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Oricom Secure 850 Digital Video Baby Monitor Review #SLHFeaturedThursdays

Back in my clueless, first pregnancy days, I recall looking over a long list of suggested purchases for my coming baby in disbelief - surely an infant could not possibly need all that equipment suggested in magazines and baby stores? ...Surely??

Much of it seemed so excessive!

Baby monitors were, back then, on my list of items to 'question further.' They were something I needed to ask around on amongst the more experienced which led me to query baby store staff and other Mums in order to come to a final decision.

On our first trip to a baby store for new baby supplies, I up and surprised myself and did purchase a baby monitor in the end. It was a fairly basic affair by a well known brand. It was expensive and did the trick well in that it was especially good at amplifying the screams of all of my children over the years and as a result, it was often turned off to spare me the agony of listening to them as they fought sleep!

One thing my first baby monitor did not help me with though, was provide me with a visual display of exactly what all those cries were about.

Seasoned Mummas are probably better than average at figuring out the various cries of their infants and toddlers but there is always that faint worry that your young child might be stuck in some awkward position that you're potentially ignoring and passing off as 'normal.'

...Those niggly little, Mumma fears we all have...

We were sent the Oricom Secure 850 Digital Video Baby Monitor to road test here.

This product is fantastic. It's the perfect solution to the worries of naptime.

Why I am loving this device:

It's new!: Latest technology, modern, attractive and effective. No point waffling on about something that's so plain to see! (Move over old, worn-out baby monitor full of battery leaks - you've been replaced!)

The monitor has a visual display parent console: It plays high quality, full colour images on a large 4.3 inch screen which can run on either battery mode (fully rechargeable), or plug it into a permanent power supply where it is always convenient to view.

The monitor has a clip on its back so you can hang it from your belt to cart it around securely on your person. It also has an antenna which folds out if required, to boost your connection to the video camera in baby's room.

The video camera is superb. It has full pan mobility so you can scan around your child's room or bed via your parental controls on your handheld. (Zoom in or out, up and down.) You can talk to your child remotely at the push of a button and even play one of five tunes that are built-in to help settle your child down without the need for constant visits to their room.

Living in a two storey home makes this monitor a godsend! There's nothing more tiring that forever popping upstairs to see what all the commotion is about. I can easily view the goings-on from my sofa now and the toddler is so fascinated by the new device when I speak directly to her or play a tune from afar, that she settles herself down and chats right back! (Check out her face in the above image - and the six year old's too!)

A puppet show is on the go!

Sounds are illuminated via the light display above the screen and you can also turn off the screen and use it on audio monitor mode only if you prefer. It has the option of a built-in night light and automatically tells you the ambient temperature in the room too. There's even an infrared night vision feature.

Set up was quick and simple. An easy to read manual to back up any questions you may have is included but I found this monitor easy to operate without so much as a quick glance at the instructions.

Oricom's baby monitor is just perfect for over-tired parents. This is one device I think every parent of a young child will appreciate and it will be useful for years too. We're really enjoying the difference this monitor has made in our parenting lives already.

The Oricom Secure 850 Digital Video Baby Monitor is RRP $249.95 and you can buy it from a stockist near you. 
*Disclosure: The Oricom baby monitor featured was gifted for the purpose of review.
All opinions expressed are those of this blog's Author.

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  1. This looks really good - the picture looks very clear! #brilliantblogposts

    1. It's fantastic! Very clear images and I love the mobility of the camera.

  2. We've only just invested in a video monitor since Moo's diagnosis. It has given us such piece of mind. This model looks super!

    1. What a great idea. That's the perfect way to keep an eye on things and reduce the worry. x

  3. This looks pretty amazing. I had a stock standard audio monitor with my first which, as you say, simply amplifies the screams! We got a video one for No. 2, but it's not got great picture quality. This one looks really high resolution :)

    1. Nothing worse than amplified screams! Great for stress!

  4. Replies
    1. Things just keep getting better on the parenting market all the time don't they.

  5. I was always so paranoid about nap times - especially when they slept longer than normal. I think this product proves that "Seeing is believing"

  6. This is awesome Jody. Our room is far from Phoebe's but either Jacob or I hear her during the night. The visual picture is so clear! Gosh the technology is so good these days.

  7. I had, and still have it somewhere, the old style monitor. It was handy when I was outside gardening and alerted me to when they woke. I never got why you'd need one with a screen, but I have to say this is awesome.

  8. I was desperate to get a baby monitor — until our twins arrived then we just didn't bother! They're two now and we never felt the need to buy one. This looks fab though — although I'm sure I'd just end up watching them sleep ;) Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday — please could you pop our badge on the end of your post, next time you link up? x

    Caro |

  9. We love our monitor (we have a similar one) - my dad got it as a gift and I never predicted it would be so useful! :-)

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