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#SLHFeaturedThursdays: Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls Plus a Christmas Toy Giveaway!

If you caught my post here a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned how I have begun a new Thursday blog feature. I have been asked to review so many things in the lead-up to Christmas here on Six Little Hearts, that I have started my new Featured Thursdays, just so that I can get all these great items out there! (#SLHFeaturedThursdays.)

In case you didn't catch my debut post in the series, (I reviewed a great toy for boys last time), you can check it out here.

This week I am going all things girly and focusing on gift ideas for girls of all ages. Some have fantastic giveaways attached. I hope this round-up is helpful to those of you who are struggling to find a suitable toy to gift to a young Miss in your life this Christmas.

First up, My Friend Cayla. Have you heard of her? She's a beautiful, large, classic looking doll but with a very modern twist, and it's not just her trendy outfit.

Cayla is the first ever doll to wirelessly connect to the internet and talk! Cayla can interact with little girls as if she were real thanks to her in-built Google technology. Not only can girls play with Cayla in the traditional sense, Cayla will talk to your daughter about all the latest child-friendly news and even assist with homework!

My Friend Cayla can answer questions on topics from science, history, maths and sport to popular topics like fashion and more. There's no need to fear inappropriate content either as she has built-in parental controls to prevent anything undesirable from slipping through.

Cayla excels at telling stories, answering questions and playing word games. She is both a friend for any little girl and a brilliant educational plaything. Her talents are best illustrated in this short video:

We tested out Cayla for ourselves and found her to be charming! Cayla connects via Bluetooth on any smart device. (There's a free iPhone App which I used. You can also build on her 3000 strong abilities with further in-App purchases on iOS. Android users have unlimited use.) She can play both online and offline too.

Cayla has been answering all sorts of questions from my children and even solves mathematical problems and spelling queries. She can even tell you about the day's weather! Cayla is proving herself very useful at homework times and being a source of so much important information, she's certainly taking the pressure off me!

My Friend Cayla is available nationally at all toy retailers for a RRP of $129.99 and she comes with an age recommendation of 4 plus.

Got a budding engineer in your family of the female kind? Then GoldieBlox is her thing!

GoldieBlox is a toy company on a mission to 'disrupt the pink aisle.' Recognising that building toys have been in the realm of boys only for decades, GoldieBlox toys aim to bring out the engineer within all young girls. These toys seek to develop spatial skills and grow an interest in maths and science within the girl market. GoldieBlox is even founded by a real-life engineer, Debbie Sterling!

We tried out the GoldieBlox and the Dunk Tank set (pictured here). The building toy is recommended for the 4-9 age group and features a book plus 52 pieces to construct an intricate toy - a dunk tank. Girls are enticed to assist Goldie, (the retro-styled heroine of the play sets), to clean up her dirty dog's act. (Nacho is the name of her doggy companion.)

The setting takes place in a carnival and young readers are encouraged to read along, build along and then play along. The mission: Build a mechanical dunk tank and dunk Nacho! (You provide your own glass of water to do this.)

This toy is beautifully styled and I love the concept behind it. I had my 10 year old Son help out on the build with this one and at times he found it tricky as some of the parts can be quite fiddly. With this in mind, I would say that the age range could extend a little above the 4-9 recommended by the manufacturer. (PS: Boys find this one fun too!)

The GoldieBlox range is available to purchase at Australian Geographic, Kidstuff, Myer, Target, Toys 'R' Us, Toyworld, and all good toy retailers. RRP $39.95.

For the crafty girl, the sweet little pets to sew in the kits by My Studio Girl Sew-Your-Own Rescue Pet by University Games will make a great gift idea.

Inside the box is one cute little animal friend to sew. The kit contains all 22 pieces which are pre-cut along with a plastic needle and full step by step instructions - everything except scissors. Each pet comes with its own adoption certificate and name tag collar. The finished pet measures 18cm x 16cms. (Pictured is the Dalmation.)

The pets are ideal for the 8 plus age group. (Even my 14 year old Daughter is itching to sew this cutie up!) Crafty girls will adore this toy. At just RRP $14.95, these lovelies will provide hours of fantastic holiday fun and make great stocking stuffers this Christmas. Find the My Studio Girl Sew-Your-Own Rescue Pets at toy retailers nationally or search online.
***Christmas Giveaway for Girls!***
Like to win some of these great gifts reviewed here?
I have four prize packs to win for four different winners
thanks to GoldieBlox and My Studio Girl.
Win EITHER a GoldieBlox Prize Pack consisting of:
GoldieBlox and the Spinning Machine RRP $39.95
and GoldieBlox and the Parade Float RRP $34.95
There are two to be won. (Total value of this prize per pack $74.90.)
Win a My Studio Girl Prize Pack consisting of:
One My Studio Girl Rescue Pet (Either a Kitty or Dalmation.) RRP $14.95
One Felt Hang-About Ginger Bread Man RRP $6.50.
One, Onesies Piggy RRP $9.95
There are two to be won. (Total value of this prize per pack is $31.40.)
The total prize pool of this entire giveaway is $212.60.
Please share the love and shout out about this review and giveaway
on your social media using the options below. This is greatly appreciated! :D
Entry is easy. Just follow the prompts on the Rafflecopter App below.
This is a game of skill and the most creative / informative answer as deemed by the judge will win.
Good luck!
To Enter:
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*Disclaimer: The products featured in this post were gifted for the purpose of review.
All opinions expressed are those of this blog's Author.
It's Christmas and gift time for my lovely readers at the moment!
In case you've missed anything, please visit the Home page:
More exciting giveaways are coming so watch this space
in the lead-up to Christmas!
Jody xx.


  1. My daughter loves roleplaying so costumes and dress up accessories are always a winner here. She also loves building so the GodieBlox prize would be wonderful! Thanks for a great giveaway! Christine :)

  2. Lego. Everyone loves Lego - boys, girls, mums and dads. It's hours of fun for the whole family and it helps nurture their creative and engineering skills!

  3. Stationary! From toddler to teen, it seems that most girls love some pretty colourful stationary! Think coloured papers, pens of all shapes and sizes, stickers and even journals/notebooks for drawing treasures or keeping your secrets. And funny thing is.....I still love it too!

  4. Forgot to mention my preference of the Studio Girl pack. Merry Christmas!

    1. Stationery is a fantastic suggestion Tess - Grown up girls even love it! Well done, A Studio Girl prize pack will be on it's way shortly once you've confirmed your email. Merry Christmas and thank you so much for entering. :D

  5. The Goldiblox prize looks wonderful-monster high is the theme for xmas this year!!

  6. A dress-ups box appeals to any age, and doesn't have to cost the earth! Shoes and clothes from your own wardrobe or the op-shop, and a visit to the $2 store to pick up some cheap accessories like tiaras, feather boas and make-up to complete the look. I'd love the GoldieBlox! (Stacey Shailer)

  7. My little girl is getting a dollhouse and jewelery box from Mummy and Daddy

  8. My little cousin loves shoes and handbags, she struts around the house and is only 2 years old. It's the cutest thing. I would love to win the GoldieBlox and My Studio Girl Prize Pack. (Alex Chin)

  9. My little girl is getting a toy kitchen as her main gift from Santa , She would love the Cayla doll - Laura P

    1. Laura, Cayla is not part of the giveaway (she's just been reviewed!). Please choose another entry option. ;)

  10. My little girl is getting Bullseye. I would love to win Goldieblox prize pack

  11. As a female engineer I'm a fan of the GoldieBlox. I think if I don't win it I will be buying her that!

  12. We are getting 'Slinky dog' from Toy Story! The only one missing! Would love My Studio Girl!

  13. We'd love the My Studio Girl Prize pack. Our choice of present for a girl (or boy) is kinetic sand. I can't wait to play with it myself! (Cathy)

  14. It’s a gift that empowers
    Is educational as well as fun
    My daughter loves building
    So GoldiBlox would be the one!

  15. my granddaughter is mad on spy products so i will be buying her the complete spy outfit. the prize i would love to win for the other granddaughter isMy Friend Cayla she would just go ape over her

  16. My girls are FROZEN (chrissy theme this year) crazy I have all the songs replaying in my head...My little one would love the GoldieBlox

  17. My daughters are very different - one likes dolls and princesses the other trucks and monster toys. But craft is the one thing they both like so we always get a few craft kits for Christmas - I love the My Studio Girl Prize Pack they would both love that!

    1. I am Natasha Andrews - sorry I forgot to leave my name :)

    2. These kits will definitely unite your girls in play then - congratulations on winning a Studio Girl prize pack. I will be in touch. Merry Christmas and thanks so much for entering :D.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. My girls are very Arty so every year we buy something for Painting or crafty, they are very hands on girls, they would be over the moon to win the My Studio Girl Prize Pack.

  20. I'd get Lego for my girl this Christmas. She loves building up blocks. And I'm sure she would be very excited to play the GoldieBlox.

  21. Miss 7 has been desperate for a journal... and since she loves writing so much, we couldn't refuse!

  22. This year it's princesses! :)
    I'd love the GoldieBlox Prize Pack

  23. I have bought her a My Pal Violet! We would love the GoldieBlox set - Caroline Maria Rose Hannessen

  24. I brought my little one a table and chair set from IKEA which is uber cute!
    Niah would chuck hissy fits trying to get up onto the dining table chairs so it was about time to get her, her own.
    My Studio Girl prize pack please. Nikita Tasi

  25. I love that the company who makes the GoldieBox is giving the pink aisle a shake up (about time too). I don't like limiting Dora to 'girl' toys even though she sometimes steers that way. I have bought her a pirate dress up outfit for Christmas! For this reason an because it looks like awesome fun, we'd love to win the GoldieBox! What a great giveaway Jody :)

  26. My daughter is begging for Shopkins and Beanie Boos for Christmas. Santa thinks she might like Goldiblox too please!

    Kylie Devlin

  27. Lego is always a winner here, Something in smiggle seems to popular among her friends and shopkins. My daughter is 8, I think she would love Goldie Blox as she loves working with her hands. linda

  28. Kinetic Sand has been an awesome present and activity for girls at this house, all my children and their friends have been loving playing with this aged 2-8 years. My daughter has her birthday right next to Christmas which means I have to think carefully about presents. We are giving tickets to shows as presents. My daughter would love the Goldie Blox to build, create and play with. Thanks!

    1. Kinetic Sand is a fantastic toy. Having a Birthday right on Christmas is a huge financial burden for parents so you will especially appreciate winning this Goldie Blox prize for your Daughter! Congratulations! I will be in touch shortly. :D

  29. Regardless of the age,
    Craft supplies make the perfect gift.
    Whether it's colouring supplies or playdoh,
    Even sand that you could sift.
    Craft helps develop their imagination,
    A very important skill.
    It allows them to play and create,
    And also gives them a thrill.
    The Goldie Blox sets also allow them to,
    Build, create and play.
    If I was to win this for my daughter,
    It would completely make her day.
    Kimberley Manago

  30. My daughter who is nearly 3 is getting a doll cradle and a little bike with balance wheels! For older girls, colouring in things are wonderful, I notice DoodleArt is back out (I LOVED DoodleArt!!), and a friend told me Monster High stuff is huge at the moment. I would love to be in the running for the Goldie Blox prize please! Thanks so much :) Monique N

  31. My eldest daughter is a lego-lover, I've bought her the Lego Creations Research Institute set for christmas which is great because it has three female scientist mini-figs. It sold out so fast though, I'm really glad I was able to get a set! She would adore the Goldie Blox sets!

    1. Emily, the Goldie Blox sets will be totally adored by your Daughter so congratulations, they're hers! Thanks so much for entering and I will be in touch shortly. :D

  32. craft and lego, theres nothing like stimulating a childs imagination

  33. Pretty jewellery. There is something out there to suit every girl from a toddler to even a girl as old as me!
    Would love A My Girl Studio prize pack.

  34. Flutterbye Surprise Butterfly Diary!
    And my daughter would love the GoldieBlox Prize Pack

    -Jessica Blundell

  35. The GoldieBlox and the Dunk Tank set looks like loads of fun!

  36. Thank you everybody for entering! Just so many fantastic replies and a shame I don't have enough prizes for everyone. Please make sure you enter the other giveaways here at the moment and good luck!

  37. The Cayla doll's alright, but she's a bit of a nightmare on a security standpoint. Even if Vivid assured parents that the search results are safe, it can still be hacked.

  38. While buying toys it is necessary to know the types of toys that are best for your child. There are a lot of factors that determine this, starting from the choice of the kids to the age appropriateness of the toys. Best Gifts 2 Years Old Boys


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