Thursday, 27 August 2015

Tesoro Jewellery, Italy's Little Treasures. A Fine Jewellery Giveaway #SLHFeaturedThursdays

Are you, like me, growing a little tired of the endless Father's Day emails and catalogues that are currently bombarding our inboxes and letterboxes at the moment? I think I am allowed to sound a wee bit selfish when I say that this time of year is ever-so-slightly boring if you're a woman!

...Especially, a woman whose Birthday happens to fall right around the same time as this annual special men's day.

Don't get me wrong - guys, you absolutely deserve your special day, it's just, how's a girl meant to shop for gift ideas for herself, when all she can find in the stores are socks, jocks and aftershave?

First world problems people!

It's all about man-stuff right now and I miss pouring (or is that pawing?!) over all the glamorous and fashionable mail that comes along the rest of the year, providing sweet opportunities to browse and admire, (even buy... sssh!), exciting and beautiful things, such as jewellery for example.

So today's Featured Thursdays is a timely post for you all if you're a chic chick.

Let's escape the manliness of the season and indulge in some girly business shall we?

Tesoro is a three generation family business who have been creating wearable art since 1973. Each piece in the stunning Tesoro collection strives to stretch the boundaries of traditional jewellery design while remaining versatile, wearable and undeniably feminine.

Tesoro would like you to meet these gorgeous contemporary earrings from their Tesoro 925 Silver Collection.

I can't tell you how thrilled I was to unbox these and really, what girl alive wouldn't be?

These stunners are the Tesoro Silver Earrings 1232.925E and are individually handcrafted in Italy.

The earrings are crafted from certified 925 yellow coated silver and are hand finished and limited to just 20 pairs(!) in Australia and New Zealand, making them exclusive as well as beautiful. (And hold your breath - you will have the chance to win a pair for yourself at the end of this post!)

This stylish set of earrings capture a contemporary energy by mixing a traditional tear shape with an artisan designed, wire textured detailing. They're both modern and futuristic at the same time.

Each item of Tesoro's fine jewellery is finished by hand to provide the mirror-like shine too, which was difficult to capture in my images. Trust me, they really shine!

Tesoro's elegant and intricate earrings pictured here retail for $129.95. In addition to the gold colouring, they are also available in a black coated silver, (very posh!) and a rhodium coated silver. Obviously, they also come beautifully gift boxed ready for giving too.
There's even a pendant to match!

Tesoro don't just style glamorous earrings. Their online store is packed with stunning limited collections and you can find amazing pendants, bangles, stud earrings and even crosses.
This jewellery is very beautiful, elegant and desirable while still being affordable. It's easy to match the Tesoro pieces against any fashion and they can be dressed up for an occasion or worn everyday.
Absolutely gorgeous!
Pay a visit to the Tesoro website here. Follow Tesoro on Facebook here. Tesoro on Twitter here.
Search for a Tesoro stockist here.
Followers of Six Little Hearts:
Win a beautiful pair of exclusive, limited edition Italian Tesoro earrings identical to the pair featured in this review valued at $129.95!
All you need do to enter:
Fill out your details on the Rafflecopter form below.
*Don't forget to leave a comment and your name within your comment!
*Entrants not leaving a comment and their name with their comment will be disqualified
as we cannot match your entries!
This is a game of skill.
Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
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*Disclaimer: Six Little Hearts was gifted the featured item for the purpose of review.
All opinions expressed are those of this blog's Author.
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 What do you think of the Tesoro collection?


  1. These earrings would love gorgeous on my Sister In Law! She helps us out so much and we appreciate it so much! It would be nice to spoil her.

  2. Because our dog ate my other ones!

  3. Id love to wear these to my anniversary dinner.

  4. I'm going to see The Darkness in November I'm sure to look outstanding wearing these!

  5. With age my boobs are not the assets they used to be! I need something to draw the eye up and detract from them - and these earrings would do just the trick! (Plus I would feel super swish wearing them!)

    Alison Wilson

  6. They can be my little treasures. I love them they are absolutely stunning.

    Christina L

  7. These earrings are lovely. They remind me of earrings that my mum had when I was a kid (her's were gold). I would love to win them. Lucia S

  8. I would love these to wear on our anniversary :)

  9. Too cute!! I like that they're kind of day/night ones, so I'd wear them everywhere....

  10. Beautiful earrings Jody! I have entered and will keep everything crossed and hope for the best :-)

  11. Some of these comments are just to funny, I can't compete with that!!! I'd love to win these earings simply because they are gorgeous and I want them.

  12. So elegant, these earrings would make any outfit sparkle - sarah ellwood

  13. Wow! These are gorgeous!I reckon I'm not looking too flash these days on the clothes front with breastfeeding so it would be great to tizz it up with these! Stunning

  14. I can only wear gold earrings...silver hurts my ears after a day and infects them. These are stunning, would show these off all the time - thanks for another awesome giveaway :) My name is Juanita Torr.

  15. My birthday is September 2nd so celebrations are always shared with Father's Day! These earrings are gorgeous :-) Ruth

    1. Oh yay! We share a Birthday! Happy Birthday for you!

    2. Oh hurray!! Happy birthday to you too! It's also Keanu Reeves bday :-)

    3. Happy Birthday! It's also my mom's birthday!!

  16. These are gorgeous - I'd love to win these because my youngest is old enough now that he isn't constantly grabbing at earrings, but I don't have any worthy enough to wear - these would fit the bill! (Kelly Sammut)

  17. What stunning earrings! I don't have my ears pierced but I'd love to win them for my SIL who is heavily pregnant and has a terrible flu.

  18. These are stunning! I have a best friend who adores earrings- I'd love these for her as she's always helping me out, be it childcare or doing my makeup on a rare night out or even both! She's a legend.

  19. Because they are simply stunning

    Polly Pauline

  20. Jasmine
    I would get my ears pierced just to wear these earrings

  21. Tracey Ralph
    Theses earrings would give me some serious style!

  22. Beautiful earings that add style and glamour!!

  23. A bit of Italian beauty hanging from my ears, beautifying my day, and with 3 sons, it will add some girliness to my outfit.. Judith Whiting

  24. To add some shine to my head, like baubles to a Christmas tree!

    Karina Lee

  25. Wearing these earrings with a nice outfit would make me feel so special.

  26. Those earrings are truly stunning and sophisticated but I also reckon they have a magic power.... I would love to win them because to me they remind me of dream catchers and in wearing them I would hope that they would catch my good dreams and help inspire me to live them.

  27. They're gorgeous, I'd love to wear them at the spring racing carnival this year!

  28. What beautiful earrings. I love that they could so easily be dressed up or down.

  29. Wow, these earrings are stunning.

  30. I would love to win these earring because they are so unique!

    Wanda McHenry

  31. Ooops..........I didn't realize it was for Australia. Sorry

  32. I have been saving viciously in attempt to to get myself to Italy one day, so a little treat from there would mean so much! - Indya.

  33. Unique and yet with all the hallmarks of a timeless classic - would love to win these! They look like spun gold - something straight out of a fairytale - Bethany Allen

  34. Oh I hear you! Today is my birthday (Sept 4). I am spending the day herding cats... I mean, caring for my toddler and my ten month old. On Sunday, I will do the same thing, while my husband relaxes and calls it Father's Day. Phooey. At least they don't fall on the same day this year! :-)

    1. Congratulations Lisa, hopefully these earrings will give you some well-deserved self indulgence! I will be in touch shortly to arrange your prize. :D
      Thank you everyone for entering! There's more coming so keep checking back each week. x

    J ewellery enhances beauty and is
    E very
    W omans dream
    E specially mine
    L ove wearing
    L uxurious
    E legant jewellery that
    R esonates femininity all
    Y ear round
    Dorothy K

  36. The Pair of Italian TESORO Sterling Silver Earrings are just timeless.

  37. This gorgeous little pair I'd love for me
    Contemporary, stylish and so sexy
    Wear on date night with hubby or drinks with the girls
    With a little black dress I'd give them a whirl

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. As they're for my lovely wife Jackie to make her even more lovelier. Phillip Cunningham

  40. A perfect, timeless piece to dress up a work outfit, add some flair to a cocktail dress r wear with a maxi skirt and boho top to brunch. A perfect staple piece of jewellery

  41. Judi Adams has liked and shared both pages

  42. I love the unique and feminine design of them.

  43. Wow what beautiful jewellery!!

  44. Not only are my go-to gold ones looking worn these days, I REALLY like the innovative design of these Tesoro earrings. Clever!
    Jennifer Bush

  45. I've been searching for similar earrings for a long time. These are just perfect. Would go with just about everything in my wardrobe.

  46. is this open intl as well as the bag giveaway ?

  47. I would love to win these earrings to celebrate my last baby growing up and me being able to wear long Earrings safely again kristy winters

  48. These are just absolutely stunning, I would love to win them to have confidence, plus a little bit of glamour and sophistication in my life!
    Aleisha Davidson

  49. I am back on the dating scene after 10yrs in a relationship..time to bring out the bling and get my sparkle back in my eye.

  50. The perfect earrings for my daughter to wear to her year 11 formal - Linda Courtney

  51. The style suits every ear and every hairstyle. They're gorgeous!

  52. I would love to win these for my mother as she deserves to be spoiled too. :)

  53. Wow, perfect. Fortunately, I found your website!
    Thanks for sharing! swarovski bangle

  54. Perfect to match my engagement ring,
    At our party I must "bling"!
    Being the star of the night,
    It'll look a delight.

    Laura Scriven

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. Most people would describe my style as 'daggy'. With these earrings I would have one fashion item that is modern and futuristic.

  57. To surprise people as I always wear the same ones!

  58. I saw them on a friend recently and fell in love! I need a pair too. Patricia Payne

  59. I would love the change to sparkle and shine

  60. These earrings would help me stand out, whilst on stage when I'm singing, if my voice doesn't cut it, the earrings will!
    Eva Kiraly

  61. To remind my husband that , yes , I do love Jewellery. Lynne Lillington

  62. Like cheese to a mouse these earrings are the enticement for me to continue to work towards my goals. Amanda

  63. I love these earrings! Jacynta.

  64. They are ROMEantic! I'd wear them all EAR round as they're something to be TREASURED!

  65. I love these unique gorgeous earrings they'd be amazing to wear, I can just imagine my friends gushing about them!

  66. I'd love to win these for my Mum!
    She's so awesome she shines like the sun,
    When we go out on the town, we always have fun,
    The's the best Mum, she's the only one!!

    Julia Mason

  67. So delicate and so special. These gorgeous earrings would suit any aged woman and she could wear them ANYWHERE... Faye Hannam...

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