Friday, 28 August 2015

Frico Cheese, Bringing Dutch Cheese to Australian Tables...

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Cheese. Wonderful stuff isn't it. Just imagine the world without this amazing food. How un-fun would that be? I dread to think.

I've been a bit of a lucky blogger lately and I am kicking my excited heels with the sheer gourmet delight of it all. Some of life's finest quality foods and wines have been warmly welcomed into my fridge and pantry, providing myself and my family with some excellent tastes and experiences. (Did you check out my recent Taltarni wines score? Or perhaps yoghurt is your thing?)

Anyway, it seems so fitting, that deliveries of wine and cheese arrived together recently. I truthfully can't think of a combination I prefer more!

A good quality cheese is something I am always on the lookout for, whenever I visit a market or food fair. I love taste-testing the finest varieties and taking home a few new cheese flavours to enjoy whenever there's the opportunity.

Thankfully, I needn't wait for any food fairs to enjoy great tasting cheese all the way from Holland. (I would however, love a trip to Holland some day to try their cheese at a Dutch market somewhere at some stage. Crazy-exciting idea? Yes!)

Frico is a Dutch cheese company that is world-renown and completely accessible to the Australian market. There's no need to travel to Europe, (sorry!) to taste something as exotic as genuine Edam, Gouda and Maasdam varieties. Embarrassingly, until the Frico range arrived in my hands, I've got to say that I never realised that the names of these cheeses are actually Dutch towns! Did you?

Yup, you can enjoy the real thing from Holland and you can buy it easily at Woolworths stores nationally. This is incredible news for Aussie cheese lovers!

Frico cheeses are made from the fresh milk of Friesian cows and naturally ripened by experienced cheese makers. Frico cheeses have been manufactured to a traditional recipe since 1898.

...Writing that was so pleasurable, I can almost taste the goodness - I hope you can too! Enjoy the mouth-watering images of my cheese selections to help you along anyway...

For 110 years, the recipes for the Frico varieties have remained true to their original formulas and I can assure you, they're delish!

Frico Gouda Spiced Cumin Cheese: Mild, salty and nutty. Great grilled, on a sandwich or served alone.
Having the knowledge of the region and cheese making traditions of the company in the back of your mind while you indulge yourself with these delights, makes it so much more pleasurable to enjoy the tastes. These are not your average cheeses.

Front: Frico Maasdam. Centre: Frico Gouda. Top: Frico Gouda Spiced Cumin

Frico cheese comes in Maasdam, Edam and Gouda varieties as well as specialty cheeses: Gouda Spiced Cumin, Frico Chevrette and Frico Smoked Cheese.

Frico Maasdam - An instant personal favourite. Sweet and nutty, a divine semi-soft cheese.

Frico cheeses are the perfect cooking partner for any cheese-based recipes and taste equally magnificent alone as pictured here. We were quite happy to consume these varieties in their natural state with crackers, fruits and olives. (And a glass or two of wine!) Check them out next time you are at your local Woolworths. Frico cheeses are priced between RRP $5.99 to $11.95.

Are you a fan of cheese? Did you know these popular cheese titles were named after Dutch towns?
Have you got a great cheesy recipe idea you can share for the cheeses in this range?


  1. I'm going to keep an eye out for these cheeses because I absolutely LOVE a good cheese platter with a glad of wine on the weekend. Thanks so much for linking up with our Fabulous Foodie Fridays party. xx

  2. You can't go wrong with cheese....


  3. Yum. This looks delicious. I have to say I love cheese and biscuits - it is my downfall. Will keep an eye out for them!

  4. You had me at cheese. Mmmmnnnn CHEEEESE. Looks delicious.

  5. Being from a dutch family I can say that I did know they were after dutch towns and that I LOVE dutch cheese. If you check out the international isle in Coles or Woolworths, try getting the beschuit (they're like rusk toasts). I think Holland House makes them or something similar. I grew up eating edam cheese on top of one of these toasts.

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