Friday, 5 December 2014

A Boowiggie Arizona Baby Bag Review Plus Win an Arizona Nappy Bag Valued at $250!

I am so very excited to introduce Australia's Boowiggie baby bags here on the blog and in particular, their very latest stunning designer bag to hit the market - The Arizona tote. I am even more excited to say there's a fantastic giveaway attached to this post so hold your breath as you read on - one very lucky Mum will be incredibly delighted this Christmas!

Boowiggie manufacture high quality, high fashion, designer leather baby bags with style and function at their heart. Their bags are specifically for the women amongst us who wish to retain their sense of style post-baby and in no way want to appear dowdy when it comes to being out and about with young children, all while keeping in mind that many of us no longer have the incomes we once enjoyed as our families have arrived. Sound like you too?
Before I go on to show you the stunning Arizona, please take a moment to check out the amazing texture of the leather in the above image because it's something that sets Boowiggie's newest nappy bag apart. That distinctive and elegant cross-hatch pattern in the leather of Boowiggie's very latest designer bag, the Arizona, is actually Saffiano leather: This bag is manufactured using the signature leather style created by the house of Prada and this same leather is found in many high end European fashion houses.
That takes a while to process doesn't it?
Boowiggie's stunning Arizona tote:

Some of my first impressions on the Arizona: Beautiful, elegant, sleek and stylish, and just wow! I could go on!
Overall, let me confess to being totally swept away with this bag. Who would imagine for a moment that this sleek tote is actually a fully functional baby bag? Apart from a small and standard built in pocket on the rear side of the bag, there is no outward feature suggesting 'baby' at all.
Following an invite from Boowiggie, I was privileged to road-test this beautiful bag recently during a city stay in Melbourne. I can tell you now, this bag left me feeling as glam as the best of them in the heart of Melbourne town. This tote style bag was a regular sight on the shoulders of the fashionable career types and I felt as though I was very on par in the fashion stakes wearing this one, despite wielding a bulky pram and being flanked by a couple of kids as well!
The leather in the Arizona is strong and structured and smells divine. The bag has a lean profile and is not overly large. It sits flat against the back of the pram and is not too heavy to handle either. It is also incredibly comfortable to wear on the shoulder with its fine twin handles and equally so with the detachable and adjustable long strap.
The glam factor comes from the attention to detail that this bag exudes. It's really very apparent that so much thought and care has been put into its finishing touches. From the glimmering gold hardware features to the strong zippers and the fancy barbell clasps where the handles attach to the bag itself, nothing has been overlooked. There are even four golden feet on the bag's underside and a beautiful golden Boowiggie metal swing tag. 
The Saffiano leather makes the Arizona tote a durable choice for busy Mums as this unique finish makes the bag's exterior highly scratch resistant. During regular use I have managed to scrape this bag several times on walls and doorways while being a little careless with my pram and thankfully I found no marks to cry about.
Boowiggie's owner and designer, Caroline, spent six months living in Sedona, Arizona where the design inspiration for this bag was conceived and born. Having travelled to this same beautiful place myself on several occasions in my pre-children years, I can see this landscape's inspiration realised in its clean, fresh lines and fine rugged texture.
While the outside of the bag has no trace of 'baby' whatsoever, it's the interior itself is where the baby bag function is fully realised. The Arizona is lined with an elegant silky mushroom-taupe coloured cotton fabric, a lining that will see you carry this bag through and beyond the baby years comfortably. There are enough pockets to carry all the most important items and keep them sorted for easy access.
The bag has a central zippered compartment which I use to keep a spare change of clothing for my toddler. I also pop my wet bag in here for simplified messy changes. (Boowiggie include a very generously sized wet purse with every bag sold valued at $9.95 and this is a great spot to store it.) There's a long and welcome ribbon leather key holder too, for fast key-finding when you're in a rush with your child - no fumbling!
The back wall interior of the Arizona has a very generous zippered pocket built-in for storing your personals, (much larger than I am used to which is great) and located in front of this are two more pockets which are perfectly sized for holding your wallet in an upright position and a smaller mobile phone pocket too for keeping these essentials handy, side by side.
There are two features I think deserve mention on the interior of this bag, the first being the superbly built-in, hidden bottle pocket. This bottle pouch is wide and elasticised and will accommodate most brands of bottles on the market. I am able to slip my Daughter's irregular sized water bottle in here and find it easily and quickly every time. It is lined with insulated and wipe-able fabric too, so no problem if there's a leak. It will double as a bottle holder for my own beverages down the track too.
My second favourite feature: The change mat pocket which is located on the facing wall. This is wide and features a twin button clasp so that you can secure any additionals you wish to add such as a wipes case and nappy disposal bags. It also fits a full sized iPad so you can take along your own entertainments too! Even the change mat itself is a high quality matching item, being large and featuring reinforced stitching and self-securing with a genuine Saffiano leather clasp.
Overall, this bag is exceptional to wear and use and I am so happy with it. It will be a stylish addition to my wardrobe in the years to come and really, that's the mark of any well designed item isn't it? 
I can't fault this bag, truly. It's perfect and just reeks of style. Even my poorest of outfit choices are transformed into acceptable when I am wearing this tote!
Boowiggie produce a range of stunning all-leather baby bags as well as after baby bags (I am personally lusting after the Aria in blue!) and their price range is very reasonable too. The Arizona tote featured here is the top priced bag in the Boowiggie range at $249.95 which I think is an incredible price for a bag of this calibre.
There are a huge array of unique and lovely, genuine leather bags to choose from at Boowiggie and they come in some stunning colours too. Best of all are the prices which are well below the $200 mark. You can view more of their beautiful range here. If you're an expectant Mum or new Mum, or a Mum who is still towing mountains of baby gear and feeling in the mood for a new stylish means to carry it, Boowiggie's nappy bags come highly recommended to you by this Mum!
We are so, so, SO excited to offer this fabulous giveaway here on Six Little Hearts,
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What a beautiful Christmas gift for one of you!
Boowiggie are very generously offering a reader
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Arizona Genuine Saffiano Leather Tote Baby Bag
valued at $249.95!
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 Jody XX
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  1. Oh gosh! Hard to choose just one best mothering moment. I'll go with the most recent then. Watching my four year old perform in her first dancing concert on stage. She is a shy and sensitive child and it has been a bit of a battle to get her to come out of her shell. For her to perform on stage was huge. I was so proud. If I won this bag I would give it to my sister in law who is pregnant with identical twins. She is a stylish mumma and would love this bag.

  2. I think my most proud moment would be holding my daughter for the first time. Labour ended in an emergency c-section and we almost lost our little girl so that moment was truly magical. I am so so excited to do it all over again to meet our second bundle of joy in January.

  3. That is literally nicer than any handbag I own. I love watching them learn to walk -the way they scoot around, cruising the furniture, so proud of their own 'freedom'.

  4. Every morning when I get a cuddle from my kids and I realise that they don't care how bad I look first thing in the morning!

  5. My best mothering moments are the simple things like after a long night with her being unsettled she'll snuggle up to me holding my hands and say mumma. Or how she pats me on the shoulder now when I hold her. Or the other morning when she came and climbed on my lap, turned around and said "hi mum". Its the simple things that brighten up my day every day and make me feel so proud to be her mumma.

    I'd love to win this bag because it'd make me feel like a woman again and not just a mum. I've never really had a nice bag for me and definitely not a leather one. This one would combine a nice bag for me + a bag for her into one. I also really love the build in bottle holder (keeping the bottles upright is such a pain in other bags).

  6. The cup of coffee my 9 year old makes me every morning <3

  7. I would have to say all the trips we have been on as a family, having the chance to show my children that there is more to this world than just where we live.
    The experience of another country and culture like when we went to Japan and the US, they get to see how other people live and really learn to appreciate what we have available to us if we want it.

  8. I love travelling the world with my little one and allowing her to see and experience the world with her little eyes!
    This bag would be a nice replacement for the mummy backpack I currently use to carry all the baby stuff around in! Not so stylish when going to nice places!
    karina l

  9. Mine are a long time out of nappies but this looks like it would make a great camera bag as well?!

  10. That is a very nice looking bag. Mine are all older now but I do remember lugging about the most ugly nappy bag with my eldest child. They have certainly come a long way in the last 10 years!

  11. There are many great mothering moments but one that happened recently was when we surprised our 4 year old son and took him to see Santa Magical Kingdom. While walking back to the car he came out of nowhere and said "thank you for taking me there today mum" and told us how much fun he had. It made me very proud that at 4 years of age he thanked me even though we didn't expect him to.

  12. Watching my older children with their youngest sister, when she was born they were all just amazed by her.

    Wendy Sutcliffe

  13. Seeing my son console his grandmother when his grandfather passed away. I was so proud to have raised such a sweet, caring child that it brought me to tears.

  14. Seeing my four kids being born. James Sharpe

  15. The realisation a few years ago that i have done a great job bringing uip my kids:-)
    Linda Hynson

  16. That's a great bag - makes me wish that a) I had children young enough to need a nappy bag and b) didn't live in the UK - one person is going to be very happy with that!

  17. My best mothering moment has to be the first smile. Totally melts your heart and makes you feel that you've had something back after endless long nights with a new bundle. I'm also so in awe of that wonderful nappy bag, you would never ever know it was one. I only had the nylon type you hide away in the pram basket, so how nice would it be to have such a super smart one, it's stunning! Natalie x

  18. Love it. Really classic look. I'd happily use this! #KidTested

  19. Cuddling with my LO every morning

  20. I have a similar bag, and I wish it had a long strap! My best mothering moment is the hours after they are born. I just love those moments, amazing experience for a mum x

  21. OHH my sweet goodness, this bag looks just A-mazing! thank you so much for the sweet chance!

    So my absolte favorite mommy moment literally happens every single night as I tuck my little man in bed/lay with him & snuggle until he fall asleep. We've shared out special "pillow talk" time ever since he got his big boy bed. Esach nigth as we talk about our day & pray... he then LITERALLY goes on for a couple minutes & says "mommy I love you a hundred-million-hundred-million-thousand-million-trillion-x-infinity/repeat! it is the most sincer genuine sweet little moment that I will always hold dear to my heart. I know one of these days he will just be like mom, I love you good night... I really should record this good stuff! Lol) Sorry for the novel, but it is just the best of the best!

  22. Watching Dad do bathing time,
    It suits me just fine!
    It's a Mummy moment taking it all in,
    To not enjoy every moment is a sin!

    Laura Scriven

  23. I love everyday as a mother, my little boy manages to amaze and entertain me and it is simply amazing. Can't wait for my new little bub to be born next year so we can start the magical journey all over again. Megan Higgs

  24. You have so many gorgeous bags for review on this blog - I can tell you're a total bag fiend. Loving this baby bag, it's truly gorgeous. Makes me super clucky to have a little one of my own right now so that I can tote this gorgeous luxury bag. xx

  25. Oh what a gorgeous bag - so amazing! My favourite mothering moment is every night at bedtime. Miss 20 months has her milk, and then relaxes into me - like its her favourite place in the world. <3

  26. Coops has CP and was always said to never walk unaided. It was great seeing him at age 4 up and about with his walking frame but at age 5 when he took his first steps unaided by supports was a life experience that's so great its impossible to describe our feelings. Would love to win this prize as it looks great and promises to hold all the items I need for everyday out and about

  27. Their very first smiles, I remember exactly when all my three smiled for the first time. To me it just meant everything will be ok"...

  28. Sitting in the hospital room late at night with my first newborn baby girl in my arms we stared into each others eyes for ages, 11 years later I still remember that moment like it was yesterday. Kasey Evans

  29. My best mummy moment was the day I finally got to bring my last little girl home to complete our family, after her 3 week stay in neonatal. It was amazing.

    I love the bag by the way so beautiful :)

  30. The first time my little boy said 'mum' it still melts my heart every time he says it - Laura Powers

  31. Having my year old son snuggle up to me in bed during the night because he is all sick and saying 'Mummy makes it all better'...awww! (Stacey Shailer)

  32. What can I say about my best mothering (in my case, fathering) moment? There are so many and each day brings a new highlight. However, the latest is especially endearing and involves our 21 month-old daughter, Eva, singing part of the Wiggles song, ‘Pappadum’. I start singing, ‘Pappadum-pappadum-pappa-pappa-pappadum….’, then Eva chimes in with her version of the slower accompaniment, ‘Pa-pa…pa-pa’. It’s so cute and brings me tears of joy and laughter.

    I would love to win the Boowiggie Arizona because it would be the perfect Christmas present for my wife who is pregnant with our second child. Our current nappy bag is a simple satchel with no internal pockets, so the one item you want is always buried at the bottom and is impossible to find - especially for a bloke! While I know my wife would love the Arizona’s textured finish and stunning good looks, I will be equally excited about having a bag that helps me find everything we need for our two children.

    Tony Augunas

    1. Tony, I think it is lovely that you have entered this giveaway on behalf of your Wife and given that you have a baby on the way and a definite need, I think this prize has your name on it. I hope she loves it and that you appreciate the features too! Merry Christmas to both of you and all the best when baby arrives!
      THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who has entered this beautiful giveaway: Boowiggie, thank you for the opportunity to share your stunning bags here. There are so many breathtaking entries here which had me nodding in remembrance and others made me tear-up. Thank you everyone who has followed along this year and left me such wonderful and inspiring comments. Thank you too, to those of you who have taken the time to email me in the weeks following giveaways to tell me how thrilled you are with your prizes. It is so lovely to hear your stories and feedback.
      If you've not won anything here yet, there are always more reviews and giveaways coming. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year all! xx

  33. My best mothering moment was when my son was born. When I was pregnant, my daughter sang 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star', to my stomach. After he was born, he was having his first bath and screaming his head off. Out of nowhere my daughter started singing, 'Twinkle, Twinkle', and instantly, he stopped crying and stared straight in her direction. It was an amazing moment to witness. Even the nurse was amazed. Definitely my best mothering moment.
    Kimberley Manago

  34. I would love to win because although I just had a baby I know my husband won't have a Christmas present for me so I'd love to give myself this (my current nappy bag is my handbag!) - Caroline Maria Rose Hannessen

  35. So many great moments, my son is finishing prep this year and he has done so well, seeing him read I'm very proud. This bag is stunning more stylish then anything I own, would be wonderful.

  36. My best ever Mothering {fail} moment was going to the bosses very rich water front house for a Xmas Party, with three young boys. With a wonderful big nappy bag.
    And a toddler who filled his nappy to over filling.....
    and I had NO baby Wipes in the said Packed Nappy Bag.
    And I had NO nappies....
    Yeah after using the bag the day before I had forgotten to repack it.
    Every one could smell him {it was the biggest poo explosion ever} and was looking at us.
    Dad had to take him out to the car, use tissues and water and find a spare nappy in the car.
    I still remember the looks on all of the parents faces that day :)
    And I still laugh about not re-stocking that nappy bag.
    Luckily I have many other wonderful nappy changing moments to look back on.

  37. Wahoo, a stylish mummy bag! After all of the sentimental moments, my best mummy moments are when I have it all together and things run smoothly (not often but awesome when it happens). Like when we avoid a major pootastrophy because I have restocked the baby wipes :) I get joy out of the simple things :)

  38. My best mothering memory was the first week with my babies....heaven :)

  39. I have lots, best would be the hugs in the mornings and the last hug and kiss at night. I dont ask for them they just always come to me. Its the best start to the day having them yell mummy and squeeze my waist or knees and give me a kiss. Its the best end to the day, that final squeeze around the neck and sloppy smooch. nothing else matters long as i get those :)

  40. Every moment because i realise i made this tiny little human who excels each and everyday to learn something new and i know i have the best job in the world <3

  41. My favorite moments is when I feel so overwhelmed with love for my babies, I always feel the love but there's just certain times when I just feel soo lucky to have them in my life.

  42. the day i bought my daughter home from the hospital, it was 3 months after she was born and she came home on oxygen but it was the happiest and proudest day of my life, she is now growing up fast and the life of the party, i would love to pass this on to her tiny baby cousin that we have welcomed into the family, and share back some of the love and support we were shown

  43. Was seeing my little girl at her first ballet recital, it was more like the dance of the baby elephants, But I was so proud as she smiled and took a bow and waved to me.

  44. So many magical memories.Having three children makes it hard to pick one! I guess the most memorable was when my first child was born with a disability. I didn't care... I looked at him and fell in love in an instant.

  45. I was so proud of my son when he broke his leg this year. He's only 3, but was so brave. The nurse said she didn't possibly see that it could be broken as he was still using his manners-thanking the lady at reception who offered him a tissue... Anyway, it ended up to be a unique break-requiring no movement for 8 weeks and no daycare! We are still doing physio now, and he's so diligent doing his exersises- reminding me!
    As for why I need a new bag- my husband kindly bought me a bag to use as a nappy bag. Such a nice idea- but it's truly ghastly! If I won a new bag that would be the perfect excuse not to use his.

  46. My best mothering moment is when various teachers, friends etc comment on how polite and well behaved my 5 kids are...guess I'm doing something right :)

  47. Best mothering moments are the simple things. When they say please and thank you, pick a dandelion off the grass and give it to me. Things that show what type of beautiful little people that they are.

  48. the extra giggles you hear, the cuddles you share, and the love that binds us together.

    Elizabeth Davey

  49. Best mothering moment...I just love their sense of humour, I know I must of done something right!
    I'd love to win this gorgeous baby bag to help out dear friends that are due with bub #1 in March!

  50. Being a mother is full of amazing moments and memories, from feeling first kicks to having your child run up to you and wrap their arms around you. However, my best and most memorable moment is giving birth to my daughter. It may have been the most painful experience of my life, but holding that little bundle at the end of a 23-hour labour and finding out she was a girl made it all worthwhile. I am now pregnant with my second and, just like our daughter, we’re keeping the gender a surprise. I’m now looking forward to more new and amazing moments and seeing our family grow.
    Being pregnant again has presented me with an opportunity to overhaul my wardrobe, as it’s much easier to cull when nothing fits anymore. I would love to win this stunning Boowiggie bag because my fashion sense took a bit of a nose dive after I finished working and I’m now aiming to have a bit more of a French girl’s wardrobe. All the basics, like trousers and sweaters, will be in shades of black, grey and white with the idea being that everything will be coordinated and interchangeable. A classic black bag like the Arizona would be an essential, giving me a sleek and stylish way to keep all our necessities close at hand while out and about. How lovely it would be to have a baby bag that is not only eye-catchingly beautiful but has such attention to detail, both inside and out.

    Catherine Augunas

  51. wow, best mothering moment? I guess watching my children together and seeing how much they love and respect each other. Even at 10 and 12! I figure I have done something right! Now I know that is old to have the need for a nappy bag but I have also started foster a newborn baby and would love a nappy bag instead of the grocer bag I currently use! thanks KElli Schultz

  52. The absolute elation of finding out you are pregnant for the first time. My husband and I frantically watching the clock before checking the pregnancy stick. We looked, checked twice, looked again and tears of joy filled our hearts and eyes. Some 4 months on tragedy struck and out little girl Katie was never to reach full term. We had tried for many years to fall and losing our first baby, the anguish was unbearable. Our desire for our baby girl was almost tangible but to know we were never to see our baby, hold her in our arms, nurse her, cuddle her, made our hearts break. Losing your first child makes you wonder if you'll ever fall again.

    But 12 years have passed from that unforgettably horrendous time and we are now blessed with 3 healthy beautiful children. The joys every day bring us are immense, the trials and tribulations almost as large, but the pleasure of being a parent are immeasurable. We thank our lucky stars that our 'Katie' has enabled us to remember that strong yearning for children and appreciate even more the opportunity before us today.

    And the gorgeous bag. A girl must always look her best. A practical nappy bag is a necessity but one that is stylish and divine is my desire. And once the baby stage is over it can continue to be used and looking terrific with my outfits. Large enough to carry my papers and laptop and all the while looking the epitome of style. I love this bag so very much and being leather it will stand the tests of time, and the roughness that my three would throw at it - unintentionally of course!

  53. i would love something so stylish, it would save hubby having to think about buying me a xmas present
    i love the first time my kids give me a kiss and a real hug, and when they can say i love you. It makes me melt inside

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