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Love To Dream Inventa Sleeping Bag Review and Win a Love To Dream Sleeping Bag for Your Baby or Toddler

If I were to describe a toddler in just one word, that one word would be active. Do these little folk ever stop?

Absolutely not!

They wriggle, wrangle and run their way through each and every waking hour and the fun doesn't stop at bedtime either.

Before I even launch into this review, I wish to point out that the lolly pop poking out of my daughter's mouth in a few of these images is not something I would ever normally hand to my child in bed. I took these images mid-morning, (it was not nap time) and it was merely used as a bribe to get her back into her bed so that I could grab some product shots which featured her. It worked! (Please do not ever put your child to bed with sweets.)

So back to bedtime...

Very young kids can be hard to get into bed in the first place and they really fight sleep tooth and nail. It appears they continue to fight sleep, while asleep too.

As you would know, no doubt, one of the best ways to lose sleep as an adult, is to have a child that has slipped outside of their covers and become tangled, cold or just plain 'lost' in their cot. It's instant wakefulness and fretfulness.

Sleeping bags for very young children are an absolute parenting essential. I would never not have them as a mum. They keep your child warm and cosy and feeling comforted no matter where they wriggle and roll within the confines of their cot.
Recently I was asked to road test the Love To Dream Inventa Sleep Bag. Absolutely! You can never have enough of these things and it meant that I could finally wash my young daughter's existing sleep bag which was proving difficult in Melbourne's wet winter!
As soon as I unboxed the Inventa, I was impressed with the colour combination and design of this sleeping bag. It's a very pretty pale pink with grey and white patterns and it matched my daughter's bedding beautifully.

The design is great. There are no rough bits to scrape against your child's delicate skin and all the edges are beautifully finished, so excellent quality too.

This bag opens outwards (which is brilliant), making it very easy to use with a sleeping child - you can zip them in without waking your little one. It is crafted in a soft, 100% brushed cotton with a plush feel and a padded, quilted interior. (100% natural bamboo filling.) The zippers are great too - no sticking or fumbling to mention as they're quite easy-glide.

The best feature on the Love To Dream Inventa Sleeping Bag is the Inventa system. Sewn-in to the bag's design on both the front and back, are zippered mesh panels which allow you to control the airflow around your child. If you are concerned that they may be too hot or too cold, you can easily adjust their temperature by sliding a zip. This is so much better than dealing with a grumpy child who wakes because they are over-heated or cold and gives you a chance to beat them to it!

The Inventa mesh panels, as demonstrated by the toddler who insisted on showing off her baggy's features.
My little one was very eager to try out her new bag, (the 2.5 TOG Toddler model in the 12 to 36 months size) and went down happily in it from the outset. ...And we still are!

From the very first night my baby slept in this particular bag, we all had a perfect night's sleep!

Previously I was up one to three times each night, (only momentarily mind you) to adjust her other bag which had become twisted around her (or for whatever other reason). I think my toddler's been really comfortable in this brand though as the wakefulness has noticeably declined. (It might be tricky getting this sleeping bag into the wash now that I think about it - do I really want to put my daughter back into her other sleeping bag and endure a restless night's sleep?!)

The Inventa bag has some great additional features parents will appreciate:

There are sewn-in slots for use with a 5 point safety harness, so if you wish your child to travel in a pram or car seat in the comfort of their bag, it's just a simple matter of sliding the straps through these areas.

The fabric of the Inventa bag has a soft stretch which allows your child more freedom of movement.

There's also the Longa Shorta design feature: This bag can grow with your toddler via a revolutionary series of press studs which enable you to shorten or lengthen the bag as required. This means no bulky length at the base of the bag while your child is on the smaller side.

The Love To Dream 2.5 TOG Inventa Sleeping Bag is RRP $79.95 and we really like it!

For younger babies, there's the Love To Dream Winter Warm 'Swaddle Up' available in small, medium and large sizes up to 11kgs, RRP $44.95. The bag is designed to allow babies some freedom of movement while keeping their little hands covered to protect against the cold (as well as protecting them from waking themselves with their own startle reflex). It features extra warm quilting on the front of the bag only in a built in 100% bamboo blanket which provides a breathable and antibacterial sleeping surface for the littlest of people. The Winter Warm 'Swaddle Up' is a cosy 2.5 TOG.

 WIN one of two Love To Dream Sleeping Bags
for your child with thanks to Love To Dream.
Win EITHER a Winter Warm 'Swaddle Up' (valued at $44.95)
for very young babies 
or an Inventa Sleeping Bag (valued at $79.95)
for older babies.
There will be two winners chosen and each will win their choice in size of one of the sleeping bags on offer. Please indicate which sleeping bag you would like to win in your comment below.
Total prize pool of this giveaway $124.90.
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  1. Ooooh, we had one of the love to dream swaddles when my youngest was little! I loved it so much! #TeamIBOT

  2. Lavender works a treat at getting kids to sleep as well a late bath.

    Christina L

  3. I love the blue and grey won't that be an amazing way for baby to sleep the night away! Thanks for the opportunity. Lucy F

  4. I love the Winter Warm Swaddle Up. My best tip is to set a routine- feed, swaddle, music, bed. Michelle Sheriff

  5. I never used one of these, because my kids were too old by the time we moved south. They look so cute though.

  6. I absolutely love these swaddles! They helped my daughter sleep through the night when she kept escaping from her regular swaddle. I would love to win one for my new nephew.

  7. I'd love to win the toddler sized bag for my little girl. The nights can get so cold here in the Blue Mountains and good quality sleeping bags are a must! Ruth xx

    1. Congratulations Ruth! I will be in touch to organise your prize soon. :D

    2. Thankyou so much!!!!! :-)

  8. I love these sleeping bags. Totally the best ever and what a great giveaway! This will be perfect for either of my girls to keep them warm

  9. In Summer when Moo was transitioning from arms wrapped to arms free, we loved the zippers on the arms. I also love that the material is breathable which has been wonderful for her eczema. This design is particularly lovely and the pattern a lot more modern than others I've seen on the market.

  10. We LOVE the Love to Dream products, have been using them for my last two kids, and they just keep getting better and better. My kids sleep more soundly in their sleeping bags and swaddle bags, and are so much warmer in winter. It makes all the difference in getting my little day care babies through winter in the swaddles

  11. peace and quiet time to keep everything calm

  12. Lots of cuddles and some hugs,
    then some kisses and tucked in snug.
    Swaddled up, nice and cosy.
    Baby swaddle blanket makes sleeptime rosy!

  13. The Love To Dream 2.5 TOG Inventa Sleeping Bag would be perfect on these cold nights my 2 year old wakes through the night because she won't stay under the covers the 2.5 TOG sleeping bag would insure we both got a full nights sleep

    Karen Edwards

  14. They give me a sense of comfort knowing that the little one is snug and warm at all times, even when she has kicked all her blankets off.
    Karina Lee

  15. The genius cooling system that regulates temperature is an reassuring, mind settling feature that takes the guesswork out of comfort for bub. Best of all its unique to Love To Dream sleeping bags.

  16. Oh, seeing as my babies don't sleep through the night i have no pearls here! I love the Love to Dream bags because bigger ones are expandable. Having large babies (who tend to be in 18-36 months sleeping bags before 1) this is a more financially suitable option for a young growing family. I would love another Love to Dream Inventa Sleeping Bag Lydia A

  17. I would love the Inventa Sleeping bag. I love that you can adjust the temperature by unzipping the panels to allow airflow, and that you can shorten or lengthen it to fit your child. I wish I'd had one of these when my son was younger. I may have actually got some sleep. Candice Milner

  18. These are so great for baby, no more wondering if they are covered and warm enough. Lucy

  19. My bub ends up halfway up the cot on a 45 degree angle within minutes of falling asleep. An hour later and all the bedding is kicked off too. I love these bags as they make sure my wriggler is warm all night, even if the blankets are merely decorative. (Inventa Sleeping Bag, Amelia)

  20. The soft stretch for a wriggly baby (Courtney Brideson)

  21. The Winter Warmer Swaddle Up lets baby have her arms free to self-soothe, allowing her (and by extension, me!) to sleep like a Dream!
    Trish W

  22. 'Swaddle UP' - Organic- perfect for bub on the way. I've heard that baths before bedtime work a dream.

    Laura Scriven

  23. I would love the Winter Warmer Swaddle Up. I have always just let my babies find their own rhythm...they get it right eventually.

  24. Winter warm swaddle up in small size for my new nephew, these look so comfy, warm and snuggly
    Maria Stringer

  25. I adore the colour scheme and sweet design. It's perfect for encouraging night time dreaming!

    I would very much appreciate the Inventa Sleeping Bag! Thankyou!

    My favourite thing to do is to leave a child's book on tape. The gentle rhythm is very soothing and then I can switch it off later in the evening when I check on them. Works perfectly!

    Ashley Prendergast

    1. That sounds lovely! Congratulations, you're our second winner and we'll be in touch.
      Thank you everyone for entering. 'D

  26. I find a nice lullaby and a beautiful night light are perfect for a good night's sleep!

  27. Nice baby like it very much here is some -http://furioustraveler.com/

  28. I want to to thank you for this excellent read!! I definitely enjoyed every bit of it.I have you bookmarked to look at new stuff you
    Love to dream sleeping bag


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