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Fun Food Ideas for Kids - Have You Checked Out DAIRYLEA MUMMY HACKS?

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with DAIRYLEA cheese.

We Mums have so many roles in the world. From work-force Mummas to stay-at-home ones, we're feeding families, cleaning homes, taxi driving kids every which way and then feeding and cleaning some more in an endless and inane cycle it seems.

Always pushed for time us Mummies aren't we?

So there's nothing worse than when, after a gruelling day of juggling the lot, the kids decide to be picky little people when it comes to the foods we serve. Like we need that kind of trouble!

Come to think of it, like we ever need most of our parenting troubles!

Feeding kids nutritious snacks is always such a difficult thing to do. It's precisely in these times of endless busyness when it's just so much easier to reach for whatever snack is at hand.

When these stressful moments pop up, it's an essential part of parenthood to have a popular snack at hand which contains a source of valuable nutrients for the kids (like calcium and protein). Being snack-wise and organised is a tiny step towards a great big leap in the right direction when it comes to ensuring your kids have a healthy and balanced diet.

Recently I was introduced to the range of delicious cheese snacks for kids, DAIRYLEA, the cheese brand that is much loved in the UK, who are new to the Aussie market.

DAIRYLEA has a whole selection of exciting cheese products for kids and they're conveniently available in the dairy section of your supermarket. There are no special trips around confusing supermarket aisles or difficulties involved finding these yummies, so no more excuses for any boring food choices either!

We've been trying out DAIRYLEA cheese snack options for kids which include STRIP CHEESE, FRIDGE STICKS and CHEESY POPS. All are packaged individually and help to give your family a convenient boost at a moment's notice, full of dairy goodness!

DAIRYLEA products contain no artificial colours or flavours and provide a delicious source of calcium too. My kids love these in their lunchboxes! (Admittedly, they love most things that come in wrappers but it certainly helps if those foods within are delicious ones!) The addition of these on our weekly shop makes for a too-easy school morning these days and I am loving that!

I was so excited to be offered the opportunity to collaborate with the DAIRYLEA brand and write a fun post for their fab website MUMMY HACKS! Have you visited it before?

DAIRYLEA MUMMY HACKS is a wonderful place to visit for all things parenting and there's loads of tips there for making this parenting business less of a bother too.

So just what have I contributed to the DAIRYLEA MUMMY HACKS website? I hear you wonder.

Well, I was given the challenge of creating some delicious fun kids' snacks using DAIRYLEA products! Hint:...Check out our ghosties above - cute huh?

We're pretty proud of our creations I might add and there's some simple instructions on how we created ours so that if you are feeling inspired, you might even try them out yourself too!

Creative foods are an excellent way to make kids smile at the edible choices placed in front of them and can really encourage them to try a wider variety of foods so added nutritional benefits!

Please check out our fun food ideas over at the DAIRYLEA MUMMY HACKS website and let me know what you think!

*With thanks to DAIRYLEA for the products provided for this feature. All opinions expressed are those of this blog's Author.
DAIRYLEA, the DAIRYLEA Device and MUMMY HACK are Trademarks of Mondelez International Group used under licence.

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  1. Replies
    1. He, he! Aren't they! Too cute to eat - almost...

  2. We love to have some cheese sticks in the fridge. Such a handy snack! I love seeing what creative Mums come up with to trick their kids into eating. The pirate ship on the mummy hacks site is pretty ace!

    1. I had forgotten how easy and popular cheese sticks are. I now have the toddler demanding several each day - much better than some other options. The pirate ship is a bit of a classic! x

  3. The ghosties are so cute!! yes, a fun dish definitely makes eating more appealing with the little ones :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. I think fun foods are pretty appealing for grown-ups too. ;D

  4. Those ghosts are super cute!

  5. Cheese and I go way back. It's my favourite food. Those snacks would have lasted about 5 seconds in my fridge when my kids were younger. But now they've mostly moved out I can buy things like that for myself to take to work in my lunch box :)

  6. Those ghosties are soooo cute chick. I shall pop over and check out all the details as my boys would love these xx

  7. Isn't it amazing how a couple of little shapes...and bam! They eat it? I mean seriously, it's the same cheese as before I made it cute! ;-)

  8. Those Ghosties are fantastic! I love easy mummy hacks.

  9. Very cute ghosties! I bet your kids loved them!

  10. Those ghosts are so cute! My kids would have loved them when they were little! Kids are so funny - make the food look like something and it enhances its appeal immediately! :-)

  11. cheese sticks and the like are such a hit in our house, I can't supply the demand actually

  12. HAHAHAHA, those cheesy ghosts are beyond cute :D<3

  13. I have a cheese monster in this house (Delilah) - I will have to check these out on my next trip to the supermarket

  14. The website looks really good. My kids love cheese. I've followed Dairylea over on facebook to keep up to date :)

  15. I found it interesting how your notes only focus on website..


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