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#SLHFeaturedThursdays: I Am Two! A Very Special Birthday Thanks To Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses and a Giveaway

There may be lots of uncertainty in the world but if you're a parent, one thing is for certain and that is, your kids will just keep on growing up year after year!
The inevitable two's have arrived yet again at our house just a short week or so ago. I can't believe we've got here and so fast! Where does the time go?
Celeste's second Birthday was a small celebration with just our family. (There's nothing really small at all about living in a family of eight so I promise it wasn't too quiet an affair.) 
We celebrated outdoors on our balcony on a perfect 'last days of Spring afternoon.' While I am pretty sure Celeste understands zilch about the significance of Birthdays, she did have an innate sense that something big was going down and that she was happily at the centre of it. There were lots of "Happy Birthdays" bandied about and by the day's end, Celeste was also wishing everyone else a Happy Birthday too! Even managing to sing a decent part of the famous tune.
One of the joys about throwing a party for a very young child is how relaxed it can all be and by that I mean I didn't even bother wrapping her presents! Instead, we presented her with a big box of goodies which she was happy to discover in her own good time, all while Mumma snapped away at the memories in the background.

Celeste was gifted some lovely items including a whole set of beautiful Tiger Tribe goodies. (You can enter to win Celeste's gifts here on the blog in case you missed the recent Tiger Tribe toy giveaway.) She was so thrilled with all of the attention and toys and I have to say, it was just a perfect little party.

And then there was the cake of the century! Normally Mummy, (AKA myself), bakes the Birthday cakes but on this occasion, we were invited to try out the stunning Birthday cakes made by renown bakers Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses.

This beautiful cake was a massive two tier, fondant covered masterpiece! It came in the hugest box and weighed several kilos. We were blown away with the size and quality! Seriously, last time we had a cake of this magnitude, it was our wedding cake. The kids were beside themselves with excitement and on this occasion, we actually started the party with the cake at their insistence! (Okay, we were eager too.) 
Celeste's cake is the amazing Cakes Alive Castle Cake and features a happy little magical Wizard who does more than just smile back at you on the cake's top. Thanks to the free Cakes Alive App which you can download easily from the App Store, technology brings your cake to life. All you need do is aim your mobile at the cake and...
My kids were stunned as they watched a Wizard leap from within the huge cake and then perform a series of spectacular magical acts that produced floating stars and 'Happy Birthday' banner messages. We watched all of this from our mobile phones.
We were lucky enough to try out all the Cakes Alive animations available and by aiming our mobiles at different images on sections of Celeste's cake, we were treated to a seamless display of everything from exploding fireworks to floating balloons.
Built in to the App is a camera so that you can instantly take pictures of your cake exploding with colour and activity. The kids were so enthralled that it took us a good 15 minutes of watching all of its performances before we actually even thought to cut it!
Cutting this beautiful cake was almost heart-breaking, but the excitement of the occasion as well as the curiosity of the taste-test won out in the end. This cake was made for eating! We chose the marble cake and I am so pleased that we did. The marble cake had a perfect light and fluffy texture with a ripple of rich chocolate running throughout. It tasted so fresh and smooth and complimented the fondant icing perfectly.
There are loads of different styles of Cakes Alive Cakes available on the Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses website and for every different occasion. The cakes are fully customisable with a good selection of flavours and price ranges to suit all budgets too.
I am so sold on these spectacular cakes and I think we will be investing in these from here on for every Birthday at our place. As you would expect from such a reputed bakery, the flavour and quality of the cake was excellent. The amazing cake reviewed here is valued at $252 and includes all the Cakes Alive animations. The absolute best part of all is that you can order your cake online and collect it from your nearest store. There's an amazing range of Christmas goodies on their website at present which are worth checking out too.
Want some 3D animated fun? Download the App now and try it for yourself on the Fireworks symbol on Celeste's cake in the picture above!
We wish to send a huge, heartfelt thank you to Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses for making Celeste's important day an even more special event!
Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses have an exciting giveaway to offer 
readers of Six Little Hearts!:
Win a $250 Voucher to purchase a Cakes Alive cake of your choice.*
There is one prize for one winner - Total prize pool is $250.
*Giveaway is open to residents of Victoria only. Voucher is valid for 12 months from date of issue.
*Disclaimer: The cake featured in this post was gifted for the purpose of review.
All opinions expressed are those of this blog's Author.
Please share the love and shout out about this giveaway on your social media using the options below! This is a game of skill and full terms and conditions relating to entry and prizes offered can be viewed here. Good luck!
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Be sure to enter them all!
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Are you a Birthday cake baker or buyer?


  1. My son is having a Friday the 13th birthday party, so needs a spooky cake. Judith Whiting

  2. Our little boy is turning One
    Getting ready for lots of fun.
    We'd love to share
    A cake from Ferguson Plarre.
    Tastier than one prepared by mum.

  3. My beautiful mum turns 70 in January next year, and I would love to treat her with a beautiful cake. Many thanks for the chance.
    Michelle Vamvas

  4. Our tenth wedding anniversary >3

  5. ... and Happy Birthday to beautiful Celeste! Looks like your family enjoyed celebrating it with her <3

  6. Thank you for sharing the chance to win such a great prize! My kids are sweethearts and always praise the cakes I make (even the ones that come out terrible lol) but it would be lovely to give them a really special cake for a change :)

  7. My son is turning 2, two days after Christmas. Always a busy time and if you forget one ingredient , all the shops are closed = disaster!
    Ange Fletcher

  8. We would love to share a cake from Ferguson plare. Our little girl is turning 5

  9. Happy birthday to your little one! Cake looks fab!

  10. Oh my goodness!!! This is the most awesome cake ever!!! How have I not heard of Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse!? I'm off to check them out now. I can't even imagine how excited Celeste would have been when this cake turned up. Love the idea of popping the birthday presents in a box too - very clever. Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Foodie Fridays. Have a fab weekend. xxx

  11. What an awesome idea!!! Shame I don't live in Victoria anymore or I would enter for sure!!!

  12. I've never heard of anything like this before! Very very cool!
    Happy birthday Celeste!

  13. That's cool!
    Happy birthday Celeste
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  14. Wow - a very high tech cake indeed!

  15. I can't believe Celeste is two? Where has the time flown indeed? What a great cake and family celebrations are just the best. X

  16. I'd love to get one of these amazing cakes for my daughters 7th birthday!

  17. The cake has made me hungry ;) what talented decoration and never heard of that app before. Will be showing my nephew! #KidTested

  18. All the birthdays in this house are special, But my Hubby is the big 50 soon and what a special way to mark it with an awesome cake

  19. Happy birthday to Celeste, wow she's 2. Congratulations!

  20. My nephew has a big milestone birthday coming up, and I would be the Aunty of Awesome if I produced a cake like this! That is truly spectalar food tech. Happy Birthday Miss Celeste!

  21. I'm so sad this is for Victorian residents only, as it's just so fabulous! What an amazing cake and I'd love one myself. Happy beleted Birthday to your wee daughter too, they grow up far too fast! :-)

  22. 3 of our babies birthdays are in January, this would be such an awesome treat, and be better than my cakes lol!

  23. My birthday is soon and is often overshadowed by Christmas. It would be good for something grand.

  24. My little boys 2nd birthday in the new year and i'm so rubbish at doing cakes !

  25. We have three major birthdays next year. Ten, eight and six, with the two youngest boys being only a few days apart. This birthday cake looks like it is big enough for both of my June babies to share :)

    1. Louise, it seems you have an expensive year ahead with a good collection of children to enjoy this cake so I am very happy to announce you as the winner of this fabulous prize!
      Do enjoy it and post a picture of your cake to my Facebook page when you enjoy it!
      Congratulations! I will be in touch shortly. :D

  26. Shame I can't enter! The twinions are turning 5 next month and this voucher would be perfect! Never mind, I'll just continue to admire yours! Happy 2nd birthday to your gorgeous Celeste! x

  27. My daughter will be 4(!) next year and starting kindy so it will be the first big party with her kindy pals :)
    Love Ferguson Plarre - we had one of their 'Mr Happy' cakes for her birthday this year and it was delicious!

  28. Wow Jodi! That cake is unreal! Interactive bday cakes, who'd have thunk it!! Happy bday to Celeste, pretty baby. 2 is v. grown up!

  29. Oh wow!! Happy 2nd to Celeste. This cake is awesome!! My son's 3rd birthday is coming up. He would LOVE this!! :D - Tanya Clarke

  30. 65 years of marriage, they lasted a long a winding life together, now for a celebration, to show off their love of each other and the family they created - Nana and Papas 65th wedding anniversary

  31. My daughter's 7th birthday in March or my son's 9th birthday in August ... which one would I choose?

  32. Yay for birthdays! I can't wait for my little girl to have another birthday! I have many options to use the giveaway for. My mothers 50th in feb or I may just save it for my little girls 2nd birthday which I'm already planning in September - we're going wiggles theme! Super excited!!

  33. Cakes Alive Magical Cupcake Tower Birthday Cake is absolutely perfect for my daughters Birthday in February. What a great idea, I could very carefully take it to school and there would be enough individual cupcakes for all her classmates and teacher ! even the crossing lady can join in!

  34. We have a Baptism coming up for our little man... There's a 'cake for every occasion' on the website... How does one choose? Pick two and flip a coin, perhaps? lol

  35. My boy's turning two
    With a superhero-themed do
    We need a cake, stat
    But my efforts fall flat!

  36. My beautiful boy Liam turns 1 soon, he is our number 4 baby and our last. A Ferguson Plarre cake would make his celebration that bit more magical.

  37. I attended amazing NYC events here and I ate more than I should. I had bread pudding, apple crisp, waffles and strawberries and cream. Do I need to go on?


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