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Cybex Priam Review - A Luxury Designer Pram for Your Child

I've lost count now, but we may be up to our 12th pram in our time as parents. (Yes, we've had that many! Perhaps more.) For whatever reason or need, with so many kids over the years, we've tried just about every fashion and style of this most essential of parenting accessories that's been on the market.

There have been many changes in the last 15 years in the pusher market too, all reflected in the various styles and forms that have rolled before us as our growing family went from one to whoa!

From the traditional to the stroller and jogger versions out there, the one thing that stands out about the current pram trend on the streets today, is the stripping back of the frill in favour of the form and function.

The very latest Cybex Priam which hit Australian shores only recently, is one of the best examples of this modern 'ultimate pram.' It's a model that truly does reflect this balance of purpose and beauty combined - just like all of the most stylish of things.

In a few words only, it's sleek, simple, functional and aesthetically bang-on. Not surprisingly, we're loving the Priam which we were gifted to road test here.

At a glance, absolutely everything about the Cybex Priam screams pleasant to the eye. On looks alone, this pushchair is a stunner. With its designer styling overall and Autumn Gold twill fabric - it's no wallflower this one and it's something to be 'just a bit proud of' as a parent, if you value style.

Like any great designer piece on the parenting scene, the Cybex Priam has all the basic needs of both parents and their children, considered.

This pushchair is unbelievably easy to use in every possible way, from its simple initial set-up (it arrives in two boxes virtually complete and slots together like a basic puzzle), to its easy operation at all stages of use.

The Priam folds open and closed and adjusts with just one hand, leaving you shaking your head with disbelief and simultaneously wanting to call over a few onlookers to share in your awe! (Believe it or not, we can't help playing with these awesome design functions just a few times whenever the pram's taken out of the car boot!)

The height-adjustable handle bar glides in seconds to accommodate different users.

Pushing this pushchair... wow! It rolls smoothly and has an excellent compact turning circle when caught in tight spaces. Notably, the wheels are never stiff or awkward like other prams we've owned.

There's no fiddling about with the brakes either - with just one easy flick of your foot on the strong brake and you're either rolling or at a standstill instantaneously.

The Priam is fitted with a suitably stylish netted undercarriage basket which conveniently shuts with magnetised ease. It's a pleasure to use, a great size and the fact that it virtually snaps shut for you is definitely worth a mention. It's another timesaving joy to use that's built into this fab pram.

The Cybex Priam with the Lux Seat in Autumn Gold

The Cybex Priam's seat height is one feature of this pram that's truly innovative. It is designed to align perfectly with any standard table (80 cm) so that your pram becomes a seat for your child when dining at cafes or parks, for both convenience and control. Our toddler loves this feature as much as we do! There's no excessive bending to reach your child in a low-down seat and a happier child riding high where all the action is. This means longer stints in the pram are possible and less whining to endure too!

The Cybex Priam is fitted with an XXL extendable sun canopy with an SPF of 50 plus.
You can cover the upper body of your child completely while in their seat to give them a restful space
or greater protection from the elements.

She rolls!

The Priam is an all-terrain pusher. From pavements to bricks and even sand, great suspension and large non-protruding wheels put an end to the need for multiple prams to deal with various situations and surfaces. The frame is lightweight, strong and carefree to manoeuvre. You'll be equally happy with the performance of this vehicle, either at the mall or on your next outdoor adventure.

A fully rotating seat allows you to face your child or have them watch the horizon before you.

The Cybex travel system is fully compatible with the Cybex Carry Cot ($269.99) and the Maxi Cosi baby capsules which allow you to grow your pram with your child from day one. Adaptors for everything are provided with the Priam frame.
To learn more about this gorgeous designer pram, pop on over to the Babyology website
where you can read further about my road-test there.
The Cybex Priam retails for $1699.99 in Australia.
 *Disclosure: Six Little Hearts was gifted the Cybex Priam in exchange for this feature.
All opinions expressed are those of this blog's Author and family.


  1. Wow, that's a pretty cool looking pram! I love how it's so high up! #TeamIBOT

  2. Cool pram! I love that the seat is aligned with most table heights. Prams not fitting under tables frustrates me to no end when we're out.

    1. We're in love with it and it's a bonus that the toddler is so happy to ride in this pram.

  3. I am loving the look of this pram, but struggling to find one instore to look at! Your photos are very helpful, good review!

    1. It is a stunning pram! There's a link above to find this pram for purchase or you can visit the Cybex Priam website to search for a stockist near you. Failing that, make a few calls to baby retailers to see if they can order one in for you to look at. Good luck!

  4. Wow I haven't heard of this pram but it looks awesome (great photos by the way!) I agree functional and beauty is a good combo for a pram and it is easy to go through a number of bad prams before you can find a good one! Thanks for sharing this at #reviewroundup this week.

  5. This is like the Rolls Royce of prams! It's pram-tastic! Thanks for linking up with the Ultimate Rabbit Hole.

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  7. Wowsers, this pram is amazing! It would be so awesome for Moo with her low muscle tone. Great review. I am well jelly!

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