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Piyo Piyo Review - Accessories for Early Childhood and a Giveaway! #SLHFeaturedThursdays

Piyo Piyo is a Taiwanese-founded baby care brand and translated literally, means "Quack! Quack!"

This adorable little duck decorating this great range of accessories for young kids was developed by a parent team back in 1988 and he's since spread his little wings to reach a growing audience of parents in over 20 countries today - including Australia.

You've probably seen the distinctive Piyo Piyo logo around at some stage. We were sent a package of their attractive feeding products a little while back to try out and they've been an instant hit with our youngest family member. We've had no trouble getting our toddler to the table with this cute and functional, co-ordinated range.

Piyo Piyo has been an unexpected hit with us grown-ups too. Its distinctive look coupled with its well designed features make it an absolute pleasure to use everyday. It's easy to locate in the cupboard (nice and bright) and simple to clean and use thanks to the thoughtful considerations built-in to every piece.

Plus, Piyo Piyo is just plain cute!

All of Piyo Piyo's products are designed with the safety of children at their core and the environment in mind. The entire range is BPA and Phthalate free.

First up, we're loving the Piyo Piyo 3 Section Slip-Proof Plate. RRP $13.99.

This little dish holds liquids and contents safely and has the added protection provided in a removable rubber, slip-proof ring which suctions the bowl to any table or highchair. This means no more sloppy meals or upturned plates tossed by little explorers or tantrum-throwing kiddos! It's a compact size and takes the guesswork out of finding the right portion sizes for your young child. With this plate, meals are easy to serve in just the right amount.

The plate is safe to heat in a microwave, (minus the suction ring) and safe to sterilise by boiling. Fussy toddlers will be thrilled with the separate compartments to keep their foods apart. (Because God forbid different foods might actually touch one another!)

Our toddler is in love with the Piyo Piyo Bendies Bendable Spoon and Fork Set. RRP $10.99. 

This easy-grip cutlery with the cute ducky features definitely keeps our girl nibbling at the table for longer! These are suitable for left or right-handed kids and can be gently bent up to 45 degrees into any tailored shape to aid your child to eat without spills. There's noticeably less mess at the table with these. They're broad-handled and soft textured and our girl gives these the thumbs up. (Currently her most preferred cutlery at the table!)

One of my personal favourites in the range, is this ingenious Piyo Piyo Slip Resistant Keep-N-Trap. RRP $10.99.

How frustrating is it when you hand your child a bowl of small nibbles like sultanas and they upend it everywhere, either on purpose or by accident?! Grrr! Especially undesirable when you're out and about without a backup supply of nibbles...

This thing is brilliant! The small bowl has two easy-grip handles for the little people and comes with two lids - one to seal the entire cup and the other with a slotted centre. Once you've handed this bowl to your child, the contents stay-put, even if tipped or shaken. (Which you know will happen!)

The lid incorporates soft-edged flaps that are see-through and gentle, ideal for the little hands of kids to reach in and pick their snacks without difficulty or injury. There's no threat of extra clean-ups or the need for constant, hawk-eyed supervision as your child eats, to ensure the cup stays upright.

Oh the freedom!

The Piyo Piyo Four Stage Waterproof  Bib. RRP $13.99

We're equally loving the Piyo Piyo spill-proof bibs we were sent.

Our Celeste unfortunately lost interest in bib wearing at around the age of 18 months and would pull every single bib we tried off herself, the only exception being 'scoop bibs' which she seemed to prefer. (Thank god - Me too!)

No bib on a young child means extra washing and no parent wants that!

We were sent both versions of the Piyo Piyo scoop bib and they're equally great! Both feature detachable waterproof bases for full versatility, the only difference being in style: The waterproof design is firm all over and can actually grow with your child thanks to the adjustable features and the other is a soft, water-resistant and wipe-able fabric with a detachable waterproof scoop section. Both designs are able to effectively keep your child's clothing and eating area clean. Hallelujah!

The Piyo Piyo Waterproof Bib with Detachable Pocket RRP $13.99
Piyo Piyo are distributed here in Australia by Baby Charm and you can view and purchase the full adorable range on their website. The Piyo Piyo brand has every young child's early needs covered (and covered in the adorable little ducky design!). Check out their website for more cute and functional items that extend beyond feeding.
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  1. Duck, Duck Goose!...This is so adorable. I would love to win this for my grandson! It's just so cute and sweet! Quack! (Lucy Fracassi Robins)

  2. I love the Cutlery just so adorable and believe it will aid with eating! Meal times would be so fun!
    Christina L

  3. What a cute little duck. I love that this brand was developed by a Mother and Father with their little ones in mind. Everything is perfect for little hand

  4. So cute and very practical. The perfect present for my bestie and her beautiful baby!
    Alana C

  5. In-utero, our 'code name' for our little one was "puddle duck". What a fitting dinner set now that she's growing up! -Amelia

  6. I love the cute little chicken cartoon! I just want to cuddle it!

  7. Not sure if you read my duck collection post from a few months ago. This reminds me of that. WOW.
    So here's my entry.

    Maybe it's time my little guy
    had a collection of his own
    a duck that can't fly

    Dinner would be a lot more fun
    you could feed yourself
    sitting in the sun

    A bib around your neck
    a piyo piyo in your hand
    you would look cute as all heck

    Sippy cup, don't you spill
    you're becoming so independent
    watching you grow up is such a thrill.

  8. These are adorable!!!I love them and anything to get a toddler to the table is a win!

  9. I love the idea of the Piyo Piyo waterproof bib and detachable pocket. Catching everything thats dropped :) adorable.

  10. I remember Piyo Piyo being big in Japan. They make the cutest lunch sets - chopsticks and everything :)

  11. I love this set it would be perfect for my little 1 year old.

    Teaching eating and drinking independance is such fun,
    But it creates a lot of mess for mum.
    Grandma, and Dad insist on feeding with a spoon.
    Me, I let bubs experiment, give him room.
    He smushes yoghurt in his fingers,
    Weetbix cut in squares does not linger.
    Water I am afraid is not my friend,
    He fills his mouth, dribbles it into his bib ( which he upends).
    This set would be great too divide,
    His dinner and dessert, through which he will glide.
    The snacks would never make the floor,
    But I am pretty sure the ducks on the utensils are up for a good gnaw!
    Lydia A

  12. Awww love the little duckies. So adorable - s ellwood

  13. They have a vast line of products that covers everything from mothercare and feeding, to cleaning, toiletries, toys and apparel. Their designs are bright and fun, and almost all include the adorable duckling logo from their namesake.

  14. Cutlery as being a dad called Phillip Cunningham my adult cutlery is not made for little fingers.

  15. I love the little bird character; Piyo Piyo he puts the fun into feeding because food always tastes better when shared with a friend!
    Amanda G

  16. I love the vibrant colours. (M Hunt)

  17. Dinner time with this little duck would create less muck!
    My toddler might actually get some food in her tummy with a bit of luck!
    I will finish my poem here (lest I continue rhyming words with duck ;) )
    Melinda Bolitho

  18. I think this range is so funky and cute and I can really see my daughter enjoying meal times with these

  19. I hope I'm the lucky duck to win this golden goose. I've put all my ducks in a row. I hope it's not a wild goose chase cause I'd feel like a silly goose. Don't want to ruffle anyone's feathers, this prize would be eggcerlent for my little chicken, who quacks me up everyday.

  20. PiYo PiYo
    On You Go…
    Those Big Happy Lips
    Bring out the Charm,
    & Help Mum Stay Calm

  21. Wipeable bibs are essential! Reduces washing and keeps little toddlers clean at mealtimes. That's sure to keep mum from going ducking mad. Michelle Sheriff

  22. My little girl is ready to eat and PiYo PiYo will make mealtimes a treat. She'll finish each meal without a mess and won't dirty her pretty dress.

  23. Emma Jane - These are so cute.

  24. Amazing for my toddler and my baby soon to be eating solids!!

  25. I would love to treat my sister with a little pack this Christmas. She is due in January so this would be perfect to go in the hamper I want to put together for her <3

  26. Bub wanted to be independent as soon as he could so I'd feel much safer to let him with these little beauties!
    Eva Kiraly

  27. The colours and design make PIYO PIYO stand out from the crowd and easy to spot in the cupboard full of plastic ware! Kelly Ryan

  28. I love that it means 'quack quack'...because that's the only thing my little guy can say! (Belinda Smetioukh)

  29. julie ford -
    would love to win my little man makes a terrible mess when eating this looks and would be amazing

  30. I love the fact they're so cute! My son would be BOWLED over having these to eat with.

  31. With messy little eaters who love to feed themselves. These would make this mumma duck happy with less clean up.


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