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#SLHFeaturedThursdays: Little Leather Shoes Review and Giveaway - Precious Shoes for Precious Peeps

There's nothing lovelier than little people.

They've li'l' itsy bitsy everything and they're just sooooo cutesy!

But I really don't need to tell you that. With the exception of their gorgeous eyes, (which are always endearingly huge), their little features just make the world go 'round don't they?

Seriously though, I've got to stop myself thinking on such things...I am making myself clucky and I just can't go there anymore...

I truly adore the sound of my bubba padding about the house on those little footsies of hers. Oh...especially when she's walking down the stairs:

Plop, plop, pause...plop, plop, pause...
It's a sound that's repeated rhythmically on all thirteen of those stairs and it's music to my ears.

Today's Featured Thursday is all about shoes for little people. I mean, could you guess?

A short while ago I was contacted by the lovely people behind Little Leather shoe store and asked to feature their beautiful business here. Absolutely delighted to! If you've never seen their bootiful shoes for wee peeps (and their peeps) before, then pay a quick visit across to their website to check them out at (but make sure you pop back here 'k!).

Little Leather are an Australian business dedicated to decorating the feet of little people from 0-2 years of age and as their business name suggests, their products are crafted only from the softest cowhide leather.
As most parents know, little people who are learning to walk are best left without shoes while the soft bones of their feet are forming. Hard-soled shoes can restrict developing tooties and are best avoided on very young feet for this reason.
This is precisely where the delicious shoes by Little Leather come in, for not only are the tops of the shoes an incredibly pliable leather, but the soles are too, making movement for your baby's feet as free as sock-wearing yet without the dangerous slip factor. The soles of all Little Leather shoes are constructed of suede which provides a safe and natural grip on floors.
The designs available on their site are spesh beyond belief for both boys and girls with a huge and adorable range to choose from - good luck with that I say! There are bows, moccasins and decal designs as well as every possible colour to cover every thinkable occasion and taste.
Let's talk about Celeste's shoes though.
We chose the Ruby Spots for my little Miss. We've a bit of a polka-dot obsession, (they're eternally in fashion) and being a bright red, I figured I'd be able to spot her at any distance in these. The girly adores them too. They match a surprising number of her outfits and at just $18 for a pair, I think they're an incredible parenting bargain!
The shoes are beautifully and simply crafted and feature an elasticised slip-on style that's so easy to wrangle on to a wriggling foot. I haven't really had to do much wrangling with these though as my little girl is quite willing to slip such a trendy shoe onto her foot with little to no encouragement.
Little Leather shoes are not designed for long walks outdoors given they've no thick sole. They're more of a safe and fashionable shoe for padding about the house or mini walks and are a good choice for protecting little feet from weather and dirt while they get their bearings on those little legs. Having said that, Celeste does wear hers outdoors on occasion and they keep her feet safely encased and clean. Can't ask for more than that in a shoe really.
All Little Leather shoes are only a tinsy $18 a pair site-wide making them an affordable choice for parents. The price certainly lessens the burden of choosing from their extensive range of designs - just choose all of them! Sizes range from 11cm to 15cms and come with our kid-tested stamp of approval.
Little Leather would like to share a sweet pair of their shoes with one lucky Six Little Hearts reader valued at $18!
The winner may choose their own design and size from the range available on their site for their little person to enjoy.
The total prize pool is $18.
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 *Disclosure: Six Little Hearts was gifted the shoes featured in this post for the purpose of review.
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  1. I would choose a pair of Crazy Crab booties for my little boy to wear with his swimmer when travelling to and from the pool! - Annaliese Webb

  2. Cherry on Top is so cute! karina lee

  3. Gold Bow Moccs is lovely and I would match it with a white lace dress.

  4. The Gold Bow Moccs are to die for!

  5. My girls lived in little leather shoes like these until I could no longer get their sizes and they were forced to move up to big girl shoes. They are the best and cutest shoes ever!

  6. So cute - I really wish I had a little one that could wear these but sadly my children are all grown up.

  7. Blue Stars would be perfect for my little one in size 15cm please.

  8. Aw I love that little plop feet noise :)

  9. They are gorgeous little tootsies! I can't wait to Moo in some cute shoes like these.

  10. Oh how adorable! Love those cute polka dotted ones. I never understand why people rush toddlers into form fitting shoes so quickly, I much prefer a soft pair like these :-)

  11. Very cute shoes, I love them!

    Thanks so much for linking to #toddlerapprovedtuesday

    Leandra & Becky

  12. I'd choose the Saddle Brown Moccs for baby no. 3 due in May as they are a unisex colour and I would buy a new outfit to match them. :)

  13. Gold Mary Jane Moccs would go with any of my daughters pretty dresses!

  14. I love the Baby Bird design and I think they would be the perfect match for my little one's favourite leggings and tee outfit.


  15. Black with Zara Pink Leaf Moccs and it would go with the new pink dress that my grand-daughter has just been given.


  16. Angus Digger are so cute. He would wear these with a pair of brown shorts and a yellow top with a digger to match his shoes. With a little hat on to head to the park to surely have some fun with his big brother, running a muck! :) (aimee tatham)

    1. Brrrmm! Congratulations Aimee, the shoes are yours (or rather, your little boy's!) Will be in touch to organise your prize. :D

  17. The Gold Bow Moccs are beautiful and I would love to team it with a little black dress, just like any lady would love to wear! It would be such a cute ensemble.

  18. Zara pink with cream bow is gorgeous!


  19. Purple Grape with Cream Bow Moccs

    Purple Grape with Cream Bow Moccs

  20. So sweet and I love that they are practical.
    Would choose the red and white for my little girl.

  21. Its really very cute and stunning leather accessories.Cherry red is very beautiful color of shoes.
    Zarah from Bizbilla B2B portal


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