Thursday, 10 September 2015

Batman Unlimited - A Smokin' Hot Batman Toy Giveaway! #SLHFeaturedThursdays

Batman! Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!
(...And a Storm Trooper)
and Batman...!

If you've got boys then these scenes that follow will be all-too-familiar in your own home. How much do boys love their heroes and villains and everything in between?

Silly question!

Never mind those knee-high, size 4 costumes my sons grew out of around 25 years ago - they don't seem to. Not even those broken seams or the inherent wedgies will stop my youngest two from fulfilling their exciting battle fantasies when it comes to fighting crime and enforcing truth and justice on mum and dad's bed!

If it ain't broke, don't fix it I say! (And if it is, why point it out?)

DC Comics world of Batman Unlimited 12" Batman Action Figure $19.99
Boys can be so easy to parent can't they?! You've little choice but to sit back and let it all happen because, after all, you know they'd ignore you anyway. Parenting this group is more like taking on the role of a referee to call time out when the play goes a little pear-shaped.

Or you can pull out the big-guns and excite them even further...

The next best thing to becoming your favourite super hero, is to play with the toy version (which in turn, will make your boys become super heroes again in both mind and body).
Confused? You must have girl children.
Trust me on this, this is strictly boy-parent stuff and we know how these little guys work. Wink!

Warner Bros. and Mattel are building on their hugely popular DC Comics world of Batman Unlimited. Already super-popular in the range are these 12" Action Figure assortments as well as the 4" Basic Figure assortment. No need to wonder why...

Big Batman is a massive hit in our household as you may have already garnered from these pics!

Bridging the delicate line between costume and toy are these fantastic Batman Cowl and Batarang sets which really get the imagination firing. Dress to enhance the powers of the imagination and take down your opponent with the rubbery-safe fun of the Batman Unlimited Batarang.

No opponent in sight? Then just pose in front of the mirror and pretend you really are Batman!...

Batman Unlimited, Batman Cowl and Batarang Set $14.99
The illusion of power: Priceless!

Behold the Batarang battles!

Wind down the hyped-up play with the Batman Unlimited animated movie. (Not pictured, RRP $14.95.)
The Batman Unlimited range contains a huge selection of the Super Heroes and Super Villains of the fab DC Comics world.
Check out the DC Kids Batman Unlimited official website for more free kids' excitements including games, videos, comics and downloads. (A perfect stop these school holidays.)
Find the fantastic Batman Unlimited range at all leading toy stores nationwide and at Toys R Us.
Warner Bros. Batman Unlimited have kindly offered
five followers of Six Little Hearts the opportunity to
win a Batman Unlimited prize pack of the Batman goodies featured in this post!
Each prize pack is valued at $49.95 and contains:
One 12" DC Comics Figurine RRP $19.99
One Batman Unlimited Cowl and Batarang set RRP $14.95
One DC Comics animated movie DVD RRP $14.99.
The total prize pool of this giveaway is $249.75.
To Enter:
Please follow DC Comics on Facebook
Please fill out the Rafflecopter App below.
*Please note: You must leave a comment to enter this giveaway and your name within your comment. This is a game of skill.
Entries not leaving a name within their comment cannot be matched and will be disqualified!
Good luck!
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*Disclaimer: Six Little Hearts was gifted a selection of Batman Unlimited merchandise in exchange for this feature.
All opinions expressed are those of this blog's Author.
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  1. Master 4 is all over superheroes and villains at the moment, although quite disturbingly he often wants to be the 'bad guy villain'. This is always accompanied by bellyfuls of evil laughter ...

  2. Jasmine
    I need this, especially the Cowl… so I can leave the house without makeup on ;)

  3. Master 5 lives batman , he has a batman cap he wears at hospital, (his hero cape) before they do anything to him , he insists on putting on his cape so he is strong for tests.

  4. I love when they take something as simple as a box and turn it into something amazing!

  5. Having just had our first boy, after three girls, I would love this prize so that he has some dress-up clothes that are not dresses!

  6. My step-son always loved a good dress up, from bat-man to fairy. My eldest daughter, too. She once had a santa photo in full spiderman gear!

    1. LOL! My little girl spent the day dressed as Spiderman just yesterday! For a moment I thought I had another little boy in the house - sure brought back some nice memories anyway.

  7. My kids used to love their superheroes but have now grown out of this. Hence I'm not entering but good luck to all the parents of younger kids who are entering!

  8. These look amazing and your boys look like they are having the time of their lives. So so cute!!!!

  9. I have two older girls and a 4 year old boy, and I'm learning the hard way that nature does sometimes rule out nurture! He is just so different in terms of energy and his approach to life - and his batman obsession! Given the gender mix in our house, my favourite games are the ones that include all 3 kids and all their different toys - like a gun toting Lego Barbie playing with Spiderman while he carries a Shopkins basket. I've never forced them to play with 'boy toys' or 'girl toys' as such but they seem to be finding a fun way to balance it all out!

    1. YES! I adore watching the games they invent that 'cross the line' of gender.
      Just this morning I watched my toddler daughter act as a zombie while following her bigger brother saying "I smell brains!" Not very girly but hysterical to see!

  10. Goodness your house is full of fun! (The best way to be, of course). Dora is right into super heroes at the moment.

  11. We went to a superhero birthday party last weekend and the girls got their capes on. Esther was Supergirl and Maggie was Batgirl. What a fabulous prize for whoever wins it. The boys would absolutely LOVE this. x

  12. I would LOVE to win this for my son Zai, would be great for him to express his imagination.

  13. Yep I only have a girl and I totally don't get it lol. Although I do get a bit of an insight into it being in a mother's group where all of the 6 other kids are boys.

  14. I love watching all 3 of my kids play dress ups. My 5 year old dresses up as batman, the 4 year old (girl) is a professional soccer player and the 15 month old gets around in his sisters glittery tutus. Makes my heart melt. x

  15. We love to build forts in the lounge over the furniture with sheets and blankets! They love to hide out! (Lucia Saal)

  16. I would love to win this prize for my son who is Batman crazed. He has 2 types of batman outfits, Lego Batmans and has had a Batman cake for his birthday for 2 years in a row! He'd absolutely LOVE a batarang as he uses a stick for that at the moment and to have a mini Batman - I'm sure that'll be going to bed with him every night and I can't believe we don't have a Batman DVD yet, he'd go crazy to win this!
    Charisse Childs (

  17. Pirates inside little ships made of bedsheets with brooms and mops as masts! Scott Crumlin Ahoy MATEYS!!!!!

  18. My husband would love this prize....for his daddy/daughter playtime.
    karina l

  19. The kids love to turn the entire lounge room into a perilous mystery island where the Hero (Master Eleven) must save the Princess (Little Miss Five) and gather the treasure (the Cat!). To successfully complete his quest the Hero must traverse extensive sofa mountains, cross raging rivers of lava floorboards using the cushion steppingstones. Finally he saves the Princess from her computer chair prison and most of the time collects the treasure (this is dependent on whether or not the treasure has hung around once the game has started). Each time they play there seems to be new and improved dangers to navigate. So much more exciting to watch than any Hollywood blockbuster. (Melita McKeown)

  20. The twinions are HUGE on super heroes at the moment! They love the Hulk and Iron Man. I know it won't be long until they're all about Batman!

  21. My kids love to dress up and go to the library as their favourite super heroes and look for their favourite super hero books!

  22. My son loves to dress up as a super hero all the time! He says he is going to save the world and deep down I really hope he does! :) (fiona costantino)

  23. My little ones, especially Mr 3 are LOVING super heroes! In fact, I couldn't get Mr 3 out of one costume for two days (though, thankfully he did remove it for bath time, but was quick to put it back on again - ewww!). - Lauren

  24. Both my boys (3 &1) LOVE superhero at the moment. This week it's Batman and Robin, last week they were Superman and Batman. I actually really love the super hero play - I find it's great for convincing them to do other things they don't like, by calling them a super name. For example, "Super getting in the car boy!" or "Super nappy boy!" etc. :-P


  25. carly b- they love building forts and playing with lego

  26. My daughter loves Batman and superheroes in general, she would love having a batman figurine!
    Wendy Sutcliffe

  27. He’s a superhero through and through
    Saving the world is what he wants to do

  28. I want to win this prize pack for my 3 year old who loves everything about superheroes. His elder brother has his own collection of superheroes but is not good at sharing with his little brother which results in lots of fighting. Winning this prize would mean a happy little superhero who will make others smile .

    Name - Sapna sharma

  29. I love seeing my youngest mastering the art of riding his bike...without training wheels, like a big boy. Such an awesome step in life

  30. I love watching my youngest son mastering the art of riding his bicycle...without training wheels. Such a wonderful step in life

  31. I have little girls who love to play with all the same things as boys and more. They love riding their bikes, and playing Thomas, playing with Lego, climbing, jumping, and playing with cars. One of my favourite things to watch is when my little girl is being a super hero.
    Marianne McDiarmid

  32. A Batman prize would be the best for my 4 year old. It'd make a great 'big brother present' from our newborn, who he's not sure about welcoming into our family. I can already read the card now, 'Dear Charlie, Thankyou for being the best big brother ever! You can use your super powers to look after me-bringing the nappies to Mummy super speedily, making me laugh when I cry... Love your little sister/brother.'

  33. I’d love to win this prize for my boy,
    He just adores superhero toys.
    He loves to dress up and role play,
    This Batman pack would make his day.

  34. I always play the cool Aunt,
    And do things Mum can't,
    Last week we went to trampoline arena for a bounce,
    With this pack he will laugh and pounce!

    Laura Scriven

  35. My friend's little boy is super hero crazy- so much that he now refuses to answer to any name other than "Batman"! He would love this.

    Laura Carey

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. Our son loves to be superheroes and run around the house with Daddy

    Ebony Carr

  38. My little super hero would be ecstatic to receive this :)

  39. My little man is just starting to get his personality and he is loving the superheroes, especially Batman!

  40. I would love to win this for Mr5 so he can roleplay with a reason, at the moment he doesnt understand roleplaying due to delays
    Kerryanne Bourke

  41. My little one would go crazy over these batman goodies!

  42. Hard to take it away from your little one who looks so cute--I know a 3 yr old who lives and breathes superheroes though.

  43. Everything is about fishing adventures for our Master Will ever since our Big Jack caught a fish in our dam

  44. Always be yourself. Unless you can be Batman, then ALWAYS be Batman.

  45. They make up the most amazing games out of almost nothing. And they even include their younger sister! Amazing.
    Alicia Bardsley

  46. I love to see my boys play in their mud kitchen in the yard, I can't help but join them and my impersonation of the muppets Chef always gets giggles!
    E. Puszkar

  47. would love to win for my grand son

  48. I love watching my boys play ball one is 4 and the other sis they never use the same rules so it's always comical

  49. Karen Viller -

    I’d love to win for my three boys,
    They all love their superhero toys.
    They love to dress up and role play,
    Winning this Batman pack would make their day!

  50. my boys love to play with cars, trucks, action figures and nerf guns.

  51. 'Ready or not, here I come!'. Hide and seek is the current hot favourite. Over the school holidays we've paired up with the neighbours and it's played over two homes. Doubly hard and double the fun!

  52. My nephew loves Batman.
    A supehero saves the day
    loves to help when he can
    everyday , he will play!!

  53. My son turns 6 next month he is Superhero mad this would be the perfect surprise to receive in the mail as an early present
    Karen Edwards

  54. would love my littlies to have this or pack away for christmas


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