Thursday, 18 December 2014

#SLHFeaturedThursdays: Christmas Gift Ideas and Projects for Crafters Plus a Bosch and Dremel Giveaway!

Christmas is a time for crafting is it not?

As if we've not enough to do already at this time of year amidst the chaos that is December, many of us up and decide it's also time to decorate and embark on numerous little projects to beautify our homes, our gifts or just want excite and occupy the kids while we try to get on with things. Is this you too?

It's hard not to be inspired to be artistic at Christmas time but it's definitely harder to make great craft without the right equipment. Today's #SLHFeaturedThursdays is all about tools to make your crafting dreams a reality - an impressive, professionally finished reality. Oh, and there's a lovely giveaway glued to the end of this post so that two readers can make their projects look fabulous this festive season.

First up, every crafter worth their weight in glitter needs a hot glue gun. If you don't have one of these in your arsenal then you're probably suffering from very sticky fingers thanks to the cheaper and weaker PVA glue alternative. Don't get me wrong, PVA is lovely stuff, (with a lovely aroma) and it certainly has its place at crafting tables, however, it's slow to dry, messy and it has loads of potential to ruin your projects via your hands. (With glue transfer and all.)
PVA use results in lots of cleaning up and that's not something I like doing after a bout of crafting. No fun at all.

The Bosch GluePen is a brilliant little device that works fast to stick your items and with minimal to no mess in the comparison stakes. This nifty little pen-styled appliance is perfect for fast crafting jobs. Sometimes making things can seem a real hassle if there's lots of equipment to deal with and for the lazy type crafter, (such as myself), who is impatient and wants immediate results, this comes highly recommended! If you're after precision and speed, the GluePen is perfect.

The GluePen itself is lightweight and comes with everything you need to get started straight away on any project. Included in the box is a full set of instructions along with six glue sticks. There's a micro-USB charger too which simply plugs into the device to power it it. Each charge lasts around 30 minutes which is ample time to complete your job. The Lithium-ion battery inside the unit is fully rechargeable so no need to ever buy batteries and ensures you are free to move about without the restriction of a cord.

I jumped in and used my new GluePen to whip up some delightful Christmas tree decorations! The younger kids looked on as the clear hot glue plopped out in little precise blobs right where I wanted it at the push of the trigger and with no spills. I sent them on their merry way though as they were bumping me and I should mention that the GluePen is unsuitable for kids as the tip reaches temperatures of 170 degrees.

Make Christmas Stars!

You will need:

One packet of icy-pole sticks,
One Bosch GluePen (or PVA),
One can of gold spray paint,
One can of spray adhesive. (Available at craft stores.)
One large tub of gold glitter. (I used some vintage styled glitter called Glitter Pot I purchased at Typo.)
Decorative beads to glue on to the stars to finish.

Arrange your sticks in a pattern resembling stars and glue each stick together at its centre, working quickly before each hot glue dot dries. I made a larger, heavier Christmas star by applying a second layer of sticks to add depth. (Take a close look at the images to see what I mean.)

When dry, (around 10 minutes is sufficient for the hot glue), spray each star, back and front with gold paint to coat well. Later, coat with spray adhesive and sprinkle with golden glitter to finish. Drill a small hole in the tip of each star and attach a loop of fishing wire to make your stars complete.

The Bosch Green GluePen retails for $49 and works on any number of surfaces from paper to wood, tiles, textiles and even stone, plastic, glass and more. It is perfect for small fix-ups around your home too. You can purchase this appliance at all good hardware stores Australia wide.

Father and Son teams and crafty older kids can enjoy model making together with the fantastic Dremel 3000 Derby Car Kit with 45 piece accessory kit. With five males in this household, entertaining them with activities other than screen time can often be a challenge! This wonderful kit has had the menfolk of the family, thoroughly engrossed in the art of drilling, buffing, carving, sanding, etching and polishing.

The Dremel drill is a proper tool for craftsmen and Dad was very excited to have a play with this one while the boys looked on! The kit itself contains everything you need to carve and build a model racing car: A Dremel 3000 drill, four attachments and a 45 piece accessory kit to make one complete model car and then enough to create more of whatever you wish well into the future.

Using the appliance took a little bit of figuring out to begin with but once the instructions were well-read, they were on their way. The drill can be used both indoors and out being so compact. (We even used ours to drill the holes in the Christmas decorations above.)

I popped the Dremel 3000 kit on my outdoors dining table and it was quickly surrounded by a circle of intrigued males.

"Build me a racing car" I said, in the silliest posh voice I could manage as I sashayed off to watch television with the toddler in my bedroom...and waited.

Meanwhile, my males got busy to the tune of lots of drilling sounds...

After a while I was informed that the car was complete.

"Bah! Humbug!" I exclaimed in disbelief! (Surely they could not have managed to create an amazing, working model of a racing car from the block of wood that was included with the set?!)

The Dremel 3000 Derby Kit is available at all Bunning stores and retails for RRP $99. It contains everything required to create a rolling racing car with no need for extras. For more Dremel inspired weekends, visit their exciting website.
An exciting giveaway for crafters thanks to Bosch and Dremel
for two lucky Six Little Hearts readers!
Win either a Bosch Green GluePen valued at $49
A Dremel 3000 Derby Car Kit valued at $99.
The total prize pool of this giveaway is $148.
Please share the love and tell your friends about this review and giveaway using your social media.
All options are below this post. This is so appreciated - Thank you!
This is a game of skill.
To Enter:
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Please leave your preference by stating either BOSCH or DREMEL in your comment to indicate which prize you'd like to win. If you're happy to win either, state EITHER.
Be sure to leave your name along with your comment so that your entries can be matched.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Full terms and conditions are here.
*Due to Christmas closures and postal demands at this time of year,
there may be delays in receiving these prizes.
*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts was gifted the featured items for the purpose of review.
Opinions expressed are those of this blog's Author.
There are many fantastic reviews and giveaways here at the moment because it's Christmas!
Please visit the home page to make sure you don't miss any.
What are you crafting this Christmas?


  1. I would love the Dremel Kit...It would come in so handy around our new house that we are currently moving into before Christmas & my son would love the Car kit to keep busy making!! thank you for the chance to enter.....Sonya Blyton

  2. my kids would really enjoy the glue pen, they just love making things but get really frustrated when they don't stick together properly!!

    Narelle Rock

  3. The glue pen would be perfect for crafting during these long Summer holidays!

  4. I'd love the Bosch Glue Pen! I've just been making some Christmas decorations and the little trail of glue that my cheapo glue gun leaves is driving me crazy!!

  5. I'd love the Bosch Glue Pen so I can glue my kids to the dining room table chairs so they can't escape from the family Christmas dinner!

  6. My boy is addicted to the cars and he would be very excited to use the Dremel Derby Car Kit to create his very own car. Thanks for the chance to win such awesome tool.

  7. Oh so many things I could do, a creators dream, what a prize!

  8. You had me at craft haha. The kids did an awesome job on that car hun What a brilliant idea for a Christmas gift. Speaking of which I wish you and yours the most wonderful Christmas. I hope the year ahead is full of good times and good health for you guys lovely xx

    1. Too sweet darling! Thank you for your kind wishes. May much the same be sparkled your way too! Xx

  9. I am embarrassed to admit that I don't have a glue gun! **gasp** I'd love the bosch and I think the first thing I'd do is stick crafty labels on all the boxes of craft stuff my girls have accumulated so there is some sort of organisation to it all.

  10. The glue pen is just what I need for some craft projects I have planned for my toddlers new bedroom

    1. Congratulations Laura and enjoy decorating your child's new space with the Bosch glue pen. Will be in touch shortly and thanks to everybody for entering!

  11. I love the stars are gorgeous! Please disregard my entries as I am in Sydney :)

  12. The glue pen would be fabulous for the kids to be crafty!!

  13. I love Bosch products if you love the gun you will love the screwdriver....

  14. The Bosch glue gun would be really handy at our place.I have some fabric and frames and would love to 'create' something 'magical'. This glue stick would be brilliant!

  15. The bosch glue pen would be awesome for my son's crafts

  16. The Dremel would be perfect for my cousin who's obsessed with cars and me who's obsessed with craft!!
    (Not sure if my name will show up, it's Kathy McDuff :) )

  17. The dremel to fix little things in the house,
    And be quiet like a mouse!
    From sticking doors and uneven paint,
    I'd be a DIY saint!

  18. the bosch glue gun please as lots of crafts can be made by the kids with the help of myself and dad inside and outside crafts

  19. I love making Xmas cards with my kids and the glue gun could come in very handy. I see some macaroni cards in our future...

  20. DREMEL - perfect for engraving designs and drilling holes in my glass jewellery!

  21. Between hubby and our toddler, I'll have to chose the Dremel set.

  22. The Bosch glue pen would be great for all those little projects we can do in the holidays. The first job would be a wreath for next Christmas as ours fell apart

  23. I'm a keen hobbiest.I love to tinker in my shed and make home made gifts for my friends and family.From etching glass to making chess pieces to wood working.I love to make models from scratch based on plans my grandfather made.I used to do this when I was single and had more time.No my kids are older I can get back into my hobby.Unfortunately I don't have the tools I need anymore.I'd love to win the Dremel 3000 Derby Car Kit to get me started again.Cheers and thanks for the opportunity.

  24. Dremel 3000 drill would bring many hours of enjoyment and entertainment for my son, he would love this.

  25. I’ve decided that I am going to make a co-sleeper for our new baby who is due in 3 months’ time. This will be an interesting and challenging task because I have no woodwork experience. However, I have already begun my research by googling images and reading tutorials and discovered that I can have all the main shapes cut for me by the hardware shop. I have an old corded drill to screw it together, but need a Dremel tool for cutting and sanding all the ventilation cut outs. I particularly like that it comes in a derby car kit, which would be perfect to help me practice my skills before tackling the co-sleeper. There would also be the added bonus that my daughter would get a car to play with. That little girl loves her cars already!

  26. Linda S -
    I'd love the glue pen to help create of range of Christmas decorations for next years tree.

  27. my disabled son would love me to win the Dremel 3000 Derby Car Kit a project we can work on together

    1. Helen, the Dremel 3000 is yours - congratulations and I hope you enjoy crafting many things together with it! :D

  28. Dremel 3000 Derby Car Kit - I have rev heads at home who would love this. My kids and husband have the need for speed

  29. Dremel Derby Car Kit is perfect for the school holidays. I'd love the drill, so I can hang photo frames on my wall

  30. I'd love to win the Dremel 3000 Derby Car Kit for my son and I to give it a go. It may even rekindle a fire from within to start making model planes again. :) Tanya Clarke

  31. The Dremel 3000 Derby Car Kit looks amazing. My son loves cars, and I would love to try making this with him. He has so many different cars but I think this would be special and unique. Would love to give it a go and see what we can come up with.
    Candice Milner

  32. The Dremel Kit. So a certain little boy can make his own schoolkid by day, superhero crime-fighter by night, (before bedtime) mobile! Conquering villains is what he does AFTER homework!! : )

  33. I'd love glue pen. I would use it for sticking all manner of craft items and my daughter's fairy could get her foot back

  34. I would love the DREMEL kit. I have ben dreaming of one since the day I knew they existed, but like always life and other crafty projects always get in the way.

  35. What a fun idea!!! Even if you didn't send it, I can think of other fun ways to use this idea at home with my kids. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

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