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Jazslings Baby Slings Review and Giveaway #SLHFeaturedThursdays

Well my Daughter is all of two and a half years old (almost), and here we are, still breastfeeding and still baby wearing. If you'd told me three years ago when I was pregnant with her, that I'd manage to do just one of these things successfully this far into my Mothering journey with baby number six, I'd have been outright shocked...and impressed!

How could I possibly have managed to do these things for so long? I say, it's with the right equipment.

It's arguably a very basic statement I know, as we all know, in reality it depends on so many factors, but I have hit on the three necessary ones I think have led to success this time around: A willing child, a lightweight child (that I can still manage) and the earlier mentioned 'correct equipment.'

I truly love that my little girl gets overjoyed at the thought of riding in a baby sling. We've been glued together in slings from day one and she's such a successful user that I even invested in a large sling for Dad to help with the load on our longer walks.

Baby wearing has been a delightful part of my Mothering journey right from my very first baby and it's the memory of each new baby of ours, tucked up tight against me that I hold on to as I watch them grow today.

Baby wearing creates an intimate bond between a Mum and baby or young child in a manner similar to being pregnant. When you're wearing your child, psychologically they're as safe as can be and they're out of harm's way too and that's a huge comfort for both of you.

Plus it's just adorable to do in so many unfathomable ways!

Note: The sling is not fitted properly in this picture but it was the best way to show the Perfect Pouch sling's features!
The stitched area at the leg is designed to align with your child's back.

Baby wearing means there are loads of opportunities to cuddle, kiss, keep each other warm and snuggly. I am lapping it all up and thankfully, so is the Little Miss!

Recently we were sent a Jazslings Baby Sling (the Perfect Pouch model) to road test here. As soon as Celeste caught sight of the new turquoise treasure we would share for walks, she was off the sofa and running to me to try it out!

Celeste is a clingy child and I have found baby wearing to be an excellent way to work at our daily tasks together in a manner that is not exhausting for me. If I had to lug her about on my arm all day long at this age to keep her happy, I would really suffer.

Jazslings slings are designed to provide maximum comfort to both the wearer and the child. They are fabricated in a thick cotton twill and come in a stunning array of fashionable colours and designs.

Jazslings have a wide shoulder band so that the weight of your child is distributed evenly around your core and not just on your shoulder where you would otherwise suffer neck strain. They have a deep seat built into the fabric inside so that baby can sit very securely within. There's also a really high back and sides which supports your child further, providing them with a comfortable seat that is also very safe.

The sling itself is very well-stitched and will see years of regular use. It can carry up to 20kgs and we're quite a way off that with Celeste being only around the 12 kilogram mark. The support for baby's back is stitched in a posture-friendly shape to add comfort.

To use, your child just sits inside, the inner fabric is placed to cover their bottom well and provide the seat, and the outside adjusted to cover their back for support. It's all easy to do on your own. There's a full colour instruction book included with the sling which outlines various ages and wearing suggestions. For example, at two, I could carry my toddler on my hip as pictured or twist her around to my back.

I wore Celeste at our recent beach holiday and at the beach especially, the Jazslings sling was fantastic! We like to go for huge walks and as you know, prams are never beach friendly. The sling meant my girl was warm and comfortable along with me. She loves the sling and tucked her little arms inside and later her head too when the wind picked up!

Snuggly goodness - we can never get enough of it!

Unlike other slings we've tried, the Jazslings sling has a built-in pocket! There are actually two of them with Velcro closures and they're deep too. Inside you could stash your spare nappy and wipes or a wallet, making any outing very hands-free. I especially like this feature as it meant at the time of taking these pictures, I had the freedom to leave my nappy bag in the car.

Jazslings Baby Slings are all cotton, made in Australia and well priced at $69.95 for the Perfect Pouch sling featured here. I am wearing the size S/M, (I wear a size small in clothing) and all slings are sold based on an easy to use size guide to ensure a safe and comfortable fit.

There are several models of Jazslings baby slings available including Limited Edition versions, Signature, Organic and Drama Queen - a luxe model for special occasions.

Jazslings also manufacture pram covers, children's aprons and even junior slings for kids who want to play Mum with their dolls! Free shipping is available Australia-wide on all purchases.
Win a Jazsling Perfect Pouch Baby Sling
valued at $69.95!
One sling is available in the winner's choice of colour and size from the Perfect Pouch range
for one lucky Mum reader, thanks to the generosity of Jazslings.
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  1. I love feeling their heartbeat and the warmth of their little bodies against mine when carrying them on me, so close and safe.

  2. The ability to be able to carry your little ones and to get the tasks done when outside the home, it makes me feel less stressed and more accomplished.

  3. love to feel close to baby whenever i can:-)

  4. I'm not a big fan of pouch slings for little babies as it's hard to use them safely (meeting TICKS guidelines) but they can be very handy for a toddler hip carry :)

  5. Undoubtedly the best thing about baby wearing is the hands free thing. Feeling capable of doing tasks and knowing your bubba is safe and secure, snuggled in all tight and cosy. It's a sneaky cuddle in many ways. Definitely something I would make use of with baby number three on it's way in a couple of months!

  6. Slings are great, and have come a long way in the years since I used a baby bjorn!

  7. I love having my hands free to cook, fold laundry, etc.

  8. That's so cool. I loved the baby bjorn when my two were small. My son in particular used to do the housework with me while I carried him around on my front. He even sat there while I did my hair and make up. So easy.
    We didn't have the same choice that you have now.
    The one you use looks great!
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  9. I used a Baby Bjorn and a hug a bub. I still remember how nice and warm it was to have my boys close and snug.

  10. I never used a sling... I didnt really know about them.. back in the old days lol. on another note - seriously how adorable is your little girl! xx

  11. I never wore any of my kids, but reading posts like this, boy I wish I had of looked into it.

  12. It's handy being able to carry her around hands free and not have to worry about issues that comes with pushing around a stroller.

  13. What a fantastic sling! I used a sling and carriers for Cheese up until she was about 3. I loved them. They are also great for babies with reflux, like Cheese had.

  14. I love the comfort of having bub so close to me plus the bonus of having your hands free!

  15. The best part about baby wearing is not having to lug a huge stroller around for small errands and play dates at the park. Plus I then have my hands free for my other two children!!!!

  16. I love the closeness and bonding more with my child. Hands free to do oue mummy multi tasking is great too!

  17. My gosh Jody it seems like only yesterday that she was born - seriously 2.5!! x

  18. They look amazing! I wish I had known about them when my one was little!

  19. I love the feeling of having them so close - right next to my heart

  20. This will be perfect for my sister, expecting her first little one. Her baby can stay close to her heart.

  21. I've been looking for a sling for Josh as hes just about grown out of our current wrap. Thanks for sharing! This looks perfect for us! #KidTested

  22. I absolutely love having my baby close enough to kiss whenever I get the urge to.

  23. Great giveaway. I loved my pouch when I had three under three. The only reason, I managed to get out of the house and so much done. The slings seem so much more comfortable and practical though. Great giveaway.

  24. I never tried baby wearing would love to try it with baby number 4 it would certainly make things easier with looking after 4 children :-)
    Karen Edwards

    1. Karen, you sound like a Jazslings baby sling could really help you so you are the lucky winner of this giveaway. Thank you everyone for entering - I love your suggestions. x

    2. Thank you so much Jody, I've replied to your email let me know if it doesn't come through :-)

  25. That they can't run away!
    Kirsten W

  26. the bond that developes due to the closeness Tracy Wedding

  27. To be hands free,
    Would really suit me. Laura Scriven

  28. I love the closeness and bonding that it brings.

  29. I love the close connection with my baby girl when wearing her

  30. I LOVE baby wearing! I love that it can be shared between Father and Mother, our little ones are routinely worn by me, but get a real kick out of being worn by Dad. They love the snuggles, and are so much less demanding when the option to cuddle and carry is there.

  31. Its the only way I can get my little sleep-fighter to have a nap during the day! Plus I love the hugs I get when shes in the carrier :)

  32. I'm trying for my second baby, this would be great for multi tasking. Samantha tucker (Samantha jade)

  33. I love baby wearing as you don't have to struggle with the pram.

  34. Love to SLING into action with Jazslings! I’d get CARRIED AWAY and be adventurous. City or countryside, it’s all a walk in the PARK and cosy for my bub!

  35. The best part is keeping bubs close!

  36. The best thing about baby wearing is the closeness and the calm. My son LOVES to be worn. He just watches everything and wiggles his little legs. It is like one giant moving, doing and achieving stuff ( getting washing hung and shopping done) cuddle. Lydia Arundell


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