Thursday, 12 February 2015

#SLHFeaturedThursdays - Back To School with Smiggle and a Smiggle Stationery Giveaway...


Are you reading this while the kids are out of the house? Are they safely at school?


Gather around...I am going to whisper this one, sweet-scented word...


Can you feel the earth-shattering excitement of the brand? (I am flapping my arms here people!)

My kids go batty for Smiggle. (Myself slightly more.) They're just plain crazy for it and I really cannot blame them. There's something about a browse in a Smiggle store that really makes you go all weak at the knees isn't there?

You see, once I spot this wonderful stationery paradise, I am rarely stationary at all.

"Can you watch the kids a minute!?" I whisper frantically and breathlessly to my puzzled Husband.

"I wanna go to S...m...i...g...g...l...e!"  (That last part is a loud whisper with a slight tanty about my physical person.)

(Cue ridiculously over-exaggerated facial expressions and a craftily concealed point of a finger in the store's direction - all so that little eyes cannot catch-on and follow you see. Wink, wink.)

I have this 'sneak off to shop without the kids' thing sorted like the stealthy ninja-Mummy I am.

Cluey eldest Daughter knows the drill well: With no words, (bar a few more quick and silent facial distortions and awkward head movements exchanged between us), our arms grip frantically - and off we bolt; zig-zagging our way wildly through the waves of on-coming, confused-faced shoppers in our path: We're on a mission for just one thing.

We hurriedly compose ourselves as soon as we reach the threshold of the Smiggle store responsible for our behaviour and slowly...ever so slowly...we wander in...

Cool as cucumbers.

Once in Smiggle's exciting store, we're suitably alone (albeit a little breathless) and ready to touch, feel and sniff EVERY DANG THING IN SIGHT!

Be still my beating heart!

For the girls: Smiggle Sweets Eraser Set,
Smiggle Airplane Sharpener

Fellow addicts of fine, fun stationery products will understand this scenario entirely. (Especially if they're Mums too.) Leave the kids behind - indulge!

For myself, stationery love began as a child with the quintessential eraser collection.
Did you have one too? Yeesss, of course you did! Remember the joy?

I had so many: Heart shaped erasers, rainbow erasers, ice-cream erasers, radio erasers...erasers shaped like was scented, colourful, rubbery magnificence! 

Oooh...and don't forget the smelly, gel-ink pens; All girls collected those! Long hours in class were spent decorating our written work in every colour of the rainbow, the scent of a thousand berries knocking us giddy while we worked.

Smiggle Charm Keyring,
Smiggle Amaze Clock

A visit to a Smiggle store is such a wholly absorbing pleasure isn't it?! It's where colour, fun and pencil case practicality meets with playful, exciting, cutesy style: It's a never-to-be-reformed stationery addict's paradise and I am wondrously and willingly lost in their wares.

But I digress...(Perhaps in too big a way.)

A Smiggle haul recently arrived in our post box and as soon as those kids of mine caught wind, I was swamped by them! Let me tell you now, I don't appreciate being crushed by six excited kids. As a group they're overwhelming; they bicker and it becomes difficult to breathe and so, the Smiggle stash was reluctantly shelved until I could unwrap it in luxury. (AKA: A school day.)

Oh happy day!

For the boys: Smiggle Shoelace Earbudz,
Smiggle Scissors with Case,
Smiggle Travel Holographic Ruler,
Smiggle Travel Bus Pass.

 Sigh...Sadly it's time to hand out the Smiggle goodies to the *kids, but I wanted to make sure you got to see them here first hand on #SLHFeaturedThursdays.
I truly hope it did make your day. Visit the Smiggle store online to see other amazing items for long school days.
Win one of six Smiggle Character Zip Around Pencil Cases valued at RRP $16.95 each.
(Total prize pool $101.70.)
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*Disclosure: No child was harmed in the fair distribution of the above Smiggle goods.
Six Little Hearts was gifted the featured items for review purposes.
All opinions expressed are those of this blog's Author.
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  1. I love all the bright colours, my favourite items are the little money boxes, so great for the kids to learn how to save their money!

  2. We live in rural NSW so don't get to see a Smiggles store very often. When visiting Canberra we seek out Smiggles and the kids eyes almost pop. They spend so much time excitedly looking at all the goodies, racing things over to us, calling to us to come and see. The colours are all so enticing. They're like kids in a lollie shop. We collect something for each child when we go, our son desperate to try the erasable pen and the girls wanted pens with fluffy ends. Our collection is just beginning.

  3. It's the cheapest form of therapy ever. All the colours make me feel happy

  4. We have a Smiggle water bottle and lunch bag - the coolest lunch gear in grade 2!

  5. I love their range of stationery - so cute and a great variety of colours

  6. I feel I need to hang my head in shame here, but I've never been into a Smiggle store. I know! I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I always thought it was a bit too old for my girls, but when my four year old received these great design yourself stickers for a bday present I changed my mind. How cute are those pencil cases. Will have to have a good look around next time I'm shopping.

  7. Smiggle is awesome. Alas my kids have outgrown it ... I have not. I still wander through and sniff in the magic of colour mixed with stationery.
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  8. We don't get to visit a Smiggle store that often as we live rural, however when we have visited I just love how everything is set out, all colour co-ordinated, reminds me of how I like to hang out my washing.

    Yes, we do collect Smiggle, dear daughter's fave and mine are all those dinky stationary items, some are quite quirky which sets them apart and above the competition, I'm also in love with my Smiggle talking/recording clock (it's mine, all mine) - I have it in the study, I set it to remind me when to bid on eBay items - lol!

  9. My eldest adores smiggle. So bright and cheery! They had a great luchador design a while back, loved it!

  10. I love all the bright colours and many chooses (wishing we had the store when I was young), my girls love collecting their enless arange of keyrings.

  11. My little girls smells everything (even if its not perfumed) the colors are so attractive. I think everyone who passes looks in

  12. Entered as sapna sharma

    My boys just love Smiggles - everytime we go to the Smiggles shop in the city,they choose one or two new and unique stationery items each from there and remain happy about it for the next few days (show their cool items to their friends) and use it every single day to have lots of fun .

  13. Children as far as I can see, but when I enter Smiggle it just for me, me, me. Stationary far and wide, spending money I find my stride and when I leave I am shopping heavy.

  14. I often have my students come up to me at school and say, "Smell this" as they shove a pencil or rubber under my nose. The kids absolutely LOVE Smiggle. My step-daughter is crazy for it. She conned her father into spending a fortune in that shop. Why didn't I think of the concept???

  15. I'm surprised the kids let the pencil cases out of their hands. Smiggle is the bomb and loved by so many kids! My nieces have gotten smiggle Christmas and birthday presents this past year!! Such an easy win!

  16. My daughter is MAD for Smiggle! Great giveaway!

  17. Cute cases! My son would love these.

  18. The Smiggle store has us all enthralled! The colours and the mass collection of just......STUFF! Kids love the new lunchboxes every year and really, just love anything from that store. They have asked for gift cards before from relatives for birthdays and they are great gifts!

  19. Even in high school my girls lo9ve to use smiggle!!! they collect erasers:-)

  20. On you've enlightened me, it's not a brand I had heard of. It smacks of two things I like (1) Hello Kitty with a bit of (2) Little Pet Shop thrown in which Aaron ADORES.
    No wonder you asked if we were reading this alone LOL.

  21. Smiggle is the only store that appeals to everyone in the family. Hubby loves the cool gadgets, especially the electric pencil sharpeners. My girls adore the key rings, pop out pencil cases, calculator watches and mini gel pens. For me, I love how Smiggle takes ordinary, practical items and injects them with colour and fun.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. I have only ever been to Smiggle once, and I was in awe, like a kid in a lolly shop. Loved it.

  24. Walking into smiggle a devil and an angel appear on either shoulder. One says oooh pretty, you should by that you could tie using that into your work or at home. The devil says no your husband says no more! I have managed to come away with only some notebooks an erasers and yes smelly textas, you are right the childhood collectables are hard to stop collecting! Lydia Arundell

  25. Such a fun brand. I am a stationery hoarder.. I mean addict :)

    1. Oh, and now my entry:

      Entering a Smiggle store brings me back to my childhood. I always loved collecting pretty note paper, rubbers, cute pencils... so going into a Smiggle store now gives me the same excited buzz. My nieces and nephews received Smiggle gifts every Christmas because I loved shopping there so much, spending time touching, smelling, listening. Dora is just getting to the age where she'd enjoy many of their product. I can't wait to go shopping with her in there soon.

  26. I love the fun colours, the stores atmosphere and the fact that, with Smiggle, there is something for everyone!

  27. I'm a bit of a Stationery nut so I always agree to go into Smiggle I'd love one of everything in every colour just like miss 8 ;-)
    Karen Edwards

  28. daughter is huge fan she has to get something every time we pass the shop she is using her bank safe money box to save her pocket money every week until we got to taylor swift concert at the end of the year

  29. Bright colourful and something for everyone and every budget. my girls love collecting all the cute charms for their bracelets

  30. To be honest I cringe whenever I walk into a Smiggle store - for stationary the price is just so high, but that place is like magic, casting a spell over me that dazzles and entrances me into a state of wishing wanting needing!

  31. I love the bright colours the beautiful scents, the variety of writing implements and note pads and pencil cases, and so much more. I'm always excited to see what's new.

  32. A trip to Smiggle is scent-sational! Aside from all the yummy smells, the bright, cheery colours also make my day.

  33. My daughter saves up her pocket money to go to Smiggle, I love the bright colours and reminds me of hanging out at the newsagency when I was young and buying beautiful coloured pens (sad I know)

  34. Can't get enough of a Smiggle Fix - the kids go nuts over the stuff and I can't drag them out of the shop.

  35. I am always dazzled by the colours, they are bright and bold. Makes me happy

  36. I love that there is something for each and every child. They have a range that can relate to any child. I have 4 children and they all love something different! It is also my go to place for birthday party gifts!

  37. It's a never-to-be-reformed stationery addict's paradise and I am wondrously and willingly lost in their wares. denver furnace repair


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