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Mamee Chef Saving Time For Mummy Chefs!

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Mamee Chef.

Life's been a wee bit stressful and crazy lately. On top of the usual chaos on the home front with our bigger-than-average family (and maintaining this website on the side), my husband up and broke his hand. (It happened carrying firewood - in case you're curious.)

Talk about throw a spanner in the works!

Suddenly, my workload increased two-fold - which is no laughing matter when I was struggling along with my already generous share anyway.

No longer were there a second set of hands to help out with the bathing of kids, nappy changes, meal preparation, shopping and just the general management of our lives. It all fell on me. Yikes!

Anyway, thank goodness I received a huge shipment of Mamee Chef Noodles in the post to feature here around the same time that all this mayhem occurred, because these premium cup noodles have been both my day's highlight and little saviours.

Mamee Chef Noodles are meals in a cup for busy grown-ups who just can't stop longer than a few minutes to prep gourmet food to eat and they're not only a convenient and tasty meal option, but a sophisticated one too, as far as cup noodles go.

These noodles taste fantastic - like Asian street market, take-out fantastic! (But at a fraction of the cost of the former.)

Personally I have never been a big instant noodles fan, but I have always enjoyed the Asian varieties you can buy at the supermarket. I really love that these Mamee Chef's Noodles come in their own convenient cup with everything that you need inside to whip up a great tasting meal in around three tiny minutes, without need for an entire kitchen to prepare it in.

These are spicy, hot and tasty noodles that are really warming in the colder months and we may just have been consuming these around three times a day since I became a 'single mum' of sorts where the workload is concerned! (Believe me, cooking has been the last thing on my mind.)

All you need do is add hot water to make a great-tasting meal and you don't even need to grab a mug or fork - it's all included in the pack, so no dishes either!

As far as flavours go, these pickings are some of our personal favourites when we order authentic Thai and Malaysian takeout. As Mamee's range have been developed by leading Malaysian celebrity, Chef Ismail, they taste just as good too.

My top pick would be the Curry Laksa Flavour with Dry Tofu and Vegetables. It is creamy, spicy and has good chunks of tofu in a piping hot soup of delicate noodles. (Mamee Chef have perfected the 'pulled noodles' ancient noodle-making technique, making them perfectly shaped, textured and flavoured.)

Second I loved the Creamy Tom Yam Flavour with Shrimp and Vegetables. This is very spicy with lots of chilli and delicious, plump little shrimp floating throughout.

The third flavour we received were the Mamee Chef Spicy Chicken Shiitake Flavour. Unfortunately I never got to try out this flavour as the kids ate the entire box of them before I could even get a look-in. I guess that means that they were also a great-tasting product!

If you're wanting a quick meal in minutes, you can't go wrong with these - especially if you are a lover of spicy foods. I can see these convenient meals being ideal for home, work, travel, camping and picnics.

As a side note, I also discovered that the cups themselves wash up brilliantly in the dishwasher when you've finished with them and make fantastic paint / glue and craft pots for the kids. (Just remove and recycle the outer cardboard label.) A win, win!

The new Mamee Chef Premium Instant Cup Noodle Range is perfect for busy adults looking for convenient lunch and snack solutions, with restaurant quality taste and quality ingredients.
Available in three delicious flavours: Curry Laksa with Dried Tofu and Vegetables, Tom Yam with Tasty Shrimp and Vegetables, Spicy Chicken Shiitake Mushrooms and Vegetables.
Mamee Chef $2.29 RRP per cup. Available in Woolworths supermarkets nationally.
*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts received product and payment in exchange for this feature.
All opinions expressed are those of this blog's Author.
Have you tried cup noodles before?
What's your convenient go-to meal when you are time-poor?
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