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Curash Multi-Purpose Healing Cream and a Curash Baby Care Giveaway #SLHFeaturedThursdays

Winter is a tough time for delicate skin. Freezing days coupled with overheated indoor environments are a pretty horrid combination as far as skin goes and if you yourself have sensitive skin or young kids who do, you're bound to see the effects of this season in patchy, dry spots and eczema outbreaks.

I am one of these people and so are my kids. There's always someone in our home with dry, itchy and inflamed skin and I have been a long-term user and fan of calendula to help combat the issue over the years. (With great success too.)

I am really happy to see that Curash have a Multi-Purpose Healing Cream enriched with calendula oil and aloe vera. Having previously purchased several tubes of creams to deal with the multitude of family ailments, one tube is a welcome addition to replace all the others. (Just as soon as we've run out that is!)

If you've never tried calendula to heal damaged skin, you're missing out on something wonderful.

Calendula is a herb and it has been used for centuries around the world to deal with all types of skin issues and wound care. Everything from abrasions, rashes and dry skin heal rapidly and impressively with the use of this formulation.

The Curash Multi-Purpose Healing Cream has all the benefits of aloe too, which is of known importance and effectiveness in skin care management.

Both of these elements combined, make this is one very natural and highly effective product and coming from Curash, it has been designed to be kind for use by everyone too - from babies to adults.

Use this brilliant Curash cream at nappy change times to heal those spotty and weepy nappy rashes babies and young kids suffer. It is also perfect for dribble rash, dry skin, abrasions, dermatitis and eczema - even minor burns. It's totally safe to use this product on the face and the solution goes on clear too.

Just this week, my youngest daughter burned her arm on our indoor wood heater when she reached out for a toy. This little red patch on her inner forearm made her cry and I was surprised the next day when the full extent of her burn was realised - it had grown overnight to the size of a 20 cent piece and appeared much nastier than it had looked when she first did it.

I have been applying this cream daily to her burn and it has made quite a big and impressive difference in helping her skin to heal. (Thank goodness, poor baby!) Calendula is an amazing healer.

Priced at $8.49 and available from Woolworths and selected pharmacies, it's definitely worthwhile purchasing a couple of these tubes for handy use around your home, handbag and nappy bag. No matter what the age of your kids, this cream is a winner for healing skin ailments and I will be buying it instead of the alternative tubes I was purchasing, prior to being introduced to this.

Curash also manufacture a Fragrance Free Sorbolene Cream which is enriched with aloe vera, sweet almond oil and vitamin E in a solution of 10% glycerine to help maintain the skin.

Sorbolene is also a wonderful addition to nappy change times and a small amount can really help to remove soiling from the skin around the nappy area which in turn, helps to cut down on the use of expensive wipes. A 400ml pump pack of Curash Fragrance Free Sorbolene Cream retails for $5.99 and you can find it at Woolworths stores nationally as well as selected pharmacies.
Curash would like followers of Six Little Hearts
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Each prize pack consists of:
One tube of Curash Multi-Purpose Healing Cream
and one bottle of Curash Fragrance Free Sorbolene.
The total prize pool of this giveaway is $145.
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  1. I have used curash to treat my four baby's and would love to try this new stuff thank you for the chance. Kristy winters

  2. Let them run free..of nappies that is!

  3. I have tried curash and loved it. My niece is having a baby and I would love her to try this!

  4. Big Curash fan and would love to try the new cream on my little girls bottom.

  5. Curash is always on hand for my little one

    krystal p

  6. I use Curash nappy cream and allow my little one to have lots of nappy-free time. Also I find soaking some rolled oats in the bath water before bathing her helps to soothe the rash if it's quite bad.

  7. I use Sorbolene at every nappy change to cleanse the skin (only use wipes for dirty nappies or whilst out and about) and find my bubs has only ever had mild nappy rash sporadically. I've used the Curash healing cream on dribble and nappy rash and dry skin and it cleared them up quickly. Love curash products! Monika Bielatowicz

  8. Wow. What a great product and a fantastic item to help parents! We often have problems with rashes and this is so affordable I can't wait to give it a go!

  9. We use curash nappy cream then cover with the curash powder always works

    Karen Edwards

  10. We have been busy going on 'adventures' and always come home with scratches and rashes from our bush walking. How great it would be to try Curash multipurpose healing cream on these 'war wounds'. Cate Russell

  11. I would like to try this product because I will be a new mommy in Feb!
    Melissa B

  12. Let them run around in thigh high socks and no nappy. I use paw paw cream with cloth nappies. Michelle Sheriff

  13. Always invest in a good barrier cream. But if any redness occurs, I found coconut oil to be excellent!

  14. I always used a barrier cream and let their skin get some air.

  15. I always used a barrier cream and let their skin get some air.

  16. Curash powder is amazing, any rash, not matter what your age!!

  17. My family adore all of the Curash products :) Even great for deterring the horrid sand-fly as a barrier cream :) Huge supporter Sarah-Jayne Loveday

  18. Curash cream doesn't let me down unlike my little one's nappies!

  19. I'm making a baby gift hamper for a friend's who is due soon. This would make a great addition

  20. Curash powder and wipes i swear by.

  21. With number one almost here,
    It's things I don't know that I fear!
    Being prepared will help,
    So with nappy rash he won't yelp.

  22. Treat it one nappy change at a time - Phillip Cunningham

  23. Curash has been a lifesaver many times!

  24. I like to always use the Curash nappy powder with Zinc Oxide in it, it's the only thing that works and keeps the nappy rash away. I love it and highly recommend it.

  25. I use regular sorbolene daily and Curash nappy rash cream whenever I notice slight redness, so far we have never had true nappy rash. We have just found out that our 4 month old has eczema so I would love to try out these products. Joni Langos

  26. Don't save money on baby wipes. Get the best ones for softness !!

  27. Curash is the only way, it's a miracle cream, fixes rashes as soon as they appear!
    Eva Kiraly eviee1

  28. I used organic nappies with Curash nappy rash cream

  29. Little Miss has toxic poos
    We didn't have a clue
    A moment on the skin
    Tears instead of grins
    Curash on her bum
    Happy Baby and Mum
    Sandy Wallace

  30. Cream for all skin types
    Unbelievable price
    Recommended by all mums
    Amazing results
    Soft on the bottom
    Handy sized tube

    Lisa Tempone

  31. I love the Curash range and would love to try the new Crush nappy creams on my ONE year old little girl :)


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