to order additional items following your initial checkout, you are offered $3 shipping on most brands within an hour of finalising any sale.

Another thing to note, while you checkout and pay for your purchases immediately, your order is not processed until the sale you purchased from actually ends. Sales typically run anywhere from 3-5 days and only once each sale has expired will your order will be processed. My purchases arrived within a few weeks of my orders being placed and I was pleased with everything and the time taken for the items to arrive. To be truthful, there are always so many parcels arriving at our house that I would struggle to notice a late one. ;D

And...Just today I have purchased four pairs of stunning Mepiq leather baby shoes on sale for just $12 each from the USA via Ozsales. (Normally $38 a pair.) I can't wait to see these little beauties on my wee girl! #OZSALELOVES

Have you heard of Ozsales?
Are you an online shopping convert or a more traditional shopper?
*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts received payment in exchange for this post and the products featured here were purchased via a gifted voucher for the purpose of review. All opinions expressed are that of the blog's author.

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  1. Replies
    1. I swear Holly, it's a sign of Motherhood when you just forget to shop for yourself too! I regularly buy things for everyone - even food, and forget about me!

  2. I can see how Ozsale could very easily become an addiction for me!

  3. I shop with them a lot. Since they changed hands, I've found their return policy a hassle - they keep sending me faulty goods but I'm required to take photos and post back (and then argue for the refund on the original postage) and it's a whole lot of effort, so I have to say I've gone off them a little. Which is a pity, as when they have the brands you like, the savings are incredible.

    1. Oh that's a shame Lydia. I have had a bad run before with different websites. Hopefully things will smooth out. I agree on the brands and discounts - fantastic.

  4. I haven't used them before. I prefer to shop in store as my success online is not usually great - things look so much better in the pictures :)

    1. I would shop in stores more too only I am a whole 30 minutes drive from the nearest decent shopping mall and I rarely find what I am after when I go. Instead, I return home with a whole lot of stuff I wasn't after in the first place!

  5. Wow - the fairy playset is amazing and an event better price. I have not shopped at Ozsale before but I will check it out now - especially with Christmas around the corner. Thanks for linking up with Mummy Monday #TeamMM.

  6. The savings sound awesome, a great site to do some christmas shopping, or waste a day getting lost in haha :)

  7. Ok I just downloaded the app! Here I come! That water urn looks fab, added to my list of kitchen appliances, and yes they are all necessary! Thanks for a very informative review, I've seen their ads on FB but thought they were just another site, will try them out now!


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