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Sweet Elephants Review - Educational Toys for Kids and a Giveaway #SLHFeaturedThursdays

It can be so difficult to find ideal playthings for children that are age appropriate and beautiful - truly standout. There's plenty of the more common stuff out there, but I really strive to find fabulous toys that my kids will love and return to, not just in early childhood, but those that they will continue to enjoy as they grow and revisit with great memories too, even in adulthood.

It's a big ask I know, but I also know that these gorgeous toys (they typically come with an almost 'heritage feel') are out there and they're worth seeking.

Can you remember a favourite toy from your own childhood? I think just about everyone can. My own was a little red plastic phone which I coveted until my first child obliterated it! I was devastated at the time, but hey, I still have those memories and photos to bring back the joy. (Plus that phone became a memory in my own daughter's childhood too, which is also special - even to me.)

Sweet Elephants, I am happy to report, is one such specialist online children's store where you can find these delightful, high-regard items that will stay with your kids in one way or another, for a lifetime.

Sweet Elephants is a family owned business which fills a very special niche - one that captures the magic of childhood.

Conceived by a mum of three kids under the age of two, Krystal found herself homebound and struggling to find the perfect nursery additions to make her children's lives that little bit more special and so created a business to fulfil her desire. In doing so, Sweet Elephants has captured the desires of so many parents and children alike.

A browse through the Sweet Elephants online store is quite a breathtaking experience! There's everything from nursery d├ęcor to wooden toys, baby care and exquisite gifts to discover. For a while there, I wanted so much to be little again and own a piece of everything!

Then the next best thing happened: My youngest children were lucky enough to be invited to try out a few of the delightful Sweet Elephants range and outright I'll confess, choosing exactly what to review here from their store was a tough job! It's all so beautiful, but I thought that this gorgeous Kiko Toys Machi London set was really the perfect embodiment of the Sweet Elephants story: It's unusual, educational, unique and truly stunning.

We've a bit of a thing for England in this family. We're huge Harry Potter and Doctor Who fans for one thing and the television in our home seems to be permanently broadcasting BBC programs. Not surprisingly, my kids are very acquainted with all things London and this little English wooden city of London play set instantly appealed.

Isn't it stunning!

The play set comprises of five quality wooden, London landmarks: Big Ben, the London Eye, the British Museum, an iconic red double-decker bus and a regal-looking black London cab. Many of the toys are magnetised so that they stay together but can be rearranged in any preferred format for creative play.

There's moving parts too. As you expect, the little vehicles roll about the town and the London Eye spins just like the real thing for imaginary visitors to enjoy your child's unique and changing city landscape.

The Kiko Toys Machi London Play Set comes with the wonderful addition of a two part, light-weight blackboard base and chalk (charmingly wrapped in a Union Jack! inside a black velvet pouch) so that your little architects can perform some town planning of their own.

Kids can configure the board in any formation they wish, the only limit being their imagination.

The British Museum
Spinning London Eye
All aboard the double decker, next stop Big Ben!

A two-part magnetised Big Ben helps to prevent little people from becoming frustrated with tumbling blocks
and provides yet more scope for creative play.

Discover history, architecture, mapping, fine motor skills, shapes, gravity and other cultures via this delightful toy.

The Kiko Toys Machi London play set retails for $49.99 on the Sweet Elephants website. The sets are also available in Machi Paris and Machi Tiny Town.
If you are travelling to Europe, this would be an ideal way to educate your child on the places they'll see or help to keep the memories alive of places they've visited. This is a compact set and can pack small so it would also travel well should you wish to take it along in your bag.
The Machi London play set has been an instant hit in our home and mum can't stop wanting to play with it too! (With dreams of visiting the real deal one day.)

Another item we received from Sweet Elephants, was this great Easy Read Time Teacher watch for kids. This wristwatch makes telling the time a cinch for children dealing with the difficult concepts inherent in learning to tell the time.

Using a simple colour-coded and fully itemised clock-face, the Easy Read Time Teacher watch makes understanding the hours, minutes and seconds of the task so much easier.

Already my youngest son adores this watch and it's so appropriate at this time as he's currently working on the process of learning time in grade one. He really likes that it looks quite mature and we're sure he'll be wearing this one for a long time yet! (Did you see that?!)

The Easy Read Time Teacher watch retails for $36.95 and is available in two styles at Sweet Elephants.

With the arrival of spring, it's time to break out the bubble fun and our final product we were sent to share is the very exciting MothersCorn Eco-Friendly Touchable Stackable Bubbles. 

Now I haven't actually revealed these to the kids as yet - I am saving the fun for a very special moment, but I am bursting with excitement about the big reveal (plus trying them out myself!).

Bubbles are a big deal in every childhood. These ones come with the environment in mind and the health of kids. Not only is the bubble blower itself BPA free, but the mixture is cellulose from trees and it fully complies with Australian Standards for toys! No nasty chemicals.

Image courtesy of Sweet Elephants
The special design of this bubble blower and solution means that the bubbles last longer and are touchable and stackable! Kids will go crazy for this! The MothersCorn Eco-Friendly Touchable Stackable Bubbles retail for $19.99 at Sweet Elephants, plus you can also purchase refills on their site. It's definitely worth having a read about these bubbles here, as there's some things to consider that make this product really shine.
We absolutely adore the stock available at Sweet Elephants and strongly encourage you to take a look at their online store. With the coming of Christmas, this would be an ideal place to shop for gifts with a difference for children!
Sweet Elephants have generously offered one follower of 
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an Easy Read Time Teacher Watch valued at $36.95!
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  1. I love the watch! What a great way to get kids started with an analogue watch.

  2. Great watch, and kids need to be able to tell time with an analog watch

  3. I would love to win this prize as my daughter turns 6 in December, and is driving us up the wall asking what the time is, and not really getting the idea of how to tell time from our terrible explanations. I know it took me YEARS to learn to tell time, so an easy way to teach her would be amazing. This would be the perfect present for her! Rosemarie De Bari

  4. I live on a remote outback cattle station, so online shopping is my salvation. I purchased the time teacher clock from Sweet Elephants. The website was easy to navigate, the postage price was reduced, delivery fast and the wrapping was great. A website to recommend to everyone. Helen Commens

    1. That's so fantastic to hear Helen! Thank goodness for the internet and thank you for the great feedback! :D

  5. My 3 year old has practically self taught herself to read the time but she gets around with a broken wiggles watch that is stuck on 6 'o' clock. She would love a watch like this that actually works and helps her to get the minutes "to" and "past" right!

  6. Thank you so much for your kind words Helen. You have just made my day! You have no idea how touched I am.

    Rosemarie your post made me giggle. We went through a stage with my 4 year old-that is until we gave him one of these watches. Now it's me asking him for the time! :)

    Good luck to everyone. I'm enjoying the posts.

  7. I love toys that become props for your child's imagination- simple things that encourage them to create their own games or make up stories to tell. They seem to get so much more use out of them because they become multi-purpose.

  8. Wow, they sure have some beautiful toys at Sweet Elephant. Since I have been going through all of our toys, I am less fond of all the bright flashing battery operated ones and love the couple of quality wooden toys we have. They have such longevity. Dora especially is at an age where she creates magical worlds and her imagination seems limitless. Sweet Elephants have so many toys to help foster that magic. I am a little fond of the Machi Paris set for sentimental reasons.... ahhh <3

    1. Yes - the Paris set is oh la la! I have my eye on this one too!

  9. This is an amazing "toy". I remember having such a hard time learning to tell time as a child. This would make teaching telling time so easy! Lucia Saao

  10. These are just gorgeous. So glad to know about Sweet Elephant now Christmas is coming p soon! My favourite was my cabbage patch doll - however there are so many cooler toys out there now! Thanks for popping by #reviewroundup

  11. Those toys are just darling! I love that gorgeous little town set, when I was a child I loved playing make believe little towns, I am sure my daughter will too! I love how unique Sweet Elephants toys and gifts are, its not often you see kids riding gorgeous little wooden trikes but aren't they wonderful!

  12. This is creative play at it's best! Cute wooden city on a DIY board! Even I want to have a go!
    karina lee

  13. I'd love to win this watch for my son who is always time many more minutes till I'm out of "time out", how many more minutes do I have left to play on "screen time", how long till dinner? This watch could save all these questions and "time" so i can finish my work and play with him.

  14. If I won, I'd like to donate it to my childcare's end of year xmas raffle. Jodi C

  15. Wow, three kids under the age of two and she still managed to start up a great business?! Amazing woman!

  16. If my eldest son won the watch, he'd be telling the time in no time at all!

  17. I do love wooden toys and they are pretty much the only toys I have kept from my boys to pass on to their kids in years to come... a loooong time away ;) xx

    1. Yup - us too. Plus they'll go the distance. (Unlike my little plastic red phone...)

  18. How gorgeous! I'm going to get that London set for our godchildren - they're born in Sydney but their folks are from London. I think this is the most fun way for them to learn about their roots! Thanks for linking up to the Ultimate Rabbit Hole x

    1. This is so absolutely perfect for them! So glad to hear that. :D

  19. Oh my goodness I had a time teaching watch just like this as a kid myself. I quickly learnt how to read analog time thanks to simple learning method. I'd love to be a able to use the same method now especially knowing from personal experience it works!

  20. I want to win this unique watch for my 8 year old because these days he is struggling to tell time. This watch will definitely motivate him to learn how to tell time correctly in a fun easy way.

    Name - Sapna Sharma

  21. I love those wooden blocks and the photo of London!

  22. Love love love the personalised superhero capes! Think I'd like to get one for myself.


  23. How cool is the Mothers Corn Bubble Pipe - love it indeed

  24. Wow! I love the little London double decker bus! What great toys to encourage a child's imagination and creativity!

  25. My nephew has trouble telling the time,
    Sweet elephants watch, how sublime!
    Easy, precise, would feel so grown up!
    asking if he like it ? the answer ,YUP!!

  26. this specific watch and it's so appropriate right now as he's currently working for the process of learning time throughout grade one.

    My blog :

  27. Because I want my kids to be on time all the time!

  28. These ones feature the environment in mind and the health of kids. Not only is your bubble blower itself BPA no cost, but the mixture is cellulose from trees and yes it fully complies with Australian Criteria for toys! No nasty substances.


  29. I would love to win this watch for my son. The sweet elephants website is great. I like the number of wooden toys that are available. I also like the games in the outside section- my repertoire seems limited to hide and seek, ball games, hopscotch and "hey lets garden"! I will admit I sighed with sadness that my children and definitely their kids will not full understand the post box one day. Lydia A

  30. I would love to win this for my Goddaughter - I think it will really help her get ahead as she is a little bit behind developmentally.
    Aleisha Davidson

  31. My little girl balks at the sight of a clock. She tries very hard, and to have something like this on her at all times would be absolutely marvellous!

  32. As Marcus is 23 years old and he's special needs, he functions more like an 8 year old and this watch would help him to master the concept of time as that would be useful in his life. Anything that makes learning easier for him is a godsend and this watch would be a godsend in learning time. Phillip Cunningham

  33. My son would love this watch! My husband doesn't wear any jewellery (not his thing, plus not safe at work) so doesn't have a wedding ring, but he loves the beautiful, expensive watch I bought him instead to wear, and my son has been at me to get him a 'wedding watch' as well :)
    Stacey Shailer

  34. So many innovative toys from the Gummee Glove to the Counting Wooden Game. All look quality made too. Laura Scriven

  35. It would be amazing for Mr 5 to learn the time and be able to understand that a hour doesn't last for ever because in his eyes it does
    Kerryanne Bourke

  36. I love the Toy Wooden Blocks (Machi) - bring your own imagination!
    Courtney Brideson

  37. This watch is such a great learning tool for kids.
    (M. Hunt)

  38. What an amazing watch! This would be a great prize for my daughter.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  39. Love this look so amazing and I get a thrill out of checking it out before the kids get it hahaha

  40. I would love to win this prize because this is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I love miniature things plus this will teach the kids of places around the world. Good luck everyone :)

  41. I love the range. It is unique and not the usual and typical items you see over and over again targeting this market.

  42. love to variety and how to toys are educational and built to last

  43. It's hard sometimes, to tell the time, it's all a bit confusing, Easy Read will help and that's quite comforting!

  44. Practical, quality, functional and gender neutral. Fantastic product!

  45. I would love to win this Easy Read watch for my daughter, she loves trying to read the time but gets confused with the minutes as she can't see the numbers for them. This would be an amazing watch to help her learn.

    Jessica Blundell

  46. I would love win this beautiful watch to gift my 6 year old this watch for Christmas he is struggling with learning the time. (Kristy winters)

  47. Our 'll ad starts next year ,he needs all the help he can get ,please .

  48. When watching them learn,
    oh how time flies!
    They're growing up right
    before their mumma's eyes!
    This wonderful watch,
    is just what we need.
    To get their time learning,
    up to speed!

    Thanks for the chance :)
    Lynsey Stephensen

  49. this would be a great help with my grand children we could play and learn at the same time

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. I Love that Sweet Elephants has so many exciting products for all growing stages of childhood.
    Nichole McKee

  52. I love the good-quality wooden toys and especially the London theme. DOWNing to play with them!

  53. "Mum, what's the time?"
    I hear my son chime.
    "Is it time for morning tea?"
    "Is it time for ABC 3?"
    I let out a big sigh,
    Surely it's nearly nigh nigh!

    The Easy Read Time teacher,
    Would stop this questioning creature.
    He would learn to tell the time,
    Which would be just divine.
    And my house would be in peace,
    Endless asking the time would cease!

    (Cathy Russell)

  54. The Easy Read Time teacher is brilliant... I love it... Master 5 and Miss 7 would both learn how to tell the time with this little beauty.. Good luck everyone...

  55. These kind of versions feature the planet planned along with the health of little ones. Not simply will be the bubble blower themselves BPA no cost Click here .

  56. Surprise! I need the little The united kingdom two-fold decker car! The things awesome figures to make sure you strongly encourage a fabulous daughter or son's desires and additionally innovation!

  57. Children are rough on their toys and other educational materials. You likely have missing game pieces and at least one broken toy laying around your home. Not only can wooden toys be enjoyed by generations, but the same wooden toys often last throughout generations and if your child gets them dirty, you can easily clean them so they’re ready for the next learning activity. If you’re going to invest in learning products for your home, you want to be sure they will last a long time and that they can be used with multiple children.
    Top Toy Place

  58. We so take for granted that children can learn a language with ease and we completely forgot that the process of moving to a new language can be very disruptive to them.

    Kids education

  59. Nice wooden city! It helps to improve their skills. And I love the wrist watch.
    Top Toys Place


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