Friday, 27 March 2015

The Docket Diaries Series - Saving With Shop A Docket Chapter Three...

*This Docket Diaries Campaign is brought to you in collaboration with Shop A Docket.

This week in the Docket Diaries series, sees us singing about Subway.

Now we've never tried Subway as a takeout option before, (Truly, never ever!) and if I am entirely honest, the strong and distinctive smell of a Subway outlet has never been something of a drawcard for me. This fact harks back to pregnancy; some aromas just don't appeal at these sensitive times and the odour of Subway's hammy rolls wafting out their door on passing just never appealed. It's a strong enough dislike to have lasted to this day for me too.

That's not to say that my kids have not spent countless years pestering me for a visit to a Subway store however...

The opportunity finally presented itself last weekend, when Dad went shopping accompanied by the boys. (I enjoyed some precious, 'almost' alone time, at home with just three kids.)

It was right on lunch time when Dad decided his Sunday was best spent at the stores which is always fine by me just as long as he drags along some offspring. (Especially the noisy, sillier ones.)

Well, the kids whinged and whined (apparently), all through the supermarket as Dad collected the coming week's food haul. Boys slid all over the floor of the store, ran up and down the aisles and had a noisy game of chasey in the fruit and veg section. (Thank god I wasn't there!)

All attempts to calm and control the kids were failing dismally.

To top off the embarrassment, the kids were hungry and as any parent knows, hungry children are, generally speaking, atrocious children. Little need to go into it any further as you know this fact well too.

The only way to rope the kiddos into line, was to offer a last desperate, tantalising incentive.

Subway has thankfully opened a new store locally, (conveniently right opposite the supermarket) and knowing that the boys were keen to taste the popular eatery, the magical suggestion was made.

Instantly the boys fell in line and behaved for the rest of the supermarket trip! ('Coupon power' again came into play, but more on that in a little bit.)

The Subway moment had arrived: There was a long selection process at the drinks fridge...our kids like to take their sweet time...

The first quiet minutes in a very long shopping trip!

Brotherly bonding time bubbled away quietly while the orders were prepared...

...And the first Subway bites were recorded on camera.

The verdict: The experience of Subway was a positive one and I have to report, the aroma of a Sub is actually pleasant for me, away from the cooking smells in store! I was even more impressed when I took a good look inside the boys' gigantic Subs: They are packed with top quality, healthy ingredients; one chicken Sub had a huge wedge of fillet in it and there was lots of fresh basil and tomato inside. The kids loved it!

I am since converted: Next time we're passing, I am even planning on trying one myself!

Subway are quite a regular feature on Shop A Docket which makes them a likely choice as a takeout option for us as a family now. Nothing is more appealing than a discount and Subway has some great coupon deals on Shop A Docket you might like to try too.

There's no need of an actual physical coupon, as you can download the free, convenient Shop A Docket App to your mobile device. A quick search on your current location will bring up a great selection of offers available to you in your immediate vicinity. All you need do is click your chosen offer to redeem and show the unique code generated by the App at the point of purchase. You can even save your most used coupons to your mobile docket book.

This is one App that is worth keeping on your phone for all time's sake.
Catch up on Docket Diaries Chapter One and Chapter Two to see what other fantastic discoveries we've made during our Shop A Docket road test.
Are you a fan of Subway?
Do you control your out-of-control kids with foodie rewards too?
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  1. I never realised there was an app! Must download!

    1. It's a fantastic resource to have with you (unlike so many of my other Apps.)

  2. I quite like Subway too.
    I love how quiet time for you still involves three kiddos :) <3
    I forgot to download the app last week. Doing it now! I love a discount!

    1. Yes, I am going to take the plunge and try it now. It looked far healthier than I expected. :D

  3. My kids regard Subway as a healthy option fast food even though they get the salami toasted with extra cheese! When we go on holidays I eat Subway and always choose the vegetarian wrap with avocado and a dash of southwest sauce. I actually lost weight on a holiday doing this one year.

    1. Wow - that version you buy sounds delicious and just like something I'd enjoy. (See, I've been missing out!)

  4. what a fantastic app.
    We used to love Subway but now that we are "Grain and Sugar free" its a bit hard to eat out....we did go back to subway a little while ago but we all noticed that they have added preservatives and MSG to their sauces and we all ended up with headaches :(
    But hey its way healthier then McDonalds thats for sure.
    Love that you got time out and Hubby took the kids shopping - brave man especially with hungry ones! My boys are impossible when they are hungry :)

    1. The App is fantastic - it works anywhere with all the local coupons.
      Can you order your Subway choices without the sauce? Yes, I tend to dump the boys on the Husband a lot! I think, being male, they'll all understand each other far better than me! Boys have that clinginess with their Mums and it's a real breather when you can catch a minute to yourself. :D

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