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Finlee and Me Toy Review and A Beautiful Toy Giveaway You Won't Want to Miss! #SLHFeaturedThursdays

There's an over-supply of non-stand-out kiddy goods on the market don't you think? It makes for a boring shop indeed, when you're looking for something for a little someone who's special, above and beyond the standard offerings.

All kiddies are special, especially in the eyes of those who love them and I think most of us strive to provide our kids with something less common and more amazing when it comes to toys and games.

There's something fabulous about purchasing a wonderful toy too - call it sentimental, but a really lovely children's item can literally send you on a wistful stroll down memory lane...

Remember when your imagination was like one great, big, endless, exciting place to dwell? Gosh I wish I still had that ability! Point being anyway, a great toy or game can return you to this sense of beauty and amazement in a way that no 'average' toy can. What a sensational experience to gift your own child.

Finlee and Me are an online children's store who are no stranger to our home. I have introduced Finlee and Me here on the blog some time ago and we're well and truly hooked on this beautiful business.

Finlee and Me is owned by the lovely Angela, who was disappointed with regular baby and children's store items when she was expecting her little business namesake - Finlee. Thank goodness Angela took it upon herself to change all that too, because her beautiful website is a haven of happiness for the young (and the parents of the young!).

Recently I was invited to again, share some of my favourite finds from the gorgeous Finlee and Me website with you here and there'll be a beautiful giveaway as well, which you can enter at the end of this post. I will be presenting more finds over the coming months too. My littlies love these toys and I am such a happy Mumma watching them enjoy these delightful playthings.

So what did we choose?

From left to right: Coloured Cups and Balls, Train Tape (rear), Idea Box (Summertime).
Let the fun begin!
I've always wanted Train Tape - seriously! I have seen this simple toy before and thought it was a wonderful idea to nurture little imaginations.
Inside the pack is a 33 metre roll of track, printed on adhesive and a little wooden choo choo. You can get so creative with this toy. Stick it anywhere - tables, walls, floors and even carpet. Design your own railway or roadway and make it as plain or elaborate as you wish - you've 33 long metres to go crazy with.

Train Tape is portable, easy to remove and exciting no-end. Recommended for ages 3 and up, (fine to install with Mum and Dad's help), you'll both be engulfed in play in no time - oh your kids too! (Make sure you share it with them.) We've intentions of taking ours all over our stairwell...
Train Tape is $21.95 on the Finlee and Me website.

The next item we chose was just bound to be a hit with the toddler. The Coloured Cups and Balls are a toy that is about as natural as they come. These are painted wooden cups and balls which is a concept that is just so basic and in being so, is already cherished by my two year old. She asks for this one a lot!

The wonderful point of this toy is to encourage fine motor skills and colour matching. The small balls are painted in watercolours so they are entirely non-toxic. (They are lightly sealed in beeswax and jojoba oil.) All are beautifully carved and crafted. A little wooden bowl holds the balls and a scoop is included to collect them and place them into their co-ordinating cups.
The balls are small and not recommended for children under the age of three or for kids who like to place things in their mouths. Adult supervision is best for younger kids, such as my two year old Daughter.
It's quite amazing to watch the skills your child has acquired as they play with this toy. I have discovered my girl is now very capable of doing finer things with her little hands - and she can colour match too. Who knew?
Coloured Cups and Balls are priced at $26.95 on the Finlee and Me website.

The Idea Box - Summertime. I love this idea.

You know those moments when your kids whine about being bored and you find yourself aghast:

"How could you possibly be BORED?! You have a room full of things!"

To which they reply: "Yes, but I can't find anything to do!" ...And so the conversation continues as they look to you for inspiring ideas?

Well, not sure about you, but in these frequently occurring instances, my mind goes completely and utterly BLANK! It's quite devastating. Parents are meant to be leaders and all but sometimes, ('k often), it just doesn't happen for me.

Ideas Box to the rescue!

These are 30, double-sided, wooden 'ideas coins' printed with easy, legitimate and exciting things for kids to do which aid completely no-brainer parents like myself, who can't think-up anything to suggest their kids play.

A box of these wonderful, play-inspiring, wooden coins is a total godsend. They're loaded with traditional kid things to do that won't cost money, require batteries or even the assistance of a parent.

Older kids can help themselves, by-passing the need to pick the brains of their parents altogether!

The Ideas Box - Summertime, retails for $22.95 on the Finlee and Me site.
Finlee and Me have very generously offered one Six Little Hearts follower, the chance to win their own set of the playthings featured here valued at $72.
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Have you ever shopped at Finlee and Me?
*Disclosure: Items featured in this post were gifted for the purpose of review.
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  1. I love toys that enable my kids to use their imagination and develop their motor skills.

  2. I look for indestructability! I am always surprised where I find it but toys really do have to be tough around here!

    1. Durability, looks nice (in case storage options are display only), lasts time (ie, not go out of interest in 6 months), builds on a skill and interest, and most of all in budget........ preferably not cheep plastic either! I do like books, often gift books with a toy that is related or on the same topic.

  3. I look for something that is durable and classic...sometimes the toys that have all the 'bells and whistles' aren't the most popular, whereas a set of wooden blocks is played with over and over again.

  4. One that keeps them entertained!

  5. I look for toys and games that are robust, and won't be broken during the first use. They must also be age appropriate.

  6. I always look for toys that are going to last, they have to be made well so I know that I am getting my moneys worth
    Narelle Rock

  7. A quality toy that can be played with over again and that lights up their eyes.

  8. I love classic toys that built the motor skills, plus ones made of quality materials to withstand Knocks and the heavy hands of toddlers. I look for toys that I may be able to safely pass down to future family generations too :-)

  9. A toy has to have educational value but also be something my child will enjoy playing with.

  10. I'm big on portability at the moment, as we are always out and about...

  11. Great toys are those that offer different activities at different ages. Play will change from simple joy to problem solving and creativity. Learning through play is always a consideration.

  12. I look for toys that are going to stand the test of time. No point in buying something that is broken within 5 minutes or doesn't capture the child's attention.

  13. I'm going to be getting some train tape to take on holidays as the place we will be letting will have tiles. I think this might be a saviour! Both Master 2 and Miss 4 love trains and cars. ;-)

  14. What gorgeous toys! I love Finlee and Me. Lovely store.

  15. I love toys with colour and that tweak the imagination:-)

  16. Such beautiful, well designed toys. I am always on the look out for toys to help with Moo's fine motor skills. I steer away from loud, plastic types of toys these days and much prefer wooden and eco friendly designs. No need to worry about batteries going flat and they are so durable. What a gorgeous range Finlee and Me have.

  17. Durability and educational value!

  18. It's durable and safe to chew because my little girl gnaws on everything!

  19. I love the toys to require some imagination to play with it which is why I think the cup and balls toy is just amazing - so many opportunities with this toy. Malinda

  20. I like toys that are durable with 2 little boys they need to last more then 5 minutes

  21. I like toys that are durable with 2 little boys they need to last more then 5 minutes

  22. I would love to give this to my nephew! He would love this. I look for good quality toys for him!

  23. Lets face it kids have wants, so I look for toys with an even mix of durability, that encourage learning and meeting their wants. Toy shopping is a task that definitely requires thought and planning.

  24. It would be a great fun birthday present for my son. Even though they look simple they are bound to provide hours of enjoyment! (kibby72)

  25. My daughter would love these!

  26. Toys that will last the test of a child,
    And ones that make them think or get them out in the wild!

    Laura Scriven

  27. These are beautiful! I have two little girls that would love these <3

  28. These toys are fantastic - good wholesome toys that aren't useless!
    I'd love to encourage sharpening of my goddaughters motor skills, especially.

    Aleisha Davidson

  29. Toys that are practical and have a hidden learning element!
    (Kerryanne Bourke)

  30. Toys that have durability. Imagination building and fun!

  31. toys that inspire and educate at the same time

    Elizabeth Davey

  32. I find out what they like, and then try and find something unusual, natural or cute!

  33. Lovely toys!! Really beautiful.

  34. The ultimate toy would be something the kids can play with using their imagination. Usually these are the toys that can keep them entertained for hours and also the ones where we could play together as a family.

    1. Christial Shea

    2. Congratulations Christial - a great toy definitely inspires the whole family to play. Your answer has won your this selection of toys.
      Thanks so much to everyone who entered. Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks. x

  35. Love the idea of the wooden coins, the kids would have so much fun! (and the adults)

  36. I look for toys that are open-ended or require problem solving skills! My son is currently obsessed with anything with wheels and would love the train tracks tape!

  37. “Worst online retail experience ever. Non responsive, no customer service, no integrity, unprofessional, self important, egotistical and fake.
    I contacted Angela to ask for product availability. No response. Even though she was posting on social media. She then contacted me via instagram and told me she will respond to my email within 48 hours. She never did. She claimed the items were in stock on a social media post a week earlier. So i purchased the item even though she had not responded.
    4 Days after i purchased the item i received an email telling me the item was not in stock. I then asked for a refund.

    Nearly a week later she responded and told me that she would refund 10 days later.
    She did not respond to any of my emails.
    When she finally refunded me nearly 2 weeks later there was no correspondance. Nothing.
    This business is a disgrace. It seems to only serve the function of pandering to her social media ego.

    Not to be trusted.

    1. Sorry to hear you had this experience Mark. I am glad to hear your purchase was refunded. Please feel free to follow this up with Finlee and Me if you require any further explanation. Finlee and Me are a very successful business and I have never personally experienced an issue such as this. Thank you for sharing.


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