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Docket Diaries: Saving With Shop A Docket - Chapter One...

*This Docket Diaries Campaign is brought to you in collaboration with Shop A Docket.

Are you familiar with Shop A Docket coupons?

If you're a little foggy on the subject, allow me to prompt you: Shop A Docket discounts are those little advertisements on the back of your shopping receipts you've probably been stuffing haphazardly into your purse or shopping bag countless times over the years.

Literally every time you've visited your local supermarket or department store, you'll have received a receipt with a distinctly colourful Shop A Docket backing, outlining some fab deals from some very local businesses as well as some not so local offers such as travel deals.

If you've not had much of a glance at your Shop A Dockets in a while, it's probably time to get familiar again with the savings and discounts you may be overlooking, quite possibly from businesses and services you frequently use.

Shop A Docket is a 100% Australian owned company who first rolled out their coupons on consumer receipts way back in 1986 in Queensland. The word and popularity of the offers and savings to be made at local businesses soon spread however and over the course of several years, the Shop A Docket phenomenon thankfully spread, Australia-wide.

Now, no matter where you live, you'll have local Shop A Dockets with a selection of offers that will appeal to you.

So have you ever actually used a Shop A Docket yourself? Maybe you've tried them on occasion or perhaps stuck them to your fridge with the intention of  a 'next time' discount.

Or perhaps, you've never given them a try at all?

Over the years, personally, we have used many Shop A Docket offers. There have been free meals and discounts on family events and cinema experiences that I can recall just off the top of my head. There have also been fairly regular discounts from fast foods chains that everyone knows and loves and as a family, we have definitely made good use of these in particular!

Before you discard your shopping receipts after any trip to the stores, it's very worth your while turning them over and having a quick scan to see what's on offer near you. You might be surprised to discover there's something nearby offering a sweet deal on a service you use regularly.

I have been challenged to put Shop A Docket to the test here on Six Little Hearts for a few weeks to show you just how simple it is to use a local coupon as part of your day's to-do list. Being someone who likes to discover new things, it's a request I am happy to take on.

And first up - takeout! What busy Mum doesn't shout her family to this treat at least once a week? It's a night off and something we look forward to each Friday or on any weekend (or any time) when I am feeling the urge to kick-back, chill out and indulge.

And so our first Shop A Docket experience saw us take a drive to picturesque Warburton in the hills of the Yarra Ranges to browse the region's artisan stores (an additional bonus) and try out our first coupon deal which conveniently appealed - The Warburton Curry Club's buy one get one free meal deal.

Redeeming our coupon was as easy as opening the free Shop A Docket App on my mobile that I had downloaded prior to arriving and generating a coupon code for myself on the spot.

Despite arriving at the restaurant a good 30 minutes after the restaurant had actually closed for lunch for the day, the owners very generously opened their kitchen to us to prepare our takeaway lunch.
We were impressed to say the least!

A happy wait for our meal while enjoying a soft drink and a seat.
We ordered a Beef Vindaloo priced at $15 and received our Chicken Jalfarezi for free - normally also priced at $15. With our savings we lashed out on mango Lassis, soft drink and saffron long grain rice for sides. Just be sure to show your unique coupon code at the time you place your order.

Beef Vindaloo on a bed of saffron rice served in the comfort of our own home - weekend bliss!
After a brief 15 minute wait, lunch was ready and it was home again at lightning speed so that we could enjoy our meal piping hot.
The verdict: Our discount lunch was amazing! - Very authentically flavoured and with the soft, slow cooked meats that you expect in a great, well made Indian curry. We'll be returning here for sure and with another Shop A Docket coupon to pocket further savings when we do.
And so, impressed with our first Shop A Docket experience in our Docket Diaries road test, we look forward to seeing what other discoveries we'll make using further coupons in the coming weeks...
Warburton Curry Club is located at 3463 Warburton Hwy, Warburton VIC. Phone 03 5966 9182.
Have you tried using a Shop A Docket?
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  1. I must admit that I hardly ever use the shop a dockets but a lovely lady gave me one the other day at a restaurant to get a 50% discount - how sweet! I never realised that Shop A Docket was a company!

  2. I never use the shop a dockets. I know it's terrible. I must pay more attention!!

  3. Yes! People totally disregard them and they are awesome!! We've used them before andthey rock....a best kept secret perhaps?

  4. I see but never look. There is always too much going on around the shops.. probably miss out on heaps of goodies.

  5. We get deals on our Woolies dockets, locally. The subway deals of a free six inch, I find we use the most. Definitely worth checking for those deals!

  6. We don't seem to get a lot of offers on ours local ones that we would personally use, though I always check and I have cut out a few here and there and I think used one or two over the years.

  7. I used to use these dockets years ago for cheap dinners at the Black Stump Steakhouse!

  8. I haven't used them for years but we used to use them quite regularly for a local tavern. Will have to be a bit more on the ball now and start checking them out again!

  9. I always forget to check the back of my dockets. :/

  10. I always check the back of my dockets but unfortunately there's never anything decent in my area :(

  11. Apart from the petrol discount I don't ever use them but perhaps I need to look more carefully. Now I feel like a curry Jody!

  12. I've never used shop a dockets but I do look at them. I've just never required what they offer. :)

  13. I haven't used them for ages, and can't remember the last time I looked at them. I just find that they never had things I would use on them, but maybe it's time to look again.

  14. I'm terrible for checking the back of my dockets, but now I'll be sure to check them!!

  15. Yes! I used them for a pub meal deal years ago. I honestly forget the coupons are on there. Must have another look!

  16. You know, I have never used shop a docket but funnily enough, I always look at the offers! After reading this, I think I will try them out. I look forward to reading what other offers you take up! Thanks for linking up at Mum-bo Monday

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