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SnoozeShade Review and Giveaway #SLHFeaturedThursdays

As Mums, we are all familiar with the stress of having very young kids in tow while rushing to get the day's tasks cleared.

With little people, it's all a desperate race against the clock as we try to cram in the shopping, school drop-offs and pick-ups and appointments, all before the youngest child needs a nap. It's a true race against the clock.

It really could be an Olympic sport!

We also all know how horrible it is parenting an exhausted day-napper who should be otherwise asleep but who battles those falling eyelids to the point of torture. It's not only intriguing to watch your child do this to themselves, but the result is also often horribly embarrassing!

Strangers will typically give you death-stares to the tune of your baby or toddler's screams while Mummy gets more worn down than ever; stressed and just plain freaked out!

...Which of course, is sensed by your over-tired kiddo who turns up the volume even more...and so continues the cycle until you can both manage to get home and disappear for (and with), relief.

Naturally, such a universally unpleasant parenting scenario has given rise to a product to conquer the situation. Thank god for companies who manage to grab these opportunities to make life easier for the rest of us!

The SnoozeShade is one such invention - it's a blackout blind for your pram or stroller which can make the job of sleeping 'on the roll' a little easier for those ZZZ-fighting babies and kids who limit our day and patience with their wakeful determination.

If you've ever tried draping blankets and jackets over your pram to calm your anxious child to sleep, you will know the inconvenience and ineffectiveness of such improvised solutions. (Slippage, too much light filtering in or the little blighters pulling those contraptions off altogether, because jackets are simply not worn by prams don't you know?! etc, etc.)

This award winning product is suitable from birth and provides an SPF of 50 plus which makes it so versatile year round. The fabric is breathable and effective; it blocks out an impressive 94% of light to aid sleep. (Seriously, that's more light than our bedroom drapes. I am thinking of fashioning myself a sleep-aid from one!)

The SnoozeShade is a universal fit to most prams and attaches quickly via Velcro tabs. You needn't be too fussy about where you fasten it, (there are no complicated instructions to follow), just attach it to wherever is convenient on your pram. It's fully elasticised around its perimeter and the fabric itself has a lot of give.

When not in use, the SnoozeShade tucks away into its own storage pouch. It is lightweight and compact so you won't lose space in your pram or bag when it's not in use.

The fabric is fully air-permeable so your little one will not overheat under its protection. You can keep an eye on your child via the Sneak-a-peek zip-down window. This product is sensational for reducing sun glare and you can attach the SnoozeShade in a number of ways to suit your purpose and child's age.

For example, by fastening it to just the hood of your pram, it can act as a hood extension, allowing your baby or toddler to see out without being scorched by the sun. (Please use common sense though and always use sun care products on your baby even with a SnoozeShade in place!)

The SnoozeShade also provides protection for your baby from wind, insects and other children or adults who might want to prod and admire your precious babe! Most Mums will know that recoiling sense induced by a stranger touching your child. (What is it with the touching people? Seriously, some unknown guy lifted up my eight year old Son just the other day - just don't!) The SnoozeShade can provide a bit of security from it. (Sadly not for 8 year olds however...)

I think this is by far the best product I have come across when it comes to aiding my child to sleep on the run and I think it really works too. I can't tell you the number of times I have arrived home with cranky, over-tired and sleep-deprived children over the years. This has been quite remarkable to use for filtering out distractions and also, preventing sunburn and windburn. It sure beats blanket draping too!

SnoozeShade is available in a number of formats (featured is the Original Classic Single which is priced at RRP $39.95). In addition to pram covers, SnoozeShade is also available in a larger format for twin strollers, SnoozeShade Plus (for older babies and larger strollers), SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats and SnoozeShade for Cots.

For expert fitting instructions, visit SnoozeShade on YouTube. You can visit the SnoozeShade website here to learn more or purchase.

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  1. On holidays last year we forgot to pack a wrap or cot sheet so I had to tie my husbands jumper over the front of the pram so the baby could sleep
    Karen Edwards

  2. My friend used to put her mobile on top of the pram, and play white noise "music" to her little one to coax her to sleep. It was sometimes rather loud and people would be looking around wandering what that strange noise was coming from.

  3. I've attached a flat cloth nappy to the hood of a pram with a snappi fastener. It was a bit hit and miss at times but whatever works hey.

  4. I handcuffed my husband to the pram so he would keep rocking it!

    1. Oh thanks for the laugh - I nearly choked on my breakfast just now!!

  5. Oh wow! What a great idea! Beat trying to fling a wrap over the pram with 2 hair clips anyday!

  6. And all that time I used to try and cover my double pram with a muslin wrap! Their little feet would be sticking out!

  7. I put my jacket over the pusher and attached it with pegs to keep my son dry :D

  8. Hubby's boardies, they dried in the sun and kept bub in the shade.

    1. That's two things taken care of in one go! Well done, you've won a SnoozeShade and I will be in touch in a moment to let you know. Thanks so much for entering everyone!

  9. As it's perfect for lazy summer days when out and about with baby in the pram.

  10. I have had Muslin wraps in double layers with pegs clipped to the pram. It is quite windy where we live so sadly I have the experience of either walking holding the wraps or seeing them parachute down the street. It is really quite painful to jerk the arm attached to the safety strap of the pram in a rapid attempt to catch them. You just forget it is there. I would love one of these. Lydia Arundell

  11. I've had the cot sheet held on with bull dog clips, I've tried pegging on a muslin wrap and walking the opposite direction to the sun but then you always have to come back again.

  12. Flannelette shirt tied with bulldog clips

  13. Blankets held from the top of the pram over sleeping baby, weighted down by bottles, keys, handbags, purses, shopping, all to no avail!

  14. Muslin wraps, jumpers, cot sheets, you name it, I've tried it, and gotten some funny looks!

  15. Life would be a WALK IN IN THE PARK with a SnoozeShade. It's a SHADE better at keeping babies asleep whilst on the move!

  16. A glow stick on a pram which was put into his room!

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