Friday, 20 March 2015

Docket Diaries - Saving With Shop A Docket - Chapter Two...

*This Docket Diaries Campaign is brought to you in collaboration with Shop A Docket.

Saturday mornings - got to love those. They're a chance for a well-deserved sleep in with no alarms, no lunchboxes, no rules...BLISS!

But: There's almost always errands to run isn't there? Sigh...

Yes, it's the one day of the week where everyone's home, everything's open and there's that small window of time to achieve some serious ticks on the everlasting to-do list.

Admittedly no-one likes Saturday morning to-do's, least of all the kids. To them, their idea of the ideal activity for this day is to lounge about in their pyjamas, each buried deep within his or her own dark corner, (close to a power-point), tapping away at hand-held game play or wired up to tech of some sort.

Suggestions to leave the house at these sacred times are usually met with tears and tantrums. Such an issue is an outing anywhere with my kids that I even blogged the subject once. (Read A Journey of a Single Step Begins With a Thousand Miles here.)

Not so last Saturday however...

Continuing on our Docket Diaries Adventures, I found myself with a Shop A Docket coupon to sweeten the deal for my kids.

Immediately it was a case of things to do...with a fan club!
(Not sure what Shop A Docket is? Catch up on last week's Chapter One post here.)

Thank you Cookies and Cream Ice Creamery Café Shop A Docket!

At the mere mention of the name of this café, several of my scruffy-haired kids peered out of their happy grottos with curiosity.
Some even scrambled off to get themselves dressed.

Behold the power of my mighty coupon!

Minutes later, (it was a complete 'Are these my children?!' moment), we were ready to leave with the promise of ice creams and hot dogs to make the otherwise dull day, a gloriously kid-centred fun one.

Clearly the ice cream and hot dog lunches went down a treat as my to-do list collected its necessary ticks...
If you've not got a Shop A Docket coupon for local deals on the back of a recent shopping receipt to entice your offspring with like me - not a problem. This is when a visit to their website comes in handy.
The best part about visiting the Shop A Docket website is that you can search on a postcode to see what deals are available at your destination. Whether it's a local trip planned or one further away, there may be something of interest to help save you some cash on parking, food or entertainment for either along the way or when you arrive.
Once you've found your exciting deal (or deals) on their website, it's as simple as printing off your coupon and presenting it at the point of purchase to redeem it. You can even search Australia-wide, so if you're travelling much further afield, there are endless deals available to you that are worth checking out.
Furthermore, you can create yourself an online docket book reserved for all your favourite offers, which means you can find them quickly and conveniently every time you wish to redeem a deal.

So what have you got planned for your to-do list this weekend? Are your kids equally unwilling to run errands alongside you?
Check out Shop A Docket online to see how their coupon deals can make running errands
a little more bearable for you too.
I am guest posting today over at My Brown Paper Packages so please pop over and say hello!
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  1. I'm a big fan of vouchers - I can't pay full price for anything...

    1. Me too Lydia! I like my discounted everything. It means there's more cash to splurge on the best things in life. :D

  2. There is nothing sweeter than heading to the shops and it not costing you a fortune with so many kids. And to 30 Kershaw Street to that, your kids look extremely happy with their little treats too...

    1. 100% agreement on that. These kids eat like locusts (but then, that's all kids).

  3. What a great outing... I love a good deal! I must pay more attention to my dockets now.

    And hey, what's this about sleep-ins on Saturday mornings? Can you please tell my kids to participate please? :)

    1. Make sure you check out the website for even more deals as there's usually only a few on the dockets themselves.
      Yes, my kids are sleepers - don't hate me! They've always slept which is why I have so many now. They've been quite easy in that department. x

  4. Since your last post Jody, I have been paying more attention to my shop a dockets. Hoping to find some good ones to get us through the first week of the upcoming school holidays!

    1. Oh I am so pleased to hear that! You too have enough kids to be needing some coupon sweeteners. Have a look at their website because you will find there's more there on offer than just the dockets themselves.

  5. Thanks for the shout out on your guest post xx
    Looks like you are having lots of fun with your dockets!

  6. Looks like it was a win win situation for everybody! How good does that hot dog look??!


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