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#SLHFeaturedThursdays: WWE Stack Down Universe Toys for Boys Review

In the lead up to Christmas, I have been so inundated with requests to review products here on Six Little Hearts that I have started blogging a regular Thursday feature, aptly called #SLHFeaturedThursdays just to catch up! Expect to see lots of great products here in the coming weeks, especially gift ideas for little people and some will have super-duper giveaways attached so stay tuned. (You might want to subscribe via email or follow here on Facebook to get notifications so that you don't miss anything.)

With four young boys in my home, I have always been surprised by the vast differences in interests each of them have developed. Some are car kids, some are blocks kids, some are computer gamers and others are wrestling / boxing types.

Eight year old Ruben is definitely the wrestling / boxing kid.

I can't say why or even how this obsession came to be as I seriously do not ever recall watching anything of the sort on television at any time. Where do these interests come from in our kids? Maybe he has seen TV commercials or strolled past something in a toy store? Wherever the obsession came from, this latest toy when it arrived, just had his name written all over it.

He was positively busting to get into this one I can promise you!

After excessive begging and little opportunity to get started on building his dream set, finally the perfect moment came about one school day last week when he was just so tired his little feet could barely carry him from the car and through the school gate. (Actually, he couldn't get out of the car at all.) Feeling sorry for him, (and knowing that we had a late night event to attend that evening), I kept him home for the day...and rewarded him with the WWE Stack Down building toy he had been so eager to assemble.

The WWE Stack Down Universe building toys are the first ever wrestling themed range that allow kids to build their own ring, props and WWE superstars. Once built, kids can enjoy being the referee of their very own wrestling adventures.

The blocks themselves are designed for the 6 plus age group and this particular set contains a do-able 208 pieces. Included are full colour, picture instructions which clearly and visually explain how to assemble the set.

Ruben had flagging energy levels when he sat down to begin this build but did manage to put 50% of it together on his own. He kept the remaining half aside to work on with Dad the following day. Secretly, I think he just wanted to have some man time with Dad. That's great though - I love my boys to do this. Dads and Sons are a really cute combo to observe together when you're a Mum. Plus it gets them off your back for a short time.

As for the bits and pieces of the finished product, I think they are tremendously cute also, though probably not the term my boys would pick as that would be too unmanly. There are gorgeous real-life action features that I can see would make this a toy hit with boys in the 6 plus age group it is intended for.

The set features real life wrestlers Rey Mysterio and Sheamus who can flex their muscles in their very own gym on the weights bench. There are punching bags and dummies for real boxing practice and workout action. Little levers move from side to side so that kids can enjoy watching their characters train from every angle as if animated. The characters themselves have 12 points of articulation which makes them highly satisfying little men to play with when it comes to muscle action. There's even little lockers for storing all their workout gear.

Ruben loves this toy and he has played with it every day for a good deal of time. We think this is a great stocking stuffer this Christmas for young boys and the WWE Stack Down Universe Train and Rumble Playset (product 21021) as featured here retails for $49.99. You can find this and others in the range at toy and department stores nationwide or search online.
*Disclosure: The item featured in this post was gifted for the purpose of review.
Opinions expressed are those of the blog's Author.

If you have same sexed children, do you find their interests can be surprisingly different too,
when it comes to choosing toys?

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