Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Wordless Wednesday - Six Little Lizards...

I think it was my six year old Son who started the stretchy lizard craze that is currently in full swing at our home. He came home from school one day last term with a couple of coloured, stretchy lizards he'd earned for good behaviour in class. He was smitten.

Have you seen them before?

The lizards are party favours and I am not sure why they are such a huge hit. They stretch for miles and feel jelly-like. They stick to all manner of things and wobble. Actually, now that I think about it, I know full well why they are so much fun for kids.

Taity's pair of lizards were his prized possessions. He played with them endlessly and carried them about everywhere. It was so cute to watch. Sadly one day while I was vacuuming, I sucked up a precious lizard and it was the death of him. The second lizard lost limbs at the hands of his baby Sister a few short days later.

Taite was devastated!

I quickly diverted an explosive breakdown and ordered Taite a new bag of lizards online from the UK and they arrived after a much anticipated wait. Inside, were enough lizards for all the kids, thanks to Taite's lovely generosity. (He shares beautifully.)

What a sanity saver these lizards are!

My kids ran off with their lizards and set about making a habitat from an old box for them to live in. Celeste was content to wash her very own lizard over and over (and over again) in a bucket outside.

All up, the lizards cost me around $11 and on just one day, provided my kids with around 3 hours of non stop fun!

Best toy ever? I think so!

Has a cheap toy ever surprised you with a value that went way beyond its cost?

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  1. Yep - Sometimes it's the cheapest toys that provide the best fun.
    I think the most popular in our house has always been the 'super ball'.
    Bounce. bounce, bounce, bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  2. It's always the simple things that fascinate kids the most. That lizard thing looks too real for me LOL ;-)

  3. Nawww cute. It's great when they latch onto something that keeps them endlessly entertained isn't it?? Thank goodness for the net and online orders!

  4. I had to giggle at how the lizards met their demise... Hehe, Lucky they weren't real. I reckon Dora would love these. Actually, she'dlove the real thing but mummy would prefer these! Great idea!

  5. Clearly I'm out of the lizard loop, it took me a second read to realise they are toys.

  6. I don't remember playing with them when I was young but they seem like lots of fun!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  7. We have had something like these recently. I think kids like the way they feel. I love that they built a habitat. What clever kids

  8. Ewwww... stretchy lizards? I'm sorry way too creepy for this reptile hater! :-)

  9. They sound like a worthwhile investment. Oh for three hours of fun! :) Good on Taity for being awarded such a cool prize :)

  10. My favorite little reptiles were the little water turtles. Boys do like their lizards, your boyrs are cute!!
    Thanks for stopping by Oh My Heartsie Girl this week.
    Enjoy your day!!

  11. Oh what fun, I so love Cheap toys! And I can't say I have heard of lizards like that before - they look so cool. Did you say you got them from eBay? I wonder if my 9 year old would love some for xmas :)

  12. I thought it was a real lizard to begin with! I love toys like this that can hold their attention for so long!


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