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Luna Park Melbourne Review Plus Win a Family Pass!

Luna Park, is an historic theme park which has sat vibrantly on the shoreline of Melbourne's St Kilda beach for 100 plus years. Its iconic laughing face entrance (known as Mr Moon) set against the sea views, has witnessed the comings and goings of generations of fun seekers for decades.

Which leads me to ask - When did you last visit Luna Park?

When an email arrived in my inbox inviting us to experience Melbourne's Luna Park recently, my immediate thought was - that will be so much fun for the kids! They'd never been before and quite frankly, neither had we - since childhood.

When the big day arrived, the kids were pumped with excitement and not quite sure what to expect other than holding onto the basic knowledge that we were visiting a theme park they had only ever seen and heard about.

Oh the joy!: That was pretty much enough to go by for them!

At the park's entrance, we were each issued with all-day ride passes, (in the form of bracelets), giving us the unlimited opportunity to try out absolutely everything as much as we liked.

Let the fun begin!

I am just going to jump straight in here and say that Luna Park is absolutely, totally awesome!


We have honestly not had this much fun, (nor were we expecting to) in ages.

Why is this place so wonderful? Why had we not been for decades? Seriously, we found ourselves glancing at one another all day, through looks of disbelief and awe. The fun and vibrancy of this park had been totally overlooked by us before now.

Luna Park, we had simply forgotten you and now we're well and truly hooked.

Luna Park's magic lies in its nostalgia. The park has a quaintness, beauty and a simple thrill that is altogether missing at other amusement venues we have visited. It has artistic flair, history and a uniquely Melbourne flavour that just draws you in.

Initially our kids were gobsmacked and unable to make a firm decision on which ride to visit first. Admittedly, so were we! There was just so much to take in and do and on the beautiful sunny day we attended, there were a huge number of visitors at the park too.
As any parent knows, the best way to get kids going with anything, is to lead by example and us grown-ups were quick to figure that one out here. And so, we unleashed our inner 'children' and our own kids soon let their guard down and were very quickly running to get on whatever amusement had the smallest queue. The momentum of the day was set...

Luna Park's historic carousel manufactured by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company is one of only 80 carousels 
 manufactured by the company between 1903 -1931. (This is number 30)
The carousel today is one of only 25 still in operation in the world and was the only carousel ever exported by the company.

The stunningly beautiful carousel lies at the heart of the park and none of us tired of riding this. I think we had about 17 rides each! It is so perfectly preserved and looks as it must have when it first arrived on Australian shores. Today it is housed under a protective shelter to keep it in pristine condition for future generations to enjoy.

For beautiful St Kilda beach sea views and a great aerial view of the park, take a scenic ride on the Ferris wheel.

Queuing for the Ghost Train ride was all about excitement and smiles. This attraction is absolutely unchanged since I was a kid and the memories came flooding back during the ride!

One thing that was knockout about Luna Park, was the professionalism of its staff and it is an aspect that I never anticipated I would be mentioning here. It does deserve mention however because the staff members at this venue, are stand-out fantastic.

At one point in our day, the Ghost Train broke down for around an hour. During this time, the two people who manned the attraction never left their post and dealt with the endless stream of enquiries from the public personally, on the spot until the ride was functional again.

The professionalism was not just observed in this instance either: All of the staff we came across during our visit were dressed in attractive uniforms and behaved so courteously. We were really impressed by this and we felt it made the day that much more memorable. (I just have to mention the park is spotlessly clean too.)

Cars on the Ghost Train ride are still given their initial entry momentum with the assistance of a good push!

The Scenic Railway: This ride is hands down, the number one attraction at Luna Park and remains 100 percent original. Here you'll find the longest queue (up to an hour's wait) but its popularity and thrill makes it entirely worth it. (Sadly my stomach is not the amusement ride type so I watched others enjoy this instead!)

The Scenic Railway holds the distinguished title of being the world's oldest, continuously running roller coaster (established in 1912) and it is the only one of its kind featuring an on-board driver.

"I can't believe I went on that!"

Visit Luna Park for a fantastic day out these school holidays!
For further details, more historic facts, opening hours and entry prices,
These school holidays, experience Climbzilla! The all new Sky Trail Navigator Adventure Course.

School holiday opening hours: Sunday to Wednesday 11am-8pm,
Thursday to Saturday 11am-11pm.
*All rides are subject to height restrictions and medical conditions.
Melbourne's Luna Park
Lower Esplanade, St Kilda.
Luna Park info line: 1300 888 272
Win a Family Pass to experience Luna Park
in Melbourne
valued at $139.95!
One family pass to be won valid for 12 months.

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Full terms and conditions here.

Good luck!
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*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts were happy guests of Luna Park in exchange for this feature.
All opinions expressed are those of this blog's Author.
We had SERIOUSLY fabulous time! Thanks so much for having us!

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  1. We went to the Sydney one a few years back- the atmosphere was awesome :) Your pics here are wonderful by the way!

  2. I haven't had the opportunity to take my kids to Luna Park but can remember going to Sydney's Luna Park as a child.

  3. We visited about six years ago on a family trip to Melbourne from NSW. Our middle daughter sustained a back injury the day before flying out which meant rides were out for her and the rest of the family decided it just wasn't fair, so we all decided to miss out and concentrated on the games and just having a great time.

    I'm heading to Melbourne on my own next month, can't wait and would dearly love to take the family with me later in the year, where we could finally case all the rides together.

  4. I'd love to take my three young kids there as it looks like a heap of fun and they have never been. (I last went when I was about 17 years old, maaany moons ago! LOL)

  5. I have not been since I was in year 8 at school as we used to go for our end of year activity. I also went when I was 12 to a friends bday at Melbourne Luna park and had so much fun!
    I would love to take my two girls who are 10 & 7 as they have not yet been.

  6. The kids have been but I do not recall ever having the chance to visit! So I would like to recreate the wonder of childhood and experience the fun of the 'fair' with them!

  7. Looks like a great day out! I have been to the Sydney one many times but have never been on any of the rides. Visiting from IBOT

  8. I haven't been to Luna Park ever but I have walked past them when I've visited Sydney or Melbourne. I am a theme park fan so I will definitely have to think about taking our girls there when they are a bit older. Love all the photos Jody. x

  9. I have photos taken under the big mouth but I've never been in. Now that I'm a mum I'm keen to go on the (gentle) rides and make some happy family memories.

  10. I love taking my girls - they would just tall enough now to go on most of the rides

  11. "Luna Park" as it is said "JUST FOR FUN" how true I am 81 and in my teens had so much innocent fun there, then my children, followed by Granddaughter and NOW twin Great Granddaughters at 4 are enjoying this wonderful place.

  12. I have never been to Luna Park and living only 2.5hrs away I am not sure why I haven't taken my own children yet. Would love to take them one day, especially as it is such an iconic park and great "playground" for children and adults alike and it's in the very State I live in. Definitely on the bucket list to get to.

    1. Now is your chance Kristy - this one's for you so hope you have a fabulous time too! I will be in touch shortly. :D Thanks so much for entering.

  13. The last time I went to Luna Park was when I was a teen and I went there to see Bros! But now I have kids I'd love for them to have fun there - just yesterday my 7-yr-old said she really wanted to go there - weird, because I didn't know she knew Luna Park existed!

  14. I'd love to take my 3 girls to see the famous 'Luna Park' when we visit Melbourne for the first time in June, it would be unreal.

  15. My family and I visited Luna Park many times as a child. I was always fascinated by the big smile! Loved the roller coaster the most, would love to take my kids along one day.

  16. I have never been to Luna Park in Melbourne! I have walked past it a couple of times and from your picture it looks like loads of fun!!!! Would love to give it a whirl - totally love scary rides!

  17. The carousel, I love watching the kids on this and it is a ride I can go on with them. It reminds when I was a little girl and my mum took me on the carousel too.

  18. Love the crazy old roller-coaster that runs around the perimeter of the park. So creaky and wobbly that you feel as though the whole thing will go flying off the rails at any minute! Courtney Brideson

  19. Haven't been for a number of years. Would love to take my boys now that they are tall enough to go on the dodgem cars :)

  20. I've never been so I'd love the chance to be a big kid again!

  21. The ride had come to a stop, and I wanted to run off to the next one as quick as I could, so leant forward to undo the bolt which would allow exit from the ride. Silly move, because that resulted in me propelling face forward onto the ground from about a metre up. I learnt the virtue of patience that day!

  22. I haven't been for years, would love to take my son, he's old enough now to enjoy the rides.

  23. We'd love to take our 3 year old for his first time. He's finally tall enough for rides!!
    Ebony Carr

  24. I have only been to Luna Park in Melbourne once, and the whole family loved it! I love how entry is free, and you only pay for the rides you want. I also love its location (close to the beach) and how super-friendly the workers are in there!

    1. Thanks for the giveaway chance, Effie Bakkalis

  25. Loved the Gravitron and Scenic Railway as a kid! Would love to take my 2 now they are old enough to enjoy!

  26. (Belinda Bee Ban) I've never been to Luna Park! I checked out Luna Parks website and FB page after reading your review and wow! have my kids been missing out on some serious fun! it looks awesome and fun for all ages too. You could spend most of the day there and then head off to the beach or Fitzroy street for icecream..it's BIG YES please from our family!


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