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dish'd Food Store Review Plus Win a $50 Voucher to Try dish'd Yourself!

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I am literally jumping for joy that I have been introduced to the unique dish'd Food Store and invited to share news about it here. This is one business that has brought an exciting array of foods to my freezer and family and it has done so quickly and effortlessly too, via their exciting to browse and easy to use website.

The dish'd Food Store is a unique concept in food delivery which was created by a small and dedicated team of foodies within Simplot Australia back in 2011. Their passion and enthusiasm for food led them to devise a service capable of delivering some of the world's finest tastes to local, regular people like you and me.

In February of 2014, renowned and multi-award winning chef Jacques Reymond joined the select team and together, this dedicated group have built a food empire worth tasting!

Enough on the background though because I am hankering to explain how dish'd works and why they are a business I will be making regular use of from here on.

dish'd deliver ready made, high quality frozen meals and hand selected meal ingredients to metropolitan areas in both Melbourne and Sydney. Orders over $80 are delivered free, otherwise there's an $8 delivery charge. These are not your regular frozen meals however! The quality and taste is well above and beyond anything you will find in your supermarket.

To try out dish'd, I was gifted a voucher to spend on their beautiful website. Browsing dish'd online is akin to looking at a beautiful food magazine - there are stunning images and textually, the descriptions of the meals read like a fine menu. Overall it's a pleasurable experience to buy food here and that's something I cannot say about shopping at my local!

Equally pleasing are the variety of foods available to purchase. There is everything from the basics like premium cuts of meat, prepared salads, pastas and rice components right up to whole packaged meals. dish'd even have special events covered with offerings in the finger foods and special occasions categories. You can have an entire Christmas dinner delivered believe it or not! (Something we're seriously considering too.)

For my road test, I selected from the ready-prepared meal categories. Being time-poor and low on energy at this time of year means I am welcoming anything to lessen my load.

A snippet of my dish'd shopping cart.
I left ordering a little late in preparation for this post - or so I thought. I placed my order at 7.30pm on a Thursday evening, thinking I would possibly see my delivery on the Monday at the earliest. I was amazed to discover that the very next day was available on checkout and the big box of food I ordered so late in the day arrived at my husband's office right on 11am the following day! You don't have to be home to accept your delivery either, just suggest a secure and shaded place and that's it.

dish'd have delivery of frozen foods completely sorted and we thought this part was quite amazing. All dish'd orders arrive to you packed in a sealed polystyrene box lined with dry ice pellets. As long as your box remains sealed and in the shade, your foods will remain frozen until 10pm on the day of delivery. Our box was delivered at 11am but did not arrive home until 7.30pm with my husband. Our food delivery was rock hard frozen - even the sorbet; there were billowing ice clouds floating from the carton and things were so well preserved! (Care should be taken with dry ice and there are instructions on the dish'd website regarding its disposal.)

A big box of food I don't have to physically shop for - got to love that!
The single delivery filled my freezer with enough food for a week or two (leaning more towards two). Make sure you've lots of freezer space prior to ordering!
We began enjoying our meals as early as the following day. Now we've not had too much time to try everything out so soon but we are already keen on the dish'd Thai Vegetable Green and Prawn Red Curry meals which come in single serve noodle boxes. These are really great meals to eat when you're too tired to cook. They taste just like take out (no kidding!) and we thought they were easily restaurant standard. It takes only 5 minutes to microwave one of these little time-savers and even my toddler enjoys it. These are very tasty and nutritious lunch or dinner items.
We are yet to get started on our other exciting meals but if they're anything like the taste of these Thai babies, we're in for a real treat! (Thai Prawn Red Curry pictured $7.50. Eat it straight from the box or serve on a plate.)
dish'd is such a great concept and we're definitely hooked now and planning on ordering again just as soon as our freezer is spacious again. (Got to say, I love having a well-stocked freezer.)
In addition to their exceptional online food selection, another feature of note about the dish'd website are the handy tips you can find there. I found their section on how to maximise your freezer space especially handy and motivating. The descriptions of all their food products are well documented with the source of all meals listed in both an inspiring and interesting tone. Seriously, go and have a read!
dish'd have certainly got me excited and thinking on healthier, nourishing, budget friendly meals. Pricewise they're very competitive - equal I would say, with the supermarket. I am impressed in so many ways by this company and I wouldn't hesitate to suggest you try them out too.
How would you like to try dish'd yourself?
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  1. Please, please pick me - I'm so lazy...no, wait, that's not right. I'm keen to try other people's cooking? Anyway, baked beans for the kids, and salad for the adults are the lazy day meals...*yawn* (see why I want to try it??)

    1. Lydia, you are so desperate that we're excited to say - congratulations! You will be trying out dish'd any day now. Will be in touch shortly.

  2. There is nothing quicker or easier than baked beans on toast!

  3. Fried rice! It's also a great way to cook up your leftovers!

  4. Scrambled eggs is my go-to easy meal

  5. Oooh, yum, they look fabulous!

  6. Cheryl Moulton

    My all time favourite fast food is an Omelette, and I add what ever I have in my fridge at the time, cheese, bacon, tomato etc

  7. Looks fantastic. Same they aren't in Perth.

  8. Leftover vegies, a few eggs, some ham- bubble and squeak! :)

  9. I need these in my life for when I work late and my husband is on night shift. Such a fantastic idea!

  10. Scrambled eggs...that my husband cooks ;)

  11. Sounds like just what a busy family needs. By the sounds of it we have a similar thing just started up here in Brisbane - Hello Fresh. I will have to try it. Enjoy that raspberry tart. Sounds great!

  12. I love a curry,
    Purely because it can be done in a hurry.
    The smell roars my stomach alive,
    Without spice, I couldn’t survive.

  13. Stir fry rice, easy, quick and yummy!

  14. Tacos, I kid myself that all the salad I pile into them has got to be healthy - right?

  15. Spaghetti Bolognese (meat prepared and frozen earlier). With fussy boys, it suits all three. Youngest - meat only. Middle - pasta only. Eldest - everything.

  16. Chilli Con Carne. Some like it mild, others hot, either way they always empty the pot

  17. The Dish'd range looks amazing - can I order 1 of everything?

  18. Home-made pizza! It requires very little brain power and the kids love it! fiona costantino

  19. I make up big batches of spaghetti sauce and freeze in meal sizes. While the pasta is boiling, the sauce is defrosting in the microwave


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