Thursday, 16 April 2015

SkyLanders Trap Team Review (Well, Sort Of!) #SLHFeaturedThursdays

Here's a product review for a product that barely needs reviewing at all. It's more of a post about excitement, anticipation, holiday fun and just plain happy kids really.

But then, you can see that already.

These school holidays just gone, my kids were happy recipients of a huge hamper of fun thanks to Activision.

Activision's gift was hot news around our house for a week or so prior, (thanks to their tip-off email in Mum's inbox) and every delivery card which subsequently arrived in our post box was scrutinised carefully by my team of pint-sized, noisy, wriggly little road-testers.

"Could this be the one Mum!? Could it?! Could it?!"

Thankfully for myself, under all that kid-powered pressure and enthusiasm, the wait was a short one.

Their much-anticipated parcel arrived by courier at our door just a couple of days into the first week of the holidays and the kids were instantly transformed into an excited mass of scrambling arms and legs in the rush to get it inside. (I should add here that prior to the delivery, they were this same 'scrambling mass' anyway, only bored and on my sofa and I'll be honest with you, it was hellish.)

Finally, I knew I would have some decent breathing space for a good chunk of the holidays and I was so pleased about that.

Them there faces just say it all don't they?

(They were none too impressed that I slowed them down so that I could take these pictures either.)

And inside this parcel of goodness?: The very latest, brand-spanking new, SkyLanders Trap Team release for the Xbox 360, complete with the latest, special edition Easter figurines in an Easter themed hamper fit for a large family to enjoy. (What a delightful mouthful!)

Whoa! Slow down kids!

Those darling boys of mine ripped into that cellophane before I could get some half-decent images of their stash. I had to loiter in the background like some kind of unauthorised paparazzi and snap through the backs of their heads.

I barely even had a chance to glimpse the packaging at all and didn't even sight the game itself as it was all whipped away and set up instantly. (No pack shot of a game disc to show you sorry - they were playing it already.)

...Next thing I know, I pretty much had the afternoon to myself thanks to this fantastic game. YES!

The SkyLanders phenomenon is not new around these parts at all. My boys are avid collectors of the figurines and players of the games. We have loads and loads and newbies are always requested and welcome.

In their words:

Joaquin, aged 10, tells me he "likes Chop Chop because he has a sword, Terrafin because he's awesome at going underground and Stealth Elf because she can move while being a scarecrow."

Ruben, aged 8, "likes the big giant character called Snap Shot because he's got a water gun."

Taite, aged 6, "likes Golden Queen," and told me a lengthy spiel about how this character turns things into gold and does all this other stuff that I didn't really understand coming from a six year old but pretended to. (As you do.)

Any of it make sense to you? Me neither.

Us adults really don't need to understand the pull-power of these little guys. Just be excited that your kids are perfectly well behaved and entertained while playing with these super little characters who come to life on their game devices.

It's all I need to know.

P.S. The basket the goodies arrived in makes an excellent storage tub for their vast collection of SkyLanders figurines - thanks guys!

Taite admires Snap Shot.

Are your kids SkyLanders fans?

*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts were gifted the SkyLanders Trap Team Easter package featured here with many thanks!
All opinions expressed are those of this blog's Author and offspring!

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  1. Lovely to see so much happiness in these photos :) What a totally cool idea. Wish they had similar when I was a kid.

    1. They are so excited aren't they! These gaming toys are so fantastic - my kids adore them. Kids have such great toys these days don't they.

  2. I don't fully understand Skylanders but I suspect my nephew would love these!

    1. Basically, each time you pop a character on the special platform that comes with the video game, then that character magically appears in the video game. Pretty ingenious idea and definitely fun! No doubt your Nephew can tell you more. :D

  3. Well that looks like fun! My son would have loved these when he was little.
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  4. I've never heard of Skylanders, but how cute!!

  5. Yep, they looked pretty stoked at the arrival of this package! Looks like big fun. I think I would have loved these when I was younger... What a fabulous review.


  6. The twinions haven't gotten into Skylanders yet. They've just started an interest in Transformers. I'm sure it won't be long though! What a great parcel! Your boys look so so happy!


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