Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Bringing Home a New Pet...

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Mortein.

We've recently added a new addition to our family and I haven't yet shared him with you all. He's been about a fair bit on social media, mostly on the Instagram feed where he even has his very own hashtag - #GaryLove.

Meet Gary. He's our new puddy who entered our lives at the mature age of six. Gary is a magnificent, HUGE cat with a big personality to match, in that he closely resembles a human. His presence in both mind and body was the ultimate reason he appealed to us when we chose him from the RSPCA.

He may be a regular moggy in the looks department, but he's certainly no regular cat by any other measure.

We've always had cats in our lives. Currently we have two. I really believe a home is not a home unless there's a little set of eyeballs waiting patiently for you when you return from a hard day's slog.

Pets are always there for you aren't they? No matter what kind of day you're having, your warm, fuzzy little friend will always be happy to see you and that's wonderful stuff. Then there's the great life lessons animal ownership can teach children about responsibility, affection and appreciation.

Anyway, Gary walked into our lives completely unplanned. We were returning home from a long drive one weekend (around three months ago) and we were all bone-tired. My husband was literally falling asleep at the wheel and I half-heartedly suggested we take a pit-stop at the RSPCA which happened to be right in front of us at the time.

The kids were naturally all for the idea. Many of our cats over the years have been adopted from the RSPCA's animal shelter in Melbourne, so the joy of looking at the animals was familiar to them.

Oddly, my husband was so worn out that he agreed! Something he has carefully avoided for ages, are impromptu trips to animal shelters. With a family of cat lovers, he always knew it would end in another adoption.

The rest of us couldn't believe our luck! No sooner had the kids climbed from the car than the suggestions of taking home a cat spilled-forth from them. Secretly I was excited too and right then decided that seven of us could work unrelentingly on him in order to nab ourselves another fur-buddy! (Insert evil laughter...)

And so, our planned short visit turned into an afternoon of several hours spent petting all kinds of cats available in the adoption rooms. The kids moaned and pleaded (sometimes tearfully), about taking home a cat the entire time and naturally, everybody mentally honed-in on a different cat to love despite dad remaining adamant that no cat would be going home with us that day, throwing every negative he could, our way:

We already had one.
What about the fleas?
Who will look after it?
Who will drive it to the vet when it gets sick? (And so on.)

And then, he met Gary...

Gary was housed in one of the last cat dorms we entered and he had strategically placed himself up high near a window which was in full view of the public stairway. In this position, this great, big boy was receiving plenty of attention through the window from the passers-by. Let's just say, he was attracting loads of love from admirers!

When we met Gary, he gave each of us one of those rare, inquisitive gazes that showed so much intelligence. (Unlike most of the other cats, who peered at us in terror and cowered like they were cornered under bright headlights!)

Gary's imposing size and playfulness made him a stand-out winning combination and right then and there, my husband decided that we weren't leaving without him!

Talk about a surprise twist!

Gary had worked his 'ginger magic' and continues to be the centre of attention in our home. From the moment he arrived, this confident kitty was settled and content and just such an ideal choice for this large, boisterous family. He has previously had two owners and has never been homeless so thankfully he doesn't have the anxiety we've been used to in our previous adoptees.

Like Goldilocks, he tries out everyone's beds in a day-long rotation. He finds laps wherever he can (though he's too big to perch well on any of them!) He's playful like a panther (you've got to be really careful around those massive paws) and he's a fantastic cockroach killer! (Since my fear of cockroaches is legendary, I am so very impressed by this last fact!)

Gary being himself...

Gary is the first indoor cat we've owned since our first child was born and he's broken a pretty major rule of mine - that pets live outdoors, due to mess, fleas and toileting issues. (So far it's taken nothing more than a bit of family effort and Mortein to stay on top of things.) Yup, he's pretty special indeed. Thank goodness his previous owners have broken him in for us and we've been given the opportunity to experience the joy of his company around the clock in our home. He's beautiful!

Have you ever adopted a pet?
Do you prefer to keep pets indoors or out?
Have you ever owned a one-in-a-million, human-like cat?


  1. The dog I have now is an I sorry dog and I love it. He was my 40th present and I he has completed the family perfectly...

  2. He looks like a gorgeous cat! I bet he gets lots of love at your house x
    Ha, I have just purchased a whole lotta Mortein, now the weather has warmed up, all the creepy crawlies are back, including the fleas. As soon as we can leave the house for a few hours I have some bombs lined up and the dog has been sorted today too!

  3. Aww Gary you are a sweetie!!
    I will always have pets. Life would be boring without them!!
    I find the expensive flea stuff from the vets works the best. The dogs get tablets and the cat gets the drops on the back of the neck.

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