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A Quick Guide to Saving with Shop A Docket...Your Questions Answered

*This Docket Diaries Campaign is brought to you in collaboration with Shop A Docket.

No doubt if you're a regular reader, you'll know all about my recent Shop A Docket, Docket Diaries series which I have been running here.

It's been an extremely fun series to both participate in and present and I do hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as we have enjoyed road testing our local coupon deals.

Shop A Docket coupons are a fabulous way to save cash on the everyday things that are local to you. You can see a run down of just some of the offers near you, by taking a quick glance on the back of the receipts you regularly pocket, following a trip to your local supermarket or department store.

Make sure you keep an eye out for local deals which may appeal. If you aren't doing this on a regular basis, chances are you're missing out on some budget friendly, everyday money saving coupons.

There has been quite a bit of feedback from readers regarding Shop A Docket here: Mainly that readers either hadn't taken a look at their receipts in ages, or that they assumed there was very little of interest to them on the back of their receipts, locally.

I used to sometimes think the same before I began this series, but I have to say, that was before I was introduced to the Shop A Docket website and their really brilliant App, which I highly recommend. We're now using both regularly and making some great savings.

Here's a recap of 'just the facts' for you, which have been covered here in the past four weeks of the Shop A Docket, Docket Diaries series:

Shop A Docket is available nationwide.

You can view just a small sample of local and wider-area deals on the back of your receipts:

Find deals on everything from restaurant meals, takeout meals, beauty services, vehicle services and travel deals such as accommodation packages.

Make sure you take a look at the Shop A Docket website!:

For a full rundown of local deals, simply enter your postcode to search for everything available in your area. You can even search specific categories to find deals and post codes in an area outside of your locality - such as Australia-wide!

If you're planning a journey, definitely take a look at some of the areas you will be visiting in your travels. This could potentially save you dollars on accommodation, attractions and eateries. Don't forget!

Download the free Shop A Docket App. Seriously, don't be without this tool on your mobile device!
It is so simple to use and we found it invaluable for seeking out our next deal wherever our location, quickly and conveniently.

The easy to use Shop A Docket App.  (Screenshot.)

Both the Shop A Docket website and App can generate a coupon for you on the spot so you've really no need to worry if you're without a paper copy of your actual receipt. You can print yourself off a paper copy from their website, or you can literally click to create a coupon code and redeem it on the spot, in store with the App.

Shop A Docket App - Just click the arrow to generate an instant code.

Store your favourite coupon deals for next time in the Docketbook on the App, so that you can find them fast.

And just how much did we save over our month trial with our Shop A Dockets?

Well, There was Indian takeout in week one. We spent approximately $40 and received a $20 meal for free on top of that! Without our Shop A Docket coupon, we'd have paid around $60 for our lunch. It was so delicious, that we will be going back on a regular basis from here on with further coupons to save some cash.

Week two saw us visit an ice creamery cafĂ© where our boys enjoyed hotdogs, drinks and ice creams. Normally these things are avoided and saved for special occasions only, but our coupon made it a more affordable pursuit. We spent around $30 for our kids to enjoy their fun lunches and saved $15 or so on top of that with our coupon, without which, we'd have paid around $45 for lunch.

Week three, we ventured into Subway to try our local coupon for a Saturday lunch. We bought four Footlong Subs and extras and received another four Footlongs for just $4 each. A spend of $36 or so for some huge Subs which fed all eight of us! It was a saving of approximately $20.

Week four and Taco Bill presented an opportunity too good to refuse - a buy one main and get another for free. We saved close to $40 on this deal.

All up, over the course of the month long trial, we saved approximately $95 on local outings we were keen to discover! That's a whopping saving. That $95 could potentially buy several more family-friendly opportunities using further Shop A Dockets or be pocketed towards other fun endeavours. (Or even pay some less fun, but essential bills.)

So make sure you check those receipts regularly or at least get yourself the App. Shop A Docket have some fantastic offers and you can really help to stretch your budget along by making the most of your local deals. If you've kids, that translates to more fun for less!
Have you tried the Shop A Docket App yet?
Have you taken a browse of the Shop A Docket website?
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  1. So smart this. I always forgot to check the back now that they have promos on the front of things.
    Or either I will see them on the back and just forget about them when I stick them to the fridge.
    That app is an awesome idea!

    1. It really is Nikita. When you have children it's wise to find savings absolutely everywhere so that you've cash to spend on the fun things. We're addicted to Shop A Dockets now.


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