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Hippo Blue Height Chart Review #SLHFeaturedThursdays

If you've been following along here for a while now, you may remember a little way back I introduced Hippo Blue here?

Hippo Blue are suppliers of personalised kids' goods and as parents we know we all need those!

Just this morning I was rifling through the lost property at my son's school trying to hunt down his new jacket - emphasis on new too. He owned it for all of 12 hours before he lost my $50 purchase. It's been missing for 5 weeks now but I still hold a glimmer of hope it will return...Pfff -  time to forget about it methinks!

Anyway, Hippo Blue gave me another shout out just a short while ago to let me know they've a brand-spanking new range of beautiful kiddy height wall charts on offer on their site and would we kindly review one?

Well, yesh please!

Yup, you may remember I reviewed a sweet design for the little miss? It was a huge and pretty bird-house design and she's mighty keen about it still.

Hippo Blue now have a stellar new range and they're so adorable and stylish. This time I decided it was the boys' turn to experience the excitement of a height chart.

Now my three younger boys are forever comparing themselves - Who's more manly? Who has bigger muscles? Who is stronger? Who can run fastest? And yep, who is taller than who?!

Foreground aged 7, rear aged 8 - who will win at this race?
Despite the height race winners being plainly obvious to any person looking on this triangle of trouble, (owing to age differences), still, they insist that nature has not won this growth battle based on age alone.

And so, we chose the new basketball height chart to put this argument to rest.

Not the kid that throws balls at walls but he does his fair share of losing stuff!

Basketball is ever-popular around here. My 8 year old is forever throwing balls at the walls while pretending he is a basketball superstar. (Needless to say he is damaging those walls! Hmm, come to think of it, same kid that lost his jacket recently - are you seeing a pattern here too?)

Hippo Blue's height charts are big, durable and fully removable as well as being tough too and attractive. (I am hoping when my son throws his ball at the wall from now on, the decal will provide a bit of protection even!)

I love that the design is bold, colourful and so very appropriate - it fits with my little male niche very nicely. It's quite ageless too (I think I like that most), so that as the kids grow bigger, they'll still be willing to measure themselves against it without too much coaxing.

Like all Hippo Blue's products, the height chart is fully customisable. You can choose your own fonts and have the cute little basketball singlet nametags pre-printed if you wish. (I left ours blank for full versatility with lots of kids.)

Image source: Hippo Blue

The height chart is normally priced at $39.45 but for a limited time (until June 21st) you can purchase the height chart at 50% off - just $19.73. Actually, the entire wall chart range is 50% off so check out the designs if you want to make sweet memories.
...Basket that deal! (Get it?!)
Hippo Blue currently has up to 52 percent off site-wide so do pop over to stock-up on whatever personalised items you may require like labels, bags and even toys.

*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts was gifted items in exchange for this feature.
All opinions expressed are those of this blog's Author.

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