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Oricom Intelligent Potty Review, Tips For Toilet Training and a Giveaway #SLHFeaturedThursdays

There comes a time in every toddler's life when they begin to notice their bottom!

Maybe it's all that attention they get thanks to years of constant nappy changes. Maybe it's the constant trips to the loo made by other family members that become suddenly interesting to a toddler or maybe it's just the sudden realisation that the 'things that go on downstairs' make them feel a bit uncomfortable and smelly. (Perhaps the reactions of others around them when a nappy needs changing plays a part.)

Whatever it is that triggers this awareness of bodily functions in little people, you can bet that the day will come when potty training time is ripe and unavoidable.

Some signs to look for that may indicate your child might be ready to toilet train can include:

Your child dislikes the sensation of a wet or dirty nappy and may indicate to you in some way that they need changing.

Your child might begin to show an interest in visiting the bathroom and may wish to accompany you when you go to watch and learn.

Your child can manage to do some basic undressing.

Your child is able to understand and carry out your basic everyday commands "Do you need to go to the toilet?"

Having a nappy that is sometimes dry can indicate a bladder that is mature enough to hold onto its contents long enough to be emptied in one go. In older children this may be something you might observe at nap times.

Your child might show a talent for being independent and may like to do things by him or herself and enjoys the praise offered as a reward for their achievements.

Most important of all, your child is willing to learn to use a potty or toilet and is in no way resistant to the idea.

Personally, I prefer to tackle toilet training in the three and a half year age group. This seems to be an ideal age for the right degree of understanding and co-operation that is required from a headstrong toddler or pre-schooler and it can be a quick and easy affair the longer you delay this next stage.

However, not every child is the same and every situation is different. You may wish to begin this next step earlier, (or later) depending on your own circumstances. Good luck either way!

Toilet training has certainly come a long way since I last underwent the challenge around four years ago now. I have recently been introduced to the amazing Oricom Intelligent Potty and was sent one to road test here. The Intelligent Potty promises life without nappies - sooner.

The Intelligent Potty gets little people interested in toilet training via its technology - It's a talking potty which enables you to leave a personalised congratulatory message (up to 6 seconds in length) to encourage your child to relax and feel proud of their toileting achievements.

As soon as your little one sits and begins to 'go,' the sound of running water plays after 2 seconds providing the necessary encouragement to continue. Once your child has finished and stands up, your personalised pre-recorded message will play, followed by a popular children's tune. (There are ten different songs to choose from.)


You'll never miss an opportunity to congratulate your child's efforts with this potty!

You can constantly vary your personalised message on the sound module (located beneath the potty itself) and the tune too, so that your child remains interested over the weeks or months that you continue to train and beyond.

The Oricom Intelligent Potty comes in two d├ęcor friendly and attractive colours: Stone and Menthol.

Ergonomically, the potty has been designed with a high back to encourage the correct posture and sitting position. There is also great side support to prevent your child from tumbling sideways. Smooth, rounded edges eliminate the risk of the pinch factor too.

While we're not quite ready to take on the potty training challenge just yet, we've put the potty out for our two year old Daughter to fiddle and become familiar with anyway. In time, I know she will truly enjoy using this potty. In the meantime, it's a great little toddler play seat!

The IP100MT Oricom Intelligent Potty is RRP $89.95 and a full list of stockists can be found on Oricom's website.
Win an Oricom IP100MT Intelligent Potty valued at $89.95
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  1. Don't stress yourself or your child by comparing their progress with other children's. It only creates unneeded pressure for both of you!

  2. A ping pong ball or target sticker is a great way to teach your little boys how to aim! It definitely saves messy cleanup

    1. I have four boys and I never thought to do this! They are still poor aimers (as males seem to be). Maybe it's never too late to add a ping pong ball to the loo!

  3. let your child take the lead and learn their cues for when they need to use the potty

  4. Always be patient, encourage them all the time, don't push them! It took me more than 1 month to toilet training my boy.

  5. Patience! If you feel that bub is not ready just yet don't push it. Place the potty somewhere accessible and in due time bub will ask for it. Soleima Dib

  6. Umm, our child care centre helped sooo much with toilet training. So my top tip is to register your little one in child care 5 days a week for a couple of months.

    1. I have heard of this before and it sounds so tempting! Great tip!

  7. Placing a ping pong ball in the toilet bowl provides great "target practise" and turns toilet training into a game. It won't flush away so no need to worry.

  8. Oh I need this! I have a two and a bit year old who is showing signs of readiness and wants to tell everyone when she's done a wee- only to her, seeing and pooing is the same. So she tells everyone she's pooed when she has only weed! A potty training session or two should show her the difference :) Amy Ahearn

  9. My son calls "poo" a wee bum! Haha! We're in the throws of him toilet training but my biggest trick is not to push him. Let him go at his own pace and I'll encourage him as he goes.

  10. Great potty! We had this one and my daughter used to call it the magic potty.

    1. It's amazing isn't it! What will they think of next?!

  11. This looks like a great potty. We will be at this stage soon, so thanks for the tips. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList (It would be great if you could add our badge or link back to one of our blogs) x

  12. LOTS and LOTS of praise and excitement, clapping hands etc when they use the potty and a star chart

  13. This potty looks awesome! I'm steeling myself to start potty-training my youngest - he's only 20 months but copies his sister in EVERYTHING, so has been trying to climb onto the toilet after her. He almost fell in the other day... this potty looks like it would hold his interest and keep him out of the loo bowl!

  14. I would love to give this to my sister who/s child is not co-operating at all with toilet training. She is ready to pull her hair out and I hate seeing her like this :( Caroline Hannessen

  15. Definitely going to need one of those soon!! :-)

  16. They sneak into the corner and dare not make a sound.
    That's the little toddler who has reached the toilet training ground.
    Mum and dad coerce them into going to the loo,
    but the magical oricom potty can congratulate them to.
    We have not hit this training point,
    The fun is yet to come,
    We would love this special potty to go underneath our little ones bum.

  17. We have a potty but aren't pushing him. Two nights ago he happily did the biggest poo on it (he's only managed tiny ones so far!). He was so proud of himself and I was trying not to heave haha! Oh the joys! Have to say, this potty looks fantastic, so comfortable! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  18. Great potty this would be ideal for my intelligent lil 5 month old man when the time comes

  19. My first is only 6 months but I'm reading ahead about everything to come and I'm so nervous about potty training!

  20. I would love this for Miss 2 who I am currently battling with!

  21. This would be perfect for Master 2 aka "I do it MYSELF Mummy!"

  22. always praise your child regardless if they do anything or not just let them sit on the potty until they get used to it Tracy Wedding

  23. My son is starting to toilet train. He's going pretty well, better than expected but there has been a lot of accidents. I have to laugh though - he calls number twos a wee bum! Thanks for linking up at the Tots and Toddlers Thursday Link Up Party. I hope to see you there again tomorrow!

  24. I definitely need this as motivation to start toilet training my son. I'm still traumatized from 2 years ago with the oldest.

  25. Make it as fun and stress free as possible, I also think a little privacy helps too. A watched bottom never poops. I started reading to my kids on the potty helped a lot with relaxing them

    Kristina S

    1. So true Kristina - a watched bottom never performs! Congratulations - you're a winner of an Intelligent Potty. I will be in touch. Thank you everyone for entering. :D

  26. My little nephew is 12 months delauyed and needs this to make training fun!!

  27. WEE TARGET is a great product for little boys to be able to improve their "aim"!

  28. Wait until it's Summer or warmer - no nappies works best for their realization that they needed to go. There won't be too many misses.

    Laura Scriven

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  31. There are two basic types of toddler potty seats you can choose from, the potty chair and the training seat. Travel Potty Seat


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