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Spiegelworld Presents Absinthe - Tour Le Monde Australian Tour 2015 Review...

If you're looking to see a show unlike anything you've ever seen before, then Spiegelworld's Absinthe, Tour Le Monde is definitely the production you have been waiting for!
Absinthe is currently playing in Melbourne on the rooftop of the Crown Casino for only a few more weeks before continuing its Australian tour. Having recently experienced its magic, it's one production we highly recommend.
Spiegelworld's Absinthe, like the famed drink from which it derives its name, is a spiralling concoction of old world cabaret, vaudeville, circus and burlesque, cleverly melded into a show fit for a modern audience. This renown Las Vegas production is hilarious, sexy, frequently bawdy and risqué, yet utterly breathtaking too.
The show plays in the magnificent Spiegeltent - an antique, 700 seat, European tent which in itself has a wonderful atmosphere all its own. 
The Spiegeltent is stunning: Richly lined in plush burgundy velvet and fringed with golden tassels, ornate bevelled mirrors and coloured glass panels. There are booths around its perimeter and a bar within which is open throughout the show. This beautiful space has a palpable magic, lifting its audience out of this world and into another era and sets an appropriate scene for the Absinthe theme.
Guests are seated on simple wooden chairs around a stage that is remarkably small at its centre. It is a thrilling space to be seated at its edges however, as the extraordinary acts performed here, happen literally over the heads of audience members.
Be warned - you may become a part of the show if seated here too!
Acts of amazing skill are exhibited by artists such as these tightrope acrobats who perform at an almost touchable distance to spectators.
The show's host Gazillionaire - he's bawdy, rude and crude but so very likeable!
The Bodyguards - incredible acts of strength and versatility are witnessed as these two performers slowly transform their forms into several impossible poses.

A stunning burlesque performance involving a huge balloon and some impressive dance skills.

Heart-stopping balancing acts above a close-knit audience.
Be advised that Spiegelworld's Absinthe, Tour Le Monde is an adult's only show that has a suitably abrasive dialogue, so if you're easily offended by language or partial nudity, then perhaps this is not the show for you. Its hosts frequently shock and sometimes sink so low with their 'perspectives,' that audience members slump in their seats with hilarity and disbelief. It's all great fun though. This show gives you a real face-ache by its end.

My advice is, go and experience it. This was an all-up, great set of acts and a truly unique event. Ten out of ten for this one - fantastic! If you're in Melbourne, we recommend you arrive early and enjoy a pre-show drink while you experience the magnificent views from the rooftop at Crown.

Spiegelworld's Absinthe Tour Le Monde is currently playing in Melbourne until Sunday the 17th of May
before continuing its tour across Australia.
For tickets and Australia-wide tour information,
visit Ticketek.

*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts were guests of Absinthe Tour Le Monde in exchange for this feature.
All opinions expressed are those of this blog's Author.
All images are protected by Copyright laws and are used here with the permission of
Spiegelworld Absinthe's Australian publicity agency.
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  1. Wow- that looks spectacular!

  2. I have to say I LOVE LOVED This show. This was such an amazing performance and so intimate on top of Crown in Melbourne. I would recommend to anyone ....well anyone that doesn't mind something a little racey!

  3. Wow what an incredible show. Look like it would be sooo much fun! Hope you had a fabulous Mothers Day hun x xx

  4. Those photos are amazing! What a memorable night out!

  5. I loved this show so much. It was hilarious. I happened to be sitting across the tent from the sex therapist I used to work for, the one who bullied me so much I had to leave work. That was interesting. But not enough to distract me from all the cool shit happening on stage. Definitely not a show I could take my mum to ...

  6. How amazing was it! I had so much fun seeing this live. It was such a barrel of laughs!!

  7. I saw this amazing performance in Crown Casino. I played Black Jack here because it's my favourite game Card casino games are best of all


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