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Enjoy Lighting Flameless Wax Candles Review

There's no better way to create a calming atmosphere in your home than with candlelight. The beautiful, soft and warm glow of candles flickering away in a dark corner or on a mantle is quite blissful to absorb and given the ideal circumstances, I'd be enjoying it every day...

Pre-children, I was very big on candles in my life. There were always several flickering around my home to both light it, scent it and create a relaxing space.

...And I miss that so much since having kids!

I've never trusted the safety of candles at any time, but this is especially true now that I have children.

As parents, we well know that telling a child not to touch something dangerous, doesn't always translate and with so many kids running about my home, I'd be a complete nervous wreck with unattended flames burning around the place. And so, candles have been demoted in our home, to only make rare appearances at the odd special dinner or at Christmas time to create a pretty space before being tucked safely away in drawers until the next worthy occasion. So not fair!

That of course was the case before I was introduced to flameless candles some weeks ago...

I had heard of flameless candles before now and to be honest, I had snickered at the whole idea of them. The image of battery operated flames seemed a little ridiculous to me and I wasn't convinced in the slightest that they'd be anything like the real deal... then I was sent some to try and had a total-re-think on my early opinion.

Since receiving my Enjoy Lighting Flameless Wax Candles, I have been so surprised by just how realistic they actually are and I really love that about these! I am now a candle burner again and it is totally magic to welcome the old 'flickering tranquillity' back into my home despite having children around.

The Enjoy Lighting Flameless Wax Candles, by all appearances, are actual wax candles and I really wasn't expecting that at all. (I really mean it - they are actually made of wax, complete with a waxy scent!)

Each candle is lightly scented with actual aromas too - these ones pictured are Neroli, Vanilla Bean and White Amber and smell and look exactly like the expensive candles that I have purchased over the years to add atmosphere to my home.

Each pillar candle is handmade and has a natural-looking, slightly 'melted' top giving it an effect as if it has been burning for around an hour. Peeking inside the candle, you'll find three small LED bulbs fitted at different heights, positioned right where a real candle flame would sit.

To use, you just pop 2, AA batteries into the base of each candle and switch them on for an instant wow effect. I can't believe how realistic these are! They actually flicker and glow with the exact same look of a lit candle.

I have clearly been missing out on something great until now:

We've been having so much fun with these!

It's been fab to re-introduce something so calming and pretty into our home which is also perfectly safe compared to the real-flame variety - maybe better than the alternative altogether.

Enjoy Lighting Flameless Wax Candles have a timer button built into the base of each candle so you can set and forget, (there's a choice of 4, 5 and 6 hours on these candles pictured). They're so safe and without the risk of fire or injury like real candles: No hot wax and no smoke or cleaning up. (As the candles are crafted in wax it is recommended that you sit them on a candle holder or plate to protect your furnishings.)
Toddler near my candles? - no problem!

We've been able to use these pillars in exactly the same way that we would, real candles, only they're so much better because they offer way more freedom with the safety factor. I've never been able to decorate our stairwell for instance and since we're currently in the process of selling our home, seeing this little bit of magic on our staircase is really adding a touch of appeal to an otherwise dark space.

They look wonderful on window sills, in the bathroom or bedroom and at the dinner table. They even make a fantastic and safe night light for children to rest with.

"Looks pretty Mum!"

The LED bulbs in each candle have a long life of around 10 years (with a battery life of around 450 hours) and have been programmed to randomly flicker just like a real flame. Each candle casts a glow and shadow just like the real thing. They are truly stunning to watch and give you the same sense of calm and contentment that watching a real flame does.
I am totally sold on these and I can easily see myself investing in more of them to create pockets of tranquillity around our home. Already my kids are asking for their own candles so that they can enjoy them as nightlights. (Might have to gift some at Christmas time!)
You can learn more about Enjoy Lighting Flameless Wax Candles and view their range on their website. Enjoy Candles are recognised as the most realistic brand of flameless candles in the world and apparently celebrities are big on them! To find a stockist near you, visit here. Try them if you get the chance because they're truly fantastic!
The candles pictured in this feature are the 3.1" x 6" Classic Ivory Smooth Wax Pillars and are priced at $39.95 each. (Product code 878001.)
*Disclosure: The items pictured in this feature were gifted for the purpose of review.
All opinions expressed are those of this blog's Author.
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  1. Wow they look and sound great. Our kids are older so we do burn candles again but I love the idea of these and might get a few vanilla ones to safely leave on to scent the house. I expected a higher price point so will definitely check these out as they are a bargain!

    1. They are fantastic! So good for parents who would like a bit of décor about the place too. They are a great price considering some regular candles in glass jars retail for $70 a candle!

  2. These are a great idea for the children at school for fake camp outs and things like that!

    1. Yes - these would be fab in tents when camping - great suggestion.

  3. So what happens to the wax? Does it burn? And how long does the scent last?
    I recently just bought a wax warmer thing and that's awesome. It has the beautiful smell of scented candles, and is safe as well.

    1. LED lights don't generate heat so it will not melt the wax ever through use. The scented wax in the candle itself will last as long as the candle (LED's last around 10 years). Yes, I love scented wax burners too! (I use a Scentsy burner and have reviewed them on the blog here in the past.) Anything that smells good and is pretty is fantastic!

  4. These are such a great idea when you have little kids!

    1. Totally agree there. I would see myself using these over the real thing from here on in fact.

  5. I've seen them in restaurants and I think they're a great idea. They look like any other candle but are practical and safe!

    1. They are fantastic - had no idea I would love these as much as I do.

  6. Hello SAFE option. These would be awesome on my new deck, and they wouldn't melt in the summer sun. When is the summer sun coming back?

    1. Safe yes but you wouldn't leave these in the hot sun as they are actually made of wax and therefore would melt! Great for summer nights though and absolutely anywhere else that you'd like some atmosphere. (Yes, summer would be good! :D)

  7. Ooooh I love these. Perfect for my birthday bollywood party coming up in November! :)

  8. What a great idea! And aroma too! Clever. Such a kid-friendly item to pretty up the house!

  9. What will they think of next lol I've seen battery operated ones that aren't wax. Reusable ones so these are different again.

  10. What a fab idea! I really miss candles too, these could really make our special occasions more 'special'!

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