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The Royal Melbourne Show 2015 - A Review...

It perhaps sounds a little clich├ęd to say there's something for everyone at this year's Royal Melbourne Show but is there a better way to describe this all-ages annual springtime event?
Probably yes, however the words fail me here!

There's no denying that as soon as September begins and kids everywhere cop wind of the TV adverts for this event, they're an unstoppable force. My own kids have been holding regular internet vigils on the Royal Melbourne Show website, monitoring its every daily occurrence and making extensive show bag lists, then waving them about with incessant cries of "When can we go again?!"
(...Well kids, tomorrow actually.)

This year, the Royal Show is yet another fabulous family event and we headed off to try out the fun as early as day two into the excitement.

The Royal Show began this year on a Saturday (in the past it has been a weekday) and straight up, this was a big improvement for many families. There are now two full weekends of opportunity to enjoy everything there is on offer without the feel of the final day looming on a weekend like it once did.

The Royal Melbourne Show is in full swing until Tuesday the 29th of September. With great weather predicted in Melbourne this weekend, there's no better time to visit.

Ticketing at this year's event has something on offer for every budget and one of the best is the Monday and Tuesday ticket offer for children. Kids can enter the Royal Show for as little as $5 each with the purchase of one full price adult's ticket. If you're on a budget, this deal will really help and ensure you've plenty of spending money left over for those incredibly important show bags!
Furthermore, RACV members can receive a generous 25% off the general entry ticket prices after 1pm each day. Enter the Show after 5pm daily and receive a mammoth 50% off the entry prices of all tickets. (The Show is fantastic after sunset and the entertainment in the arena is definitely worth staying for.)
For all general ticketing offers, visit the Royal Show admission prices page.
Whatever admission deal you choose, there's plenty of free fun on offer once you're inside the Showgrounds. Kiddy favourites include the animals and there are ample opportunities to pet creatures of all kinds and watch the judging of the animal events. Cattle, sheep, horses, cats and dogs, goats and alpacas (plus more) are all in ample supply and keep the kids fascinated.
There's no ignoring the fact that the animals are a huge part of the show and kids adore the chance to pet the variety.

Sit down, relax and pet a silky chicken or two for as long as you wish!
Other free offerings include the arts and crafts displays, agricultural displays and countless new and exciting businesses that feature themselves at the Show each year. You'll definitely discover something new. There's so much to taste and try.

The colour, excitement, rides and sounds of the Show are difficult to portray here but for many these images will delight and bring back many happy memories of their own childhoods spent enjoying this event. All the timeless favourites like these kewpies on sticks are still popular with each new generation who pass through these gates.

There are a staggering 350 plus show bags available at the Royal Melbourne Show this year! You can view the full range of show bags on the Royal Melbourne Show website.

The show bag pavilions are crowded and overheated so make things quick and easy for yourself and plan your purchases in advance. Be sure to take a good carry bag to load with your purchases. If you shop hard and have trouble carting your stash, rest assured you can hire a locker inexpensively to store everything until you're ready to go home.

Keep an eye out for the show bag deals which can make buying for your children more cost-effective too. Many stands offer 'buy two or three' for a discounted price and they can be quite a bargain if you've a few children to cater for.

Food-wise, the Show has so much on offer with many cuisines from around the world to enjoy. The Woolworths Fresh Food Pavilion (one of our favourites), has a great selection including the $3 Cheese Toastie stand which offer value for money snacks you can afford to splurge on time and time again if you're sticking to a tight budget. There are the usual favourites like the twisty potatoes on sticks, donuts and fairy-floss stands to snack on in the meantime.

Happiness is a little one with a Disney Frozen doll on a stick!
(Celeste's pram - the Cybex Priam will be reviewed here shortly.)

Free girly entertainment, (colouring in, movies to watch, Barbie dolls and show bags to buy)
for the little ones at the Barbie display.
Night at the Royal Melbourne Show reveals the full shining beauty of the rides. The event becomes an entirely different one in the evenings and it's now that the entertainment in the arena really goes into full swing in front of a packed crowd.

The Freestyle Motocross Stunt Show is an exciting display so do try to catch this event at either 1.15pm or 7.45pm daily in the Herald-Sun Arena. All the day's attractions can be viewed easily here to help you plan your visit.

Make sure you see the impressive fireworks display nightly at 8.10pm (weather permitting).

Ferris wheel fun

Find everything you need to know about the Royal Melbourne Show on their comprehensive website including a day by day schedule to help you plan your visit.
The verdict: FANTASTIC! Going again!

Recommendations for families:
Pack light but with intentions of coming home loaded!
Wear comfortable shoes and dress appropriately.
Sunscreen, a hat and jacket are recommended for sticking out the day at this event.
Prams are available for hire if required.
Go early if you can as it's a long day with so much to see and do.
A second visit if you can afford it is highly recommended to really absorb everything.
(We only managed to see 50% of the Show on our first visit so we're heading back this weekend!)
Carry cash to avoid queues and transaction fees at ATMs.
Have you visited the Royal Melbourne Show this year?
What is your verdict?
*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts were media guests of the Royal Melbourne Show in exchange for its promotion.
All opinions expressed are those of this blog's Author.
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  1. We loooooove the Show. We do Sydney, of course, but one day perhaps we'll make the trip to go to Melbourne and Brisbane Shows too. I think it would be worth it. x

  2. Whilst I have never been to the Melbourne show, we love the Royal Sydney show and I am such a sucker for all the animals xx

  3. Wow we haven't gotten to that age and stage yet with the girls to make it to the show but these are great tips. After reading this I didn't realise tickets could be so cheap and you could hire prams! That makes it even more compelling to go next year. P.S How gorgeous are those photos of your kids!

  4. Oh this looks like so much fun!! Those baby animals get me every time :).


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