Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Dremel 200 Series Review, Crafting Cool Homewares and a Giveaway...

We've featured a member of the brilliant Dremel family here in the past and if you've got a crafty streak within, (or a DIY urge), it's a toolbox addition you may well want to learn more about.
Originally this review (and giveaway) was intended as a Father's Day promotion however things just didn't come together in time. As Christmas is next stop on the horizon, all is not lost! We've a great Dremel giveaway that will make someone very happy this December!
But first, a little crafty post about a very nifty tool.
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Friday, 25 September 2015

The Royal Melbourne Show 2015 - A Review...

It perhaps sounds a little clichéd to say there's something for everyone at this year's Royal Melbourne Show but is there a better way to describe this all-ages annual springtime event?
Probably yes, however the words fail me here!

There's no denying that as soon as September begins and kids everywhere cop wind of the TV adverts for this event, they're an unstoppable force. My own kids have been holding regular internet vigils on the Royal Melbourne Show website, monitoring its every daily occurrence and making extensive show bag lists, then waving them about with incessant cries of "When can we go again?!"
(...Well kids, tomorrow actually.)

This year, the Royal Show is yet another fabulous family event and we headed off to try out the fun as early as day two into the excitement.
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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Piyo Piyo Review - Accessories for Early Childhood and a Giveaway! #SLHFeaturedThursdays

Piyo Piyo is a Taiwanese-founded baby care brand and translated literally, means "Quack! Quack!"

This adorable little duck decorating this great range of accessories for young kids was developed by a parent team back in 1988 and he's since spread his little wings to reach a growing audience of parents in over 20 countries today - including Australia.

You've probably seen the distinctive Piyo Piyo logo around at some stage. We were sent a package of their attractive feeding products a little while back to try out and they've been an instant hit with our youngest family member. We've had no trouble getting our toddler to the table with this cute and functional, co-ordinated range.
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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Bringing Home a New Pet...

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Mortein.

We've recently added a new addition to our family and I haven't yet shared him with you all. He's been about a fair bit on social media, mostly on the Instagram feed where he even has his very own hashtag - #GaryLove.

Meet Gary. He's our new puddy who entered our lives at the mature age of six. Gary is a magnificent, HUGE cat with a big personality to match, in that he closely resembles a human. His presence in both mind and body was the ultimate reason he appealed to us when we chose him from the RSPCA.

He may be a regular moggy in the looks department, but he's certainly no regular cat by any other measure.

We've always had cats in our lives. Currently we have two. I really believe a home is not a home unless there's a little set of eyeballs waiting patiently for you when you return from a hard day's slog.
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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Carrot and Walnut Cake Recipe (Sneaky Ways to Serve Vegetables!)

How delicious is a good carrot cake?! Especially one with lashings of frosting. Yes!

Now that the school holidays are happening and the kids are around the house full-time, there's more time for home baking for us mamas (and dads!).

This carrot cake is one of my favourites and sadly, I haven't baked it in some time thanks to general life-busyness. (It's in the oven right now and the smell is divine!) I am promising myself and everybody that it will be baked more often from here on, as it's a hit whenever it is served. (Even if it has only managed to clock-in at once a year until now! - My Oops.)

I am forever struggling to find exciting ways to get the kids to eat healthier choices and this cake is one delicious way to do it.
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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Sweet Elephants Review - Educational Toys for Kids and a Giveaway #SLHFeaturedThursdays

It can be so difficult to find ideal playthings for children that are age appropriate and beautiful - truly standout. There's plenty of the more common stuff out there, but I really strive to find fabulous toys that my kids will love and return to, not just in early childhood, but those that they will continue to enjoy as they grow and revisit with great memories too, even in adulthood.

It's a big ask I know, but I also know that these gorgeous toys (they typically come with an almost 'heritage feel') are out there and they're worth seeking.

Can you remember a favourite toy from your own childhood? I think just about everyone can. My own was a little red plastic phone which I coveted until my first child obliterated it! I was devastated at the time, but hey, I still have those memories and photos to bring back the joy. (Plus that phone became a memory in my own daughter's childhood too, which is also special - even to me.)
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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Grobag Review and Giveaway - Sleeping Bags for Babies, Toddlers and Beyond...

Just one of the many items I believe all parents should own during the course of their parenting journey, are sleeping bags for children. If it's undisturbed sleep you're after, a sleeping bag can be golden. Nothing breaks up a well-deserved night's rest for everyone, like a child who is lost, tangled or uncovered in their beds.

If your child doesn't wake you due to the discomfort of it themselves, then the worry of whether they're comfortable or not will certainly keep you alert well into the night! It's one of those mothering things.

All of my babies were fitted into little sleeping bags from the moment they were no longer content with swaddling and they have remained a firm favourite at bedtime for many years from there onwards. Not just with myself, but the kids themselves. My kids have even in the past, insisted on being jammed into baggies that no longer fit just out of pure habit.

It's a case of whatever works isn't it!
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Friday, 11 September 2015

Finding Time for Me in Motherhood...

'Me time?'
Ask yourself honestly, do you get any as a parent - as a mum?

I think on this pleasant, carefree, little phrase every so often and I've got to admit, these days I struggle to identify what me time even is exactly.

Can you be a mum and still have me time?
It seems this mum is getting very little, if any, of that sweet pie.

On so many occasions, I have watched on in fascination as my husband managed to churn through novel after novel on weeknights and weekends, blissfully uninterrupted. The kids waft past him cautiously, intentionally leaving him alone and even go as far as to ask me something that could have been directly addressed to their dad.

..."But dad's reading!" They reverently chime with a respect not gifted to me outside of Mother's Day.
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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Batman Unlimited - A Smokin' Hot Batman Toy Giveaway! #SLHFeaturedThursdays

Batman! Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!
(...And a Storm Trooper)
and Batman...!

If you've got boys then these scenes that follow will be all-too-familiar in your own home. How much do boys love their heroes and villains and everything in between?

Silly question!

Never mind those knee-high, size 4 costumes my sons grew out of around 25 years ago - they don't seem to. Not even those broken seams or the inherent wedgies will stop my youngest two from fulfilling their exciting battle fantasies when it comes to fighting crime and enforcing truth and justice on mum and dad's bed!
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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The Good Guys Super Hero Academy, Circus Oz Teaching Circus Skills to Kids Across Australia!

Circus Oz - we love them!

What a vibrant and talented bunch of performers these guys are! We've introduced this wonderful Australian circus of world-renown here not too long ago, when we were invited to their But Wait... There's More opening in glorious Melbourne. There's no need to ice the experience any further - it was simply wonderful.

And don't kids love the circus! There's nothing quite like the thrill and excitement of that experience.

So you can well imagine, that when an invite landed in my inbox a short while back, inviting Six Little Hearts to attend the official opening of The Good Guys Super Hero Academy in Melbourne, my kids were simply ga-ga and jumping hoops over the exciting news.
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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Mylight, Personalised Name Lights and Room Decor Plus Win a Mylight Gift Voucher! #SLHFeaturedThursdays

I am so pleased to be featuring the Mylight business here. I have been positively lusting after their superb night lights since forever - when I first laid eyes upon these gorgeous room enhancers. (I even blogged a little about them some time ago for Mamadoo here.)

If I were going to do a top five of desirable things parents should buy for their kids, you can bet a Mylight would make that list. They're spot-on ideal for giving any décor a personalised lift that's difficult to replicate with any other accessory.

Many of you will need no introduction at all to these stunning night lights for children. You're bound to have discovered Mylight online at some point. If you're a stylish parent who likes to accessorise your child's space or even your family living area, then these lights are a truly unique way to achieve something extra special, while being purpose-built to provide a safe and energy-efficient way to help little people settle during those long, dark nights.
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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Spinach and Fetta Flan Recipe - Fast and Easy Weeknight Dinners

I have only recently begun to whip up this Spinach and Fetta tart and it's absolutely delicious! It takes less than ten minutes to prepare the filling, with a total of 40 minutes baking. It's so worth the effort. (What effort?!)
The finished flan is a fantastic addition to your nightly table and it also makes a great lunch option; okay, brunch too! Anytime is a good time for this flavour combination.
From my very first tasting, I was hooked. I now keep a couple of packages of Greek fetta in my fridge and some boxes of frozen spinach on hand for whenever the urge to enjoy this takes hold. That's what I love about this particular dish; you can cut corners with packaged spinach or you can make it more authentically with fresh. Either way, the results are great.
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