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Everloc Xpressions Review - Bathroom Storage Solutions for Families and a Giveaway #SLHFeaturedThursdays

I have been on a bit of a bathroom focus these past weeks on the blog. With intentions of listing our home on the market as soon as is humanly possible and moving back inner, we've been hunting down inexpensive and portable ways to organise our everyday clutter in an attractive and practical manner that adds visual value to our home. (Which hopefully translates to an attractive sale price too!)

Last week's Featured Thursdays was all about Dreambaby's Peli - a sweet and fun way to store your child's bath time playthings that is also a plaything in its own right. (If you missed this post, you can find it here and there's a giveaway too - do check it out.)

While Peli takes good care of the kiddy clutter in this space, Everloc picks up the grown-up stuff.

I didn't know much about the Everloc Xpressions range before I was sent some of their items to try.

So what am I banging on about here, I hear you ask?

Shelves of course!

The Everloc Xpressions Medium Shelf looking right at home above our bath tub.

Everloc Xpressions are bathroom shelves that don't require any 'banging on' at all to install and they're absolutely brilliant on so many levels.

While our bathroom is already a thoroughly attractive space with its white floor to ceiling tiles, large shower and a tub, (okay, with kids, it would be even more appealing with a good clean. Did I mention it's rarely clean?), my biggest complaint about our bathroom from day one, was that it was just too small.

Our only storage space in this room, is a deep-set vanity which looks fabulous, but is the most impractical, oversized waste of space you ever did saw. Things are forever tumbling out of our over-stuffed cabinet and any attempts I have made to organise it, (such as shutting the doors on it to ignore it altogether), have failed dismally thanks to my kids' disinterest in helping me to get organised - ever.

Everloc's shelves have changed all that though. I now have my own, organised, grown-up space in my bathroom and I didn't even need any tradesmen or special tools to attach these fab looking additions wherever I pleased. I could seriously stick these things all over my house!

These shelves are designed in Australia and are manufactured in a strong polycarbonate and stainless steel so that means no tarnish or disintegration over time.

Everloc's shelves attach via a strong vacuum seal. The three part system, comprised of a cap, cover and silicon ring, all interlock effortlessly onto bathroom surfaces to provide up to 15 kilograms of strength to hold whatever you desire. Removal of the shelves leaves no marks and they do not damage surfaces so you can move these around to suit your needs as frequently as you wish.

Within minutes of unboxing, we had one up over the bathtub for the giant bottles of kids' bath time products. The second shelf was placed nice and high nearby with our must-haves; a perfect, child-free, clutter-free space reserved just for us.

My space only. No kids allowed! The Everloc Xpressions Shower Caddy
What I love most about the Everloc Xpressions shelves, is the way they look. Our bathroom looked so much more glamorous after we installed these and they appear to be permanent fixtures too. The shelves are identical to our existing chromed features, such as cabinet handles and towel rails. They even match our shower screen handle!
Each shelf has a removable plastic tray with a slotted base so that you can easily rinse it to clean or allow any wet products to dry off. They're so portable too - you can conveniently lift up the clear plastic inserts and take them to another room to use if you don't want to finish getting dressed in your washroom. (Think makeup application, nail polish or even safe first-aid storage.)
The Everloc range is designed to be applied to surfaces that get wet too, (such as inside your actual shower). How handy would these be in the laundry or toilet, inside cupboards or on display anywhere? You could even use these in the kitchen.
A home can never can have too much storage (especially if you have kids) and these are just such an attractive and practical way to sort the possessions you use frequently. There's no need to worry that the shelves will fall down either - they just don't. The suction is so strong on these shelves that we struggled at one point to undo one that we had accidently installed on a slight angle!
Everloc manufacture a full household range and it is very worth your while checking out the offerings on their website. If you're struggling to store your possessions in any room, these products are the perfect solution and come with our enthusiastic stamp of approval!
Visit these links to find out more about the Everloc Xpressions Shower Caddy  RRP $34.95
and the Everloc Xpressions Medium Shelf  RRP $39.95
Find the range in Target, Howard's Storage World, Bunnings and Big W.
Win a set of Everloc Xpressions Shelves as featured here
valued at $75!
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  1. I love the contrast of the white/cream top and the clear body. They would look amazing in any bathroom.

  2. I have a husband who doesn't even like to have nail holes on the walls for I love that the Everloc system will not only look good, but keep him from twitching as he does if anything goes on our walls!

  3. I'd love a bathroom shelf, I have the tiniest sink and everything just falls off the edges so this system would be perfect on the sink.

  4. Easy storage without a care
    Everloc everywhere
    For kitchen sink and shower too
    No other storage solution will do
    Stylish and super strong
    Everloc will last so long

  5. These are great for when you rent like we do, not having to make any major adjustments, but still having the ability to have more storage space in your home.

  6. We are renting a unit with a shoebox bathroom with little storage. This would mean no bottles on the floor, and more space to stand!

  7. Handy! Ours are on the floor!

  8. These look super handy. My husband built a shelf into our bathroom, so we have no need. They would be just what I was looking for if we didn't have a shelf though.

  9. This looks nifty. Bet it doesn't rust like the one I have either!

  10. I'd love this to help store/organise my kids paraphernalia of bath wash/shampoo/loofahs/toys, the cheap basket I bought from a department store just doesn't stay up on our horrible old lami-panel walls!
    (Stacey Shailer)

  11. I have one of those silly over shower head hanger rack thingies and it is going rusty and nothing fits on it and it's always lop sided and it has been driving me absolutely nuts! The shower is my one five minutes of sanity in my day and this thing is ruining it. (Malinda @mybrownpaperpackages)

    1. Oh those things are horrific so this prize goes out to you. We can really relate to the five minutes of sanity and don't like the sound of you suffering during your 'me' time! You have been emailed just now. Thanks so much for entering everybody. x

  12. With no more bottles sitting on the shower floor, cleaning would be easier and my bathroom would look neater. Tracey

  13. I seriously need a space for my shower stuff too. Only my stuff! Have you found that the system stays on the wall without needing re-adjusting? I've had a bit of bad luck with the ones I've bought in the past. Admittedly though, I've only bought cheapos... Where are these stocked?

    1. Yes these definitely stay up! Ours have never fallen down in months. You can purchase them at Bunnings.

  14. That looks pretty handy! We could use something like that to store our tooth brushes, because they're electric ones so they don't fit in any regular tooth brush holders.

  15. I am moving next week with my 15 month old daughter and this will be perfect to me our new home more homey. Raylene

  16. With 5 kids at home-btahroom space is at a pemium-these shelves would be awesome!!!

  17. What a great idea for the shower! I could use one :)

  18. I've tried the floor, I've tried over-the-showerhead hangers that rust, looks like Everloc would prove third time lucky. :)
    Sue Bou

  19. I would like a more organised bathroom!

  20. This would be great as I have no bathroom storage. Samantha jade

  21. Other than being great storage this would give the bathroom a great neat look

  22. Clean, de-clutter, help save space,
    Consolidate, container it, give it a place.
    Take what's left, make it neat,
    With Everloc, it's an easy feat!

  23. To keep my bathroom tidy is with the simplest of ease with Everloc systems that are sure to please. The colours are perfect and fit my lifestyle. The size is great for all kinds of weight.

  24. So tired of looking at cluttered shampoo, conditioner bottles that take up endless floor space. Plus after a while if I'm not vigilant enough hateful mould grows on the bottoms of the bottles. I'd love to lift this cluttered mess off the floor and make the shower recess look neat and tidy. And with three children who insist on showering with me at the same time there just isn't enough floor space for the clutter.

  25. I would love these as currently in my shower we do not have enough space for the shampoo and conditioner bottles so they remain on the floor. Unfortunately when my 4 year old decides to have a shower by himself I can guarantee there won't be any shampoo left once he's finished. Not only would winning these save my frustration but also will save me money!

  26. Ahhh.. organization to separate His, Hers and kids! Awesome!

  27. These are awesome! With six of us in one house, we have a lot of shower products that end up being used up by cheeky little kids who get great enjoyment out of squeezing the bottles out and playing in the bubbles...this could solve all this frustration!

    Millie Green

  28. LOVING how modern these are. They're sleek and attractive, PLUS no banging on the walls means no mess and no damage to our tiles. If where I put them to start with isn't functional - I can just move them!! Keeping them up high, out of reach of hands that love to squeeze expensive bottle contents down the drain..... it would save $$$ and sanity in the long run.

  29. This would be perfect for keeping the bottles out of little fingers' reach - too much shampoo is just squirted down the plughole!

  30. No bottles on the floor,
    It's mess and mould-breeding galore!
    Up, stored and clean,
    Would be a dream!

  31. A new bathroom here
    But put little thought into shelving
    Now I'm struggling with shampoo bottles
    Razors and shower soap
    These have gorgeous style
    I would dearly love these in my bathroom

  32. I have considered buying these before but wasn't confident enough that they would stay up. I would love the chance to test them out.
    Janice Morris

  33. I currently have a tiny shower with the toiletries on the vanity just outside the shower. this would be amazing as we cant fit a standing or hanging toiletries holder or put our toiletries on the floor :(

    Jessica Blundell

  34. It takes a surprisingly short amount of time for a bathroom reno to start looking tired, particularly the shampoo shelf! All that water and soap abrases very quickly. Replacing my shelf with Everloc would be an instant facelift for the shower recess. Joanne Williams.

  35. I have far too many bits and pieces on my shower floor......this prize would help me protect my valuables from being poured down the drain by master 5 (Cheryl A McKibbin)

  36. I actually love how they are practical but also look fantastic too, what a great addition to the bathroom.
    Sharon Murphy

  37. Very neat and tidy and different, they would set off my newly renovated bathroom perfectly
    Maria Stringer

  38. Everloc comes with my favourite thing - practicality! Its not just 'all about the looks'...although Everloc could easily walk down any catwalk bathroom runway and turn heads!!!
    monica scurlock

  39. I have very little storage in my bathroom. With the Everloc System there is no need to drill, meaning I could install myself.
    No more unsightly marks from bottles around the sink, now all safely sitting in the self draining stylish shelves.

    1. Debra Marr, don't do Instagram nor Bloglovin', never heard of it till now.

  40. With the Everloc system I might finally be able to xpress myself in the shower with everything in reach

  41. Your Everloc products would cheer up my bathroom - they're spunky not tacky
    They're well designed, functional, and made for the wet!
    You must be reading my mind - this is on my next "to do" list…

  42. These would put all my necessities in reach and looking neat, instead of all over the floor and screen.

  43. I love the fact that there is no drilling required and you can move them around.

  44. Great for rentals as don't need any nails to put them up! Would clean up our bathroom nicely :)

  45. I love their portability and easily clean features! What a clever idea for those of us having the 'joyous' task of cleaning the bathroom.

  46. we have four girl's that love to shower they love tipping shampoo down the drain,EVERLOC shelves to the rescue.THANKYOU

  47. What a great idea! A great accessorie that would look fab in my renovated bathroom once its done.

    Jessica Barwise

  48. E verloc
    V ersatility
    E ndurance
    R ange
    L uxurious
    O h so useful
    C onvenient
    All these virtues I share with Everloc, and my home is crying out for modern appliances/items
    Dorothy Kezich

  49. I would just love to have this to keep all pieces looking neat, tidy and organised. It really helps transform a space from drab to FAB, oozing the appeal of a clean, classy look with no more chaos in the shower!
    - Crystal, shewandersxo

  50. My shower storage SUCKS! Bottles galore, hiding mould. I’d LATHER have EVERLOC so my shampoo is HIGH & DRY, and ever on TAP!


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