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Ezy Dry Bed Up and Under Review - Easy Bedwetting Solutions for Kids and a Giveaway #SLHFeaturedThursdays

Let's talk's a real part of raising children and it's stubbornly ongoing until your child masters the whole bladder thing. (Which can take forever.)

I've three young bedwetting people in my family and that's not including the toddler in nappies. I have had these boys of mine wetting their beds for what seems like an eternity and it's hard not to be frustrated about it. It's both frustrating for my boys who are ever-eager to grow up and it's hard on me.

The washing from three bedwetting kids in a family of eight people is astronomical! We've only an 8kg washing machine and one overnight accident can see me struggling with endless loads for the rest of the week while I try to get on top of it.

Not a great situation at all.

Over the years I have tried many night time solutions to combat this ongoing issue of bedwetting in our family. Currently the boys wear overnight pants which are great, however the expense of more than one child wearing them can be quite high.

I have purchased many bedding additions over time that have claimed to solve the issue of the enormous wash loads associated with accidents - namely mattress protection sheets. The idea of these seemed worthy however, more often than not, they've failed by simply not being effective at a crucial time - especially where the upper layers of the bedding is concerned.

When I was contacted by Ezy Dry Bed, I was understandably interested in trying out their Up and Under Linen and Mattress Protector on my son's bed. Ruben, (aged 8) has been wanting to go to bed with the freedom and maturity of no night pants for a good year now. (Maybe longer.) Sometimes he even intentionally leaves the night pants off without our knowledge and not surprisingly, that always ends in disaster!

When I told my defiant trickster that he'd be the lucky recipient of this new product, he was so excited! Finally Mum was going to trust him to go to bed without protection and that's huge in his 8 year old mind!

I have been quite confident that this product is not going to fail us, more so than any we have tried previously and that's because it's not only a base sheet, but a top sheet system too. It completely makes sense doesn't it?! Furthermore, the Up and Under system was invented by an experienced, local Melbourne Mum of three, Houda Merhi, who was tired of the whole wet night scenario and you can read her story here.

The Up and Under Linen and Mattress Protector is simple to use. It is placed on top of existing bed linen and takes no skill to set up.

As demonstrated (by Ruben's UFC Fighter figurine!), your child sleeps between the breathable sheets of the mattress protector in order to sleep with full wetness protection. The base fabric is a soft cotton terry which contains a Miracle Membrane and the top sheet is made from TENCEL which also contains the Miracle Membrane. Both combined surfaces form a full waterproof sleep system that acts to protect your mattress and bedding from wetness and staining as well as forming a hygienic barrier. The sheets are entirely noiseless too so no horrible rustling sounds and no slippage like others we've tried.

When your child has an accident within the confines of the Up and Under system, the wetness is fully contained and prevented from spreading to the bedding - all of it. No more enormous wash loads and no more night time bedding changes. What a relief! Just whip off the Up and Under to wash, change your child's pyjamas, (pop on a second, clean Up and Under) and it's back to bed for everyone.

The top sheet of the Up and Under fastens with strong studs to ensure the sheet stays in place over your child during the night and it is adjustable to fit different mattress sizes too. You just tuck in the poly-cotton sides beneath the mattress to secure it all and you're ready to go.

The first night we used the Up and Under - you guessed son wet the bed! I did not find out about it until the morning though as he took care of it himself! He stripped his bed in the night, of the Up and Under, changed his own pyjamas and checked his bedding for any wetness (there was none) before putting himself back to sleep!
The Up and Under is 100% waterproof and capable of holding up to 1.2 litres of fluid.
It washes easily and dries quickly.
Is suitable for sensitive skin.
Is manufactured with natural fibres to ensure antibacterial and anti-allergenic effectiveness.
Comes with a 2 year guarantee.
Is lightweight for travel.
Is safe for use with electric blankets.

I can't tell you how thrilled I am about the effectiveness of this product. It really does work.

There are a range of products to deal with incontinence issues, stains and allergies so if you are experiencing any of these issues, head to the Ezy Dry Bed website. The Up and Under Single / King Single featured here retails for $90. Purchase two Up and Under products (recommended) and receive a free pillow case valued at $12.99.

Win an Ezy Dry Bed Up and Under Linen and Mattress Protector valued at $90!
 There is one prize for one follower of Six Little Hearts and the total prize pool is $90.

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  1. We have used standard mattress protectors with the cot/toddler bed and were quite happy with those but found that quality (and price!) varied. Much better to spend a bit extra for a good quality fully fitted one. On the 'big boy' bed we've used a standard mattress protector but in conjunction with a brolly sheet. That has worked quite well.

  2. Yes, we've used a mattress protector before. And when they have both been in the wash or on the line when it comes time to make the bed then I've been known to use a couple of beach towels :-(

  3. We have been using a mattress protector for his toddler bed and it's certainly done its job. Not only protecting from nappy leaks, but also from my son's midnight blood noses! He sleeps through them so we don't find out until the morning so the blood is all dry and he looks like a bashing victim! The mattress protector has saved his toddler mattress from not only pee stains but blood stains as well! We will definitely be getting one for his new single bed.

  4. I have used the mattress protectors before, but I still have to change the whole bed. These sound wonderful and would love to give them a try.

  5. We've tried a few different mattress protectors but, as they're just plastic, they make cleaning it all up a bit of a task - eg we use a towel in between the plastic and the fitted sheet so it absorbs it a little bit.
    The Ezy Dry Bed Up and Under Linen and Mattress Protector sounds amazing and something we definitely need in our household!

  6. A wonderful way of protecting the bed and the mattress.

  7. I've tried mattress protectors before but none seem to protect. This prize would be perfect - Linda Courtney

  8. We are going through this now with Dora. We have two different types of bed pads (one is brand new and she hasn't needed her bad changed since we bought it, YAY!). The one currently on her bed is sooooo hard and thick, so I have been shopping for something better. This looks like a clever product because even with the bed pad on, the other sheets on top can sometimes get wet :/

  9. I have had to resort to the "towel method" - one of my lease favourite things is getting up in the middle of the night and remaking a bed! And then of course the washing the next day - Rosemarie De Bari

  10. I have tried a mattress protector before and I wasnt happy with the results. This sounds fantastic

  11. We are using one right now and it seems to be doing a top job...the true test will be when we start toilet training the little one and there are accidents in bed!

  12. With my older two I did, they were crappy cheap ones that took ages to dry and felt very plasticy. Judith Senese

  13. This looks amazing! The night pants are so expensive after a while. We've got 4 waterproof mattress protectors but they're such a pain to get dry, especially in the winter.

  14. My 3 year old is delayed and just starting to toilet train-would love this for him!!

  15. My eldest son has a waterproof mattress protector which we got with the bed when we purchased it. I would love to win this for our 19 month old who is going into a big boy bed very soon. They are great, ezy to use and very effective.

  16. We have a waterproof sheet on our little boys bed the quality is not very good though would love to get him a better one , would save me lots of washing!

  17. We bought new bunk beds and new mattresses the other week and guess what? The first 3 days, my boy wet the bed. Every night. I think we're using this one too!

  18. I have tried one before but it didnt work at all.

  19. I do at least a load of washing each day, as my 8 year old still wets the bed too. The Up and Under would lighten my washing loads. Tracey Ralph

  20. This could be incredibly helpful with my 6 year old, who has struggled to be dry and night and is starting to get rather frustrated by it!

  21. So glad the bed wetting days are behind us, although I was fairly lucky in this regard with my three girls.

  22. Mattress protectors are a Mum's best friend - for toddlers and older teenage boys!

  23. I haven't tried one yet, but I will need one soon for my toddler. Thanks for the chance.

  24. I haven't tried one yet, but I will need one soon for my toddler. Thanks for the chance.

  25. Wow! I swear I learn something everything I visit your blog! I'm in the throws of toilet training and I didn't think about bed wetting next - ugghhh! I think every mum need anything they can get their hands on to make parenting easy and this seems like a great product to try. Thanks for sharing!

  26. I've used the normal mattress protector for my son's bed with no problems, however my currently-toilet-training 2yo daughter is proving to be a bit more difficult and this prize would be the perfect solution!

  27. I would love to win this for my friend Amanda. She has an 11 year old autistic daughter who has no bladder control. Therefore, even though wearing expensive 'pyjama nights' pants, she still wets the bed EVERY night. This product would help keep the washing down and give them a little less stress. Thanks, Ginger Arnold

  28. My 7year old still struggles with dry nights and we'd love to try this. I really want him to feel empowered as well as making life easier for me.

  29. I'm still trying to get my 5 year old to wake up dry i've tried a few times without a nappy but after 2 or 3 sheet changes a night and running out of waterproof mattress protectors I gave up :-(

    Karen Edwards

  30. plastic protectors but they often rip. dont fit properly and always come off cheryl mckibbin

  31. I have tried once before but he had managed the wiggle the protector off that corner so it was pointless.
    Laura Scriven

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. We tried one before but it failed
    the liquid dripped so deeply we exhaled
    Another to try would be devine
    fitted is our aim next time!
    no more sliding when flipping and flopping
    little mr would be over the moon and hoping!
    (Kerryanne Bourke)

  34. We use an underlay, mattress protector, plus a brolly type cover on top of the sheet. However, between the night nappies, and the sleep position, it is like Russian Roulette... trying to hit the target! Boys!!

  35. I have an older brother with a disability- there can be multiple sheet changes in one night so sympathise with your endless loads of washing!

  36. Sounds perfect to protect my little princess's mattress!

  37. My nephew is staying with me and he wets the bed, I'd love to try this protection!

  38. We've tried matress protectors, but none of them have worked, so we're forever putting the mattress in the sun to get the smell to fade.

  39. My grand son is starting to toilet train and this would be so handy to protect our beds
    Tracy Wedding

  40. I have used mattress protectors for ages and they are excellent. Also brolly sheets which are great as long as he stays on them. I didn't have much success with duvet protectors as they took longer to dry than the duvets. The beds get wet on almost a nightly basis here, funny how my least favourite chore has always been changing bed linen.

    1. Our least favourite chore is bed changing too. Congratulations Amanda on winning the Ezy Dry. We'll be in touch shortly. :D Thanks to everyone for entering. ;)

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