Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Dremel 200 Series Review, Crafting Cool Homewares and a Giveaway...

We've featured a member of the brilliant Dremel family here in the past and if you've got a crafty streak within, (or a DIY urge), it's a toolbox addition you may well want to learn more about.
Originally this review (and giveaway) was intended as a Father's Day promotion however things just didn't come together in time. As Christmas is next stop on the horizon, all is not lost! We've a great Dremel giveaway that will make someone very happy this December!
But first, a little crafty post about a very nifty tool.

What is a Dremel 200 Series Two Speed Rotary Tool? Well, it's a rotary tool that is compact, high quality and useful in so many ways for crafters and niggly little repair jobs around the home. With one of these babies, you can carve, engrave, cut, grind, sharpen, clean, polish, sand and other miscellaneous uses - basically you name them - you can probably do them with this.
I'll be honest with you, I lifted those above uses straight off the box because, well, I know zip about tools in general. (Apart from kitchen appliances, where I am really in my happy comfort zone.) And so, the Dremel 200 Series was gifted straight to the man as soon as it arrived with instructions for him to craft something fabulous to demonstrate the fun to be had with this whizz of a device.
All good! His reaction went along the lines of "Unreal!" Being the crafty man he is, he was on a mission to make something fun as soon as the Dremel was out of the box.
Last time we reviewed Dremel, he whipped up a fantastic racing car to impress the kids. The pressure was on him again, to come up with something entirely new and exciting.
The Dremel 200 Series Two-Speed Rotary Tool comes with the tool, a cutting guide, a 21 piece accessory case plus booklets
I knew he wouldn't fail me.
After foraging in the scrubland at our street's end for around an hour or so, (with the aid of some of the kids of course - because no fabulous babysitting opportunity should ever be ignored), he returned with this chunk of knotted wood he'd carved from a tree. (There were two of them in fact, one of which was literally crawling with termites!)
Again, I'll be honest... I think the toddler's face says it all...
Err...What the?

Nah, really, What the?...
"It's a bowl! Don't you see?!" Dad exclaimed with an excitement level bordering on insanity.


And from here, I left him to it (backed away actually), while I snuck off to catch up on the latest episode of Humans on iView. (Just love a blogging opportunity that someone else has to take care of for me once in a while!)

I popped back every so often to check on the progress and of course, grab a shot or two of the bowl in the making. There was dust, drilling noises and one very entertained man ploughing away at his creation. Go him!

And then, sometime later, the big unveil...

My man had somehow managed to make his odd little lumps of tree into some superb wood-ware for our home. They were so good in fact, that even the sun shone upon them to show off their polished, smooth, awesomeness!

I am so loving my new nut bowl which replaces the others that I carelessly tossed out recently. I think this one is so much nicer too. (P.S: Hubby is no longer considered a 'nut' either!)
Next stop - a store on Etsy?

You can buy the Dremel 200 Series Two-Speed Rotary Tool (230-240V - 50Hz)
at Bunnings, Masters and Total Tools for RRP $49.99.
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  1. This would definitely be to craft- my husband is an artist and designer and has wanted one of these for ages!

    1. Well hey Amy, my hubby studied art too! He loves this tool - yours would definitely love this too! :D

  2. I would use it to create and polish resin jewelry . Lynne lillington

  3. I'd build a playground for my pet rats! Slides, ladders, hidey holes all kinds of fun and games.

  4. Oh so many uses but I think my best use will be the dogs nail trimming! I've used one in the past and had forgotten about how well it works! (lucia saal)

  5. Not sure yet, but I wish I could use it to smooth out the lines on my face! LOL

  6. We are renovationg the house, a dremel would really help with those little projects.

  7. What a awesome bowl! To be honest I want to give one of these bowls a go. That is amazing.

  8. I've always liked the idea of whittling wood. Make all sorts of little decorations for family and friends. This would be EXCELLENT to get me going! Scott Crumlin : )

  9. What a nifty tool! We have something similar so I'm not entering, but I LOVE that bowl. Very well done! #teamIBOT

  10. I had no idea you could make an awesome bowl like that. Dang. I'm well impressed. We have had to borrow a Dremel for cutting the scotia around the base board of our house.
    Here's my poem about what I would do if I had a Dremel.

    My new deck needs some romance
    some tiny twinkly lights
    as I sit with my beer in the darkness of night.

    I've collected old cans that don't look like much
    but take a new Dremel and a very light touch
    and I'll soon have some lanterns to light up at dusk

    A small can of mint green paint will do the trick
    I'll cover each can with just a lick

    Add some wire to hang them up neat
    I'll create atmosphere, it will look sweet.
    - Jessica Leslie

    1. This is so sweet! Truly! I wish I had extras to giveaway. What a great idea for this tool.

  11. I would use this for so many things! As boring as it is I would use it in re grouting the tiles.
    The I would use it to etch my sons name into things (so they do not get stolen). Then i would use it creating decorative patterns on wood turned toys (spinning tops, stacking cups). This will be particularly useful to make faces on wooden toys instead of using paint. Lydia A

  12. for restoring old furniture and then selling it to make a bit of a profit

  13. We have lots of things that need fixing around the home, I'd really like to get to stuck in to renovating and this tool would become my BFF
    Sarah Armstrong

  14. Art and craft. We have a few current projects on the go but it's nice to have a break and do something fun with the little ones.

  15. Plain and simple, would love to win this for Dad. Want to see him get back in the shed and being creative!

  16. Oooh, it sounds fabulous! I've only just started to get crafty - at 35 I figure it's never too late. Except that I don't have the tools to do it! This sounds like it would cover almost everything.

  17. What a great little tool.
    I love that bowl too - yet another thing to add to my crafting to-do list! :p

  18. FISHY HOUSES!!! made of driftwood finds,
    The river this year has been very kind,
    Orange likes to swim up high,
    his house need to reach the sky,
    Flippers is fast but hides away,
    he'll need tunnels where he can swim and stay,
    Master 8 and 5 will do the design,
    their artistic flair will surely shine,
    Miss 3's our collector girl,
    she'll place the art in the fishy world.

    1. This is adorable and I wish I had more than one to giveaway!

  19. My other half has currently got it in his head that he's building us a tv cabinet that is going to stretch the length of a relatively long wall. So the Dremel would go towards that project. Might stop my OH from buying tools for a short period of time too!

  20. That's beautiful ! I would love to prepare the room for my future child. Elodie

  21. How awesome would this little beauty be to use as a fingernail file - Id have my manicure done and dusted in the blink of an eye.
    Failing that Id give it to my Dad of course - Im sure he would carve me some priceless memories to treasure.
    Amanda G

  22. Clean out my husband's ear wax. It gets so bad sometimes that I think a Dremel would be the only thing that would clear it out

  23. It would be perfect to emulate your adorable nut bowl.

  24. Love to use polish up some pieces of wood Ive got at home and make these Scoot-Alongs for the kids http://www.crumbbums.com/?p=1934 (Michelle Hunt)

  25. This would be so handy for all the little crafty things the whole family likes to do.

  26. I would love to create hand made Christmas gifts made of timber for everyone in our family and friends

  27. I would love to engrave little images and names into homemade xmas decorations as gifts

  28. Oh wow my hubby would love this. He and mini me (our son!) would be out in the shed whittling away for hours! - Lydia Hawke

  29. We make alot of our home Halloween decos- this would be epic
    Caroline Shanks

  30. id love to win for my hubby as he has always wanted one so he can create some lovely wooden bowls

  31. i have a wonky coffee table that needs some TLC desperately.

  32. I would gift this to my mate if I won, he likes making things. he would be happy to receive this.

    Caroline White

  33. I have some stained grout that this tool would be perfect to help me remove the old and replace it with some fresh WHITE grout.

  34. This would be a gift to my husband LOL. He's recently retired and it would keep him happy pottering in his shed.

  35. What an awesome little tool! Kid friendly too :)

  36. First that bowl looks amazing. I love it when people can see something for it's possibilities. We are an art & crafty family. My husband makes knives, I love painting and creating as do my kids. My oldest daughter goes out and find bark and turns them into doll furniture and other things. She rubs it on the cement and shapes them how she wants them. The come out really cute. She made my husband a magnet out of bark for fathers day. Dremel would move her into the 21st century and out of cave man cement technique :) http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e247/wundergurl/IMG_20151025_125804_zpsoh3bipke.jpg

    K Snowden

    1. My husband makes knives too - must be a guy thing! I love that you're an art and craft family and by the sound of it, you all would make really good use of this tool so the Dremel is yours - congratulations!
      I really appreciate all these responses - they're fabulous and it's great to know that so many people have some terrific-sounding projects in mind. Thank you all so much for entering!

  37. I'd use a Dremel for fixing and creating. I can imagine my daughter and I creating some masterpieces with that little beauty

  38. Our 3 year old son loves sorting bowls. He'd be a great helper making his own

  39. I love your bowl idea! How awesome, but maybe if I could find the right stuff I could make some cute platters too

  40. I'd like to create a little bowl like that - would make a great family heirloom one day.

  41. I could use this for so many things. I often get ideas but dismiss them as I know I don't have the tools to do it. It's so much fun trying to come up with something new, and before options were limited, but with this the possibilities would be endless. I know my son will come up with some great things we can do together.

  42. What a great little tool... compact enough to pop into your handbag and have ready if you need a pedicure, it's shocking when you leave home and realise you have talons.... Can it be plugged into a cigarette lighter?

  43. a crafty nut i would be
    as crafty as your hubby
    I would steal his idea
    a create christmas gifts for friends and family

    Elizabeth Davey

  44. definitely crafting although i think my husband would steel it for fixing.

  45. we have so much driftwood around the ouse, I think I would go crazy with my creativity ;-)

  46. This would be perfect for Christmas DIYs! :)

  47. I would love to make one of the bowls as shown. Growing up, our neighbours had bowls like this and I always loved them. They'd be gorgeous around the house

    Alison Hillier

  48. My husband want it for restoring old Tonka toys and I'd love it for DIY sanding!

  49. I'm feeling creative - and there's this nice piece of wood that's been sitting downstairs for 20+ years... (my husband's making a coffee table out of it!)

  50. I have always wanted one of these. I really want to try my hand at some glass etching. I love getting to try new little art and craft projects, and making presents for people with all these little types of tools.

  51. I'd love to try to make some unique wooden doll furniture for my daughters doll house

  52. There it was in the side of the road, a twisted, gnarly discarded, dug up tree stump complete with roots! Stop the car!! I yelled out to hubby and much to his embarrassment I loaded into the car, dirt and all! It looks like a grotesque spider on hind legs about to strike and with the Dremel tool and my warped imagination - I could make it even more spider like...absolutely perfect for Halloween and on the other 364 days of the year, something spectacular to hang my collection of air plants off! :) Belinda Bee


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