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Barbie Memories, Moments and Play Ideas Plus a Special Barbie Giveaway to Get You Started! #SLHFeaturedThursdays

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If you're a Mum to a young girl, you'll already know that one of the greatest joys you will share from early on in this special relationship, is the pleasure of play together.

Playing 'girly stuff' with your young child is enormous fun for both of you and made especially so for yourself, through the opportunity to relive some of those exciting moments and memories from your own girlhood.

Remember the thrill of dancing? Tree climbing? Dress ups and tea parties? It all comes flooding back with so much clarity and happiness, when you experience these moments over again alongside your own daughter.

One of the most vivid memories I cherish from my own childhood, was playing with my Barbie dolls. The excitement of Barbie, her abundant accessories and her entire play universe was enormous. The enjoyment of her lasted not just hours, but years.

I remember one of my besties in my childhood years, had an enviable collection of Barbies that numbered close to a hundred. We played with those dolls constantly, along with all of her houses (she had several), campervans and horses. I still wonder today if she held on to her collection and I really hope that she did.

The delightful pink memory of it all continues to make me warm and fuzzy today.

Times have changed and the years have passed and now it's grown-up me who has over one hundred Barbies! (Not surprisingly, with two daughters and a retro doll collecting Mum, we have amassed a HUGE collection of Barbie dolls between us over the years.)

Celeste gets acquainted with Superstar Barbie from 1977.

Quite naturally, Barbie is someone that I want to share with my youngest daughter too.

One of my first toy purchases for my toddler when she was just a few months old, was a Barbie Malibu house - not your standard newborn purchase I know, but I was planning ahead for those special play dates together that I knew were on the horizon. Malibu was on sale and I simply had to snap it up!

I still have Malibu boxed in our garage, just waiting for my young daughter to reach a stage where she's old enough to fiddle with its features safely. I really can't wait to unbox it and get into it with her.

Thinking back on my own girlhood, Barbie was usually by my side throughout many of my play experiences: I built her a lavish home beneath our dining table, she would attend picnics, take tea parties with her friends and ride her horse across our home to distant, imagined lands. She would travel with me too and go on outings in our garden. Our adventures were endless and those memories have lasted.

To continue the enjoyment in your life now, here's some precious and fun ideas for play together to create some cherished memories of your own with Barbie and your daughter:

Go bike riding together: Let your daughter dress Barbie for the event and have her ride along with you.

Take a high tea together: Dress up and have a fancy tea party with some pretty China or a small tea set. Make sure Barbie wears her absolute best for the occasion.

Make a Barbie tropical island in your sandpit: Include an umbrella, some chairs and some doll friends and accessories to have a wonderful beach party.

Build a vegetable garden in a large pot and let Barbie enjoy a rest or stroll in there while you maintain it. Your daughter can learn all about plants and nature while you play together.

Build a house for Barbie from blocks, boxes or whatever you have handy. The sky is the limit! Paint and decorate your creation and don't forget to take photos of your proud work.

Make a story book and take real photographs of Barbie as the lead character to illustrate it.

Get creative and fashion some gorgeous clothing designs from fabric or paper for yourselves and your Barbie and host a fashion parade.

Host a Barbie slumber party with fun and games and some Barbie movies.
Barbie is waiting for you to have some fun together so get on board and make some happy memories.


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Do you have some wonderful memories of play with Barbie too?
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  1. I would love to win this prize pack for my daughter Amelia. As a child I fondly remember spending hours upon hours playing with my much loved Barbies- turning mum's Tupperware into swimming pools and pretending the garden beds were mini jungles- so I'd love to be able to share the imaginative play of Barbie with my own child. I know she'd be absolutely ecstatic to revive this pack for her upcoming 6th birthday- especially if it means mummy will be begging to share the Barbie fun!

  2. Times change. I had one doll as a child, and unfortunately never a barbie, but barbie featured greatly in my dreams. I would be very happy to give my grand daughters a barbie and I could play! lol

  3. I only had one Barbie growing up and that was the Pretty in Pink Barbie who I loved so much I would pray that she would come to life and be my sister!

  4. I have all of the toys that I wanted when I was little now that I am older! I can't wait for the day when I am able to share them with a little one, in the meantime I make do with bringing them to school to share with lots of little ones!

  5. love to win because my granddaughter loves to play with barbie and she would just love this sue petrie

  6. I remember wondering why Barbie had no hair on her body!

  7. My beautiful niece is turning 9 in a few weeks, she's recently had to move hours away from her hometown and misses her friends greatly. I'd love to put a smile on her face with the ultimate Barbie birthday present! Kim Johnston

  8. I spent many years playing barbie with my daughter, now I am doing the same with my granddaughters and grandsons. Barbie never gets boring.

  9. Oh, I remember my baby brother taking the scissors to my Barbie's when I was little! Miss 2 got her first Barbie for Christmas and has loved her to death, poor Barbie's hair looks like she was dragged through a bush backwards haha! I'd love to win this to share with Miss 2 and also Miss 6 months when she's a little older. (Stacey Shailer)

  10. My daughter has never owned a Barbie, but she always talks about them after playing at her friends house. I know she would love to own one of her own one day.
    Narelle Rock

  11. My favourite memory of Barbie would be the year I got the Exercise Barbie for Christmas (when I still believed in Santa!) The Barbie itself was dressed in a green leotard, with leg warmers and sweat bands. It came with an exercise bike, a gym locker, a towel and a set on tiny hand weights.
    I must've played for months and months with it. The memories are all so clear, and like it was yesterday. I loved that Barbie so much.
    My sister got the Peaches And Cream Barbie, which had the beautiful elegant gown and we would sit for hours in the lounge room and play.
    I'd love my daughter to create some of these magical moments for herself.
    Thanks for the chance.
    Michelle Vamvas

  12. Tracey Ralph: Playing games of barbies with my sisters that lasted all weekend, that's my best barbie memory.

  13. I loved Barbie as a child and it is soooo exciting that my daughter now loves her too! Barbie comes with us everywhere to the park even in the sand pit, in the bath, shopping, on her scooter - I love watching her imagination blossom playing with her Barbie. She even has the Barbie super hero costume which she wants to where everywhere!!!

  14. I remember having barbie and cutting her hair!!. I also had some clothes for her and my memories are lots of fun and taking her everywhere.

  15. I remember when I was 7 and got my first Barbie doll from my grandparents for Christmas it's the only Christmas I really remember when I was that young, it was special because it was the last Christmas we spent with my Grandfather who died the following year.

  16. I remember playing with barbie, and fighting with my sister . It drove my mum mad, until she gave in and got me a new one :D

  17. I have fond memories of Barbie when I was growing up in the 50's. Now I share the fun with little granddaughter Elly!

  18. I loved my barbie. My best memory is popping her into my bike basket and pretending to travel the world!!

  19. I had this barbie where you wiped it's eyes with a special cloth and it went to sleep and then wiped it and it woke up oh I miss that doll I've tried to find one the same on ebay

  20. i got one real one, the dog thought she was nice too :(

  21. I never had Barbie dolls, I would love to win this to give to a little girl who also doesn't have any Barbie dolls

  22. I love the new range of Barbies,
    The “I Can Be” dolls are cool.
    I’d love to win for my daughter,
    To show there’s nothing she can’t do!
    -Peta N

  23. I remember being 5yrs old at my Grand-parents farm playing with my aunties barbie from when she was a little girl.
    -Anne-Marie Wingfield

  24. My best memory of Barbie was when I got the rock'n'roll barbie set from my parents with a matching tape, then went to my nanna's house and they had a brand new tape deck for me to play it in for my birthday! Man, I remember rocking that barbie out so hard! Still such a fun and exciting memory! (Dannielle Hall)

  25. Barbie in my home was sadly subjected to some bad haircuts when I was feeling creative as a tween.

  26. putting on concerts for my family with my barbie and the rockers cassette and doll. Kristy winters

  27. When I was 8 my little sister threw my barbie at me and snapped it's neck. My dad tried to glue it back together but barbie was no fun with her head fixed at a strange angle. So, my mum bought me a new one for my birthday. Best day ever! Belle Farley

    1. Oh my! We've had such a trip reading these special memories! Thank you all so much for sharing your touching - and hilarious tales about Barbie. Belle, I think you've won yourself this prize pack - something about the zombie-like Barbie tale just had us! Well done! I will be in touch shortly. Absolutely love the comments you've all left here. xx

    2. Thank you SOOOO much. You have no idea how happy my 3 little ones will be!! I have 4 year old twins (boy/girl) and a 2 year old girl :-)

  28. I recall playing with Barbie's that I had been given by someone who was finished with them. They would have been from the 60's. My daughter now also loves Barbie and they have parties and go camping with her monster high dolls. It's funny to watch really!
    Diana Randall

  29. Playing Barbie with my younger cousin at every opportunity possible - I had a huge tub full that would always travel with me

  30. My daughter had just discovered Barbie and it takes me back to my childhood. I spent hours playing with my Pretty in Pink Barbie, I thought she was the most stylish thing I had ever seen!

  31. As a child I have fond memories of playing with Barbie for hours , when my first child arrived I was looking forward to sharing #motherdaughtertime & bonding over Barbie . She had no interest , after 3 more child I can finally share my love of Barbies with my 7 year old , she loves to spend time making Ken marry Barbie over & over . Tracy Andreatta @cranky_mum

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. I remember my first ever Barbie and she had bendy knees and breasts, all of my other dolls were rigid and fairly dull, Barbie was alive and vibrant and certainly very fashionable! Val Crisp

  35. Christmas '85, I was DESPERATE for Peaches n Cream barbie. My birthday was 11 days earlier, and I didn't get her for that, so my hopes were pinned on Santa. I wrote him letters, and talked incessantly about her to Mum, in case she had an in with him. On Christmas Day, my first present was her, so I promptly took her out of the box, ignored all my other gifts and played with her for hours. Was a totally wonderful experience. Karla Oleinikoff

  36. We could never afford barbies, so the ones I had were always hand me downs. I remember going to a friends place Boxing Day and her parents had bought me a brand new barbie, I was so happy and excited I cried. My friend had got a barbie house for Christmas as well and we played all day, best memory ever!

  37. My daughter loves Barbies!

  38. I remember when my older cousin wouldn't let me play with her limited edition spice girl barbie doll set, i was rather upset so as revenge, when she nipped to the toilet, i chewed off every one of their heads, if i couldn't play with them, then neither could she! When she came back and saw the carnage my mother recalls hearing a blood curdling scream and then rushing into the play room to find her hysterical. We laugh about it now but, if she could have legally removed me as a relative at that time i'm sure she would have. (Jemilla George)

  39. I never had a Barbie when I was growing up, I did have a Cindy doll though I would love to win for my granddaughter and together we will create Barbie memories

  40. I remember when my nanna crocheted a a whole wardrobe of Barbie clothes. I was over the moon

  41. I never had a Barbie Doll, I only had a Cindy doll. I used to be so jealous of my neighbour, who had about 20, with shoes and bags.

  42. I was a bit of a tom boy I use to pull my barbies heads off and then fins them weeks later in the garden :/

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

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