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Storksak Elizabeth Review - Baby Bags of Distinction #SLHFeaturedThursdays

No doubt if you've ever shopped for a baby bag, you will have encountered the luxury label Storksak along the way.

Storksak, (founded in 2003), produce baby bags of true distinction. They are premium quality (frequently leather) bags designed with style and sophistication at their core as well as overall practicality in mind, to keep the fashion-forward mama and baby duo content.

The Storksak Elizabeth nappy bag embodies everything the Storksak label represents and I was elated to receive this beautiful bag to review here. I have always wanted one and I am suitably in love with its designer looks and sleek function. The Elizabeth is just luscious!

The Elizabeth really is the pinnacle of style being the winner of the Best Changing Bag in the 2011 Junior Design Awards as well as nabbing the top spot as Mumsnet Best since 2012.

This beautiful nappy bag is cut from the finest full grain leather which is both thick and soft. The tan colour is timeless and no feature has been manufactured with shortcuts; she's well planned, beautiful and elegant.

I don't need to tell you that this bag is an absolute pleasure to carry in so many ways and not just because it's an iconic bag on the Mum and child scene.

Size-wise, the Elizabeth appears quite compact compared to other bags of its genre, with proportions quite similar to a standard messenger. It certainly packs your essentials with no problems however! I love that this bag has such a versatile shape too, because it makes it one of those investment pieces that will extend far beyond your child's early years - something you should definitely consider when choosing a quality nappy bag.

Externally the classic leather features are impressive and so beautifully cut. There's loads of quality leather reinforcement in the places bags typically experience stress, like where the twin handles and the longer strap points attach.

The twin rolled leather handles are designed for years of use and feature contrast stitching to add interest and strength. There's elegant brushed brass fixtures, like decorative studs and rings to add appeal and the detachable, longer leather shoulder strap is underlined with a tough canvas twill which sees it stay-put on the shoulders. (Great for when you're juggling your child and other items - which is pretty much always in this profession.)

Elizabeth is crafted from buttery soft 'lake-washed' leather

Inside, the Elizabeth really shines and oozes posh appeal with it's thick taupe, signature satin lining. It's so luxurious in here! There are no scratchy bits to damage baby's soft items or your hands - it's quite a pleasure plunging your hand into the gathered, silky pockets to rummage. I haven't found I have needed to rummage too much at all in here really, thanks to these generous pockets which aid organisation down to the smallest of items. There are a staggering ten internal pockets inside and I couldn't be happier with them. There is a place for absolutely everything and that makes the job of being an organised and prepared Mum just that much easier.

The baby bag comes with a built-in zippered purse which is fully detachable and ideal for storing important smalls or vanity items. There's also a matching padded change mat and bottle bag which come standard with the bag. Everything is finished with matching fabric and scores equal points for style and quality.

Externally, there are two pockets - one on each side of the bag (both are fully lined with the luxurious satin), which are designed for your grown-up items like your mobile phone and keys. There's a dedicated mobile phone pouch on the inside of the external pocket to make it extra quick to locate.
What more can I say? I am absolutely, totally in love with this luxurious item and so pleased that I can use this well into the future as a laptop bag or even a large handbag. Its shape and style will see that it spends many long years by my side looking just as sensational.

You can purchase the Storksak Elizabeth from Incy-N, who are the official Storksak distributors in Australia and New Zealand.
The Storksak Elizabeth retails for $425.99 and is also available in black and quilted versions.

Do you love the Storksak Elizabeth too?
*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts was gifted a Storksak Elizabeth bag in exchange for this feature.
All opinions expressed are those of this blog's Author.
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  1. I love the way nappy bags are so stylish these days. They have become such a fashion accessory.

    1. Aren't they just - it's so important to have a well-made one as they get so many years of use. Might as well look good too.

  2. Now that is one super pretty bag!!! Who on earth would think it's a nappy bag!? Just gorgeous (and that colour would go with everything!!!

    1. It's such a comfortable bag and it really dresses up your outfit too. Love it!

  3. I wish nappy bags were this beautiful and plush when my boys were babies! Absolutely beautiful leather and so sturdy looking too!

    1. There were some fab ones out there Grace - The Elizabeth has been unchanged since she appeared on the market. There's nothing to alter on this one though - such a beauty.

  4. That is one stylish bag! I am a sucker for a nice bag.

    1. Oh me too! Forever looking for something lovely to hand on my arm or pram. Extremely happy with this one...

  5. Wow - nappy bags have come a long way from when I had my bubba's! What a gorgeous bag and I'm ashamed to say I had never heard of the storksak brand!

    1. It is beautiful isn't it. I am in love with it. I think my first ever nappy bag was just a padded fabric Steelcraft one that came with my first pram as a standard. The zipper broke! It is worthwhile buying a great quality bag that will continue over the years and a leather one is always a good investment.

  6. Oh my it is lovely isn't it - you can just tell that it's good quality! I'm not said to say that I'm hopefully never going to use a baby bag again!! x

  7. Oh wow that looks like a fabulous bag. Very impressive. I still have and use the bag I bought as a nappy bag for Izzy nearly six years ago! It cost me $40, a Wicked Sista tote :)

  8. These bags are seriously delicious and what a great review! I love this one but actually all of the range of Storksak is just gorgeous Thanks for sharing!


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