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Charmazing by Style Me Up! Review and An 'armazing Giveaway! #SLHFeaturedThursdays

This week I wrote a post about boredom busters for kids here on the blog and one of my top suggestions to make the list, was jewellery making. Now jewellery making is not normally something that would have sprung to mind readily as a tip to even consider, were it not for a jumbo parcel of Charmazing arriving a few weeks' back for my kids to try out.
Admittedly, our weekend just gone was a little dull and the kids were a broody bunch because of it. (Mum and Dad are busy trying to prepare the house for sale - we can't always be fun, fresh and available - sorry kiddos.)
Thank goodness for these Charmazing kits by Style Me Up! to brighten up the mood.

A little, late-Autumn, Sunday afternoon sunshine saw us throw a rug on the balcony, choof the kids outside and hand out their Charmazing bracelet-making kits in an effort to keep them occupied and off our backs.
It worked brilliantly - possibly a little too well. Before long, I too was making bracelets and ignoring my other, less-than-glitzy duties!
I gotta tell you guys - these kits are fun!

Even my fifteen year old daughter was into these - my sons too! Everyone really...
As far as jewellery kits for kids go, these are so precious looking (and a little different too - but more on that in a minute).
These kits make metallic, bright and colourful bangles with lots of gorgeous charm inclusions. We love these wired bracelets! They are comfortable to wear and finish up like proper fashion accessories and they are quite easy to thread for the tweens they are intended for.
The hard part is choosing a design to make from the beads, baubles and charms contained in the kits.
Some kits are easier to assemble than others and all have a recommended age range of 8 plus. We didn't let that stop the younger, (or older) kids though. With a little supervision and assistance, our younger children had no problem handling and creating these. This All Wrapped Up kit involves some clever weaving and beading around the wires - something my eldest is well-practised at and she enjoyed doing these.

Charmazing is not just about the fun and creativity of jewellery making though and that's something that sets these apart from regular beading kits on the market.

My kids were excited to discover that these bracelets are an interactive tool too, complete with their own App.

Kids can download the free Charmazing App onto a smartphone or tablet and follow the instructions to scan the black and white icons located on the backs of the charms themselves or on the included energy cards. (We've left the stickers on our charms at this stage which you can see in the pictures below.)

Once the charms and bracelets are scanned into the App, kids can play to become a Charm Master! There's hours and hours of potential play with these.

Each charm has powers which are explained on their corresponding energy card, featuring things such as the positive energy and the powerful energy of the Universe and Mother Earth. It's all fun and exciting and especially girly and kids can share the experience with their friends.

If it all sounds a little befuddling - don't despair. Kids work this stuff out easily on their own. ( in - this Mum will stick to the bangle making part!)

At any stage, the bracelets can be re-configured to change-up the look. Full instructions for assembly are included in each kit. The more, the prettier too. Lots of kits will give kids that nice, cluttered look and plenty to do and be proud of.

There are over 100 charms to collect in the Charmazing world and children can build their collection to activate their destiny. You can view more of the Charmazing range on their website. In addition to the bracelet making kits, there are some other pretty accessories to covet, such as a display stand to house the collection.

Charmazing by Style Me Up! is pretty and fun (and then some!) and can be purchased at Toys R Us in Australia. They've scored a thumbs up from this family!
Win one of two, Style Me Up! Charmazing prize packs
valued at $104.93!
(Total prize pool $209.86.)
Each prize pack contains:
Charmazing All Wrapped Up! $25.99
Charmazing Colour Me Up! $25.99
Charmazing Let's Get Started! Seaside $11.99
Charmazing Let's Get Started! Love $11.99
Style Me Up! Hair Chalk $15.99
Style Me Up! Tattoorific 75 piece Tattoos $4.99
Style Me Up! Nail Art Pen $7.99.
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(...and not all kits are shown but many of the bangles are!)
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  1. I love them. They look better than most jewellery at the jewellery store ;)

    1. How pretty are they?! I had to hold back from keeping them myself! :D

  2. My daughter would love this - she is so creative and crafty - Rebecca

  3. I love that I know that my daughter will absolutely love these.

  4. My niece would love the charm bracelet as her mum has a (very full and expensive!) Pandora charm bracelet. - Karlene

  5. This would keep my girls entertained for hours!

  6. Cheryl Moulton - What a Charmazing gift for my granddaughters,both love to adorn themselves with jewellery that they have made or that is given to them. when they got together the older one could help the younger

  7. Love, love, love that these bracelets look so very good! Stylish, fashionable and totally changeable! Tracey

  8. very unique look, something my daughters would absolutely love to wear.
    - Narelle Rock

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. This would be perfect for my niece. She would love it. - Linda Courtney

  11. my daughters will love this for sure! carly b

  12. Linda Hynson-gorgeous bracelets!!

  13. I would love to win for my daughter. She is very crafty and loves design and Likes a bit of bling too! Karen Thompson

  14. What fun! They'd make great presents for the pressie draw, as they'd cover a broad age range!

  15. What a great collection of charms and so many ways to change them up, they should never tire remaking them..
    Thanks for stopping by to share your posts on Oh My Heartsie Girl this week, I have enjoyed touring your blog!

    Have a great week, Karren

  16. My daughter would adore this! She'd make a bracelet for her best friend.

  17. my miss 8 and miss 10 would love these! they look good quality and a bit more grown up than normal kids jewellery craft sets. (kibby72) cheryl anne mckibbin

  18. This pack looks perfect. Great for a sleepover activity with my 7yo niece!

  19. Perfect for school holidays coming up! My 5 year old would think she had died and gone to heaven.

    Rosemarie De Bari

  20. I'm loving that we can sit and create one off masterpieces with each other. Nice to have mother daughter time

  21. I love it inspires a child imagination and creativity.. That they can make things with nana and have a great connection with her.

  22. Great products. thanks for the chance to try them.

  23. I love that it gives the chance of creativity to make something so awesome looking and not just kid quality. My two little girls would love this.

  24. Living with a generation of tech savvy kids, where it increasingly becomes harder to tear their devices away, I think its a great idea that Charmazing combines old school craft with new age technology, its the perfect, healthy balance of the two.

  25. I liked the arrows for their help in organizing your notes.


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