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Finding the Motivation to Move Home with a Family...

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So, I wrote a post about tips for moving home some time ago here, which outlined our intention to sell and move back to the inner burbs of Melbourne. I thought I'd give a bit of an update on how things are coming along - or not!

To fill you in, we bought our current home as first home buyers, close to five years ago now and sadly, it has just never felt homely in the way that we had hoped it would. How do you make a house feel like a home? Apparently it's not just pretty furnishings and a happy home life. It's so many factors combined and we've not been able to grasp all of them in a strong enough hold to keep us rooted here.

We fell in love with our house pretty much at first sight - a little too swiftly. It was fully renovated, manicured and pre-loved in that 'the former-owner loved his home' kind of way and it was easy to fall for its sparkling charms. And fall we did. The newness, views and polished appeal was seductive to us all in a way that similar homes closer to all the Melbourne action we now crave, were seriously lacking, especially on the price comparison factor.

In hindsight we acted on our leap first, think later instincts, for while the home still prides us with its attractiveness, the area in which it is situated, does not. It never really has, (we were an awkward fit with the demographic from the outset) and we've had to accept that at this late stage, we most probably never will feel at home here. We're city folk through and through it seems.

The plain reality of it all, is that we feel isolated here and out of place on the fringes of populated and more exciting, inner Melbourne. Having moved from the hub of activity that was our happy suburban playground, we're all suffering from what can only be termed 'home sickness.' It's been a long, slow illness (five dragging years) with lots of prickly issues cropping up for the entire family fairly regularly, some of it individual in nature and other parts, wholly contagious between us all.

So in an effort to improve our lifestyle, we've been slowly making an effort to get the ball rolling on a house sale and move.

Motivation looks like this

I barely have to tell you that there are so many factors involved! It's a hard place to be at with kids in the first place (this moving residence business) and one made even trickier when there are lots of children! It's exhausting just thinking about moving home and to be honest, most of that thinking time for us grown-ups has been spent lying on the sofa, just too darn tired to lift a limb and take action on any of it.

What we proudly have achieved to date:

We've thrown our excess rubbish away. Thanks to a huge council collection. Ours was the largest haul on the street and we're jumping for joy about that!

We've donated loads of used toys and clothing to charity. There's so much more to give too.

We've sold-on lots of valuable goods. (A work in progress.) Finding the time to sell goods is a full-time job in its own right we've since discovered.

We've had the house appraised: We are even unofficially listed with a real estate agent!
Not having the house polished and tidied up enough for our professional advertising photo shoot means that we're not able to reach the buyers' market yet on a scale worth mentioning however, we have had a couple of inspections by impressed, (we are told!) home buyers.

We put it to ourselves constantly: What's holding us back on getting us moving? Well, it's a bit of all the above plus a whole lot more really. (Like the general busyness of everyday life for example.)

Then there's the long, anguished hours spent just mulling-over the mechanics of moving a family of eight: Will we buy another home again soon? Will we rent? Logic has us at renting again (and probably happily), however, I would be kidding myself if I wasn't worried about actually finding a property to suit us in a crowded market. And then there's the issue of schools for the kids - on and on it goes...

Now that spring is here, we are finally feeling more motivated than ever to do less thinking and talking about relocating and are moving into the more physical task of hauling our collective 'backsides' off our sofa and back to work on our common goal - a new home and life in the suburbs!

Have you moved house with kids before? Have your sold a home recently?


  1. We've already discussed the giving away stuff (and it still seems to overflow in the moving process) so I'll leave that - I'll just say it is such a huge process, easy when 1 person, monumental when 4 or much to do, so much to consider. One thing with our move to the apt, which is only 10 mins further out from our home, but adding HOURS in the car each day. I have realised our home is in the PERFECT location. We can walk up to bars for an hour for couple time - we can walk to concerts, to movies, to restaurants. We can get to everything with ease without hitting the peak hour traffic snarls. I MISS it SO much, and we've not even started the construction!! It's going to be a LONG 6 months! (Yesterday we just hung out at the packed up house so the kids could play on the slipnslide, I could lie in the hammock and my eldest could read in the bath)

    1. Oh no Lydia! Are you selling your home in the move or renting it out when you go? It's a very hard thing to do (to relocate). There are a million and one things to consider and others that crop-up along the way. Good luck with everything.

  2. OMG I don't blame you for dragging your feet, moving is a colossal nightmare, and with 6 kids??!?? Ouch.
    I hope you do find that perfect home in the perfect area and everything goes smoothly :).

    1. Thank you! Yes, it's very near killing us. Small steps all the way. On the plus side, we're really de-cluttering which feels great!

  3. We moved house 1 year ago and had a crawling baby at the time. The funny thing was that we literally moved next door! And have since bought the house through private sale so we don't have to move again!! Now we have had our second bub and so am joyfully getting rid of stuff!!

    1. How convenient for you! I know of quite a few people who went on to buy a home they were renting. Wonderful news. A good clean out is so refreshing too.

  4. Luke and I are almost ready to buy a house and that is a daunting enough task as it is! I can't imagine moving house with so many little ones. I wish you all the best of luck!

    1. Congratulations! How exciting!
      Thankfully some of the kids are now old enough to be home-moving helpers. Especially the two teens. It will be easier I hope with their help when the time comes.

  5. We are looking to subdivide our land but it's all too much at the moment ..

  6. Look at you two there. That's a gorgeous photo x

    I haven't moved house for thirteen years, and not planning on going anywhere soon. Good luck with your preparations to move back to the burbs, it sounds like the right decision for all of you x

  7. I wish you lots of luck as it's hard enough with three let alone eight! Hope you find the right place, with excellent schools at a price you can afford. #mummymondays


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