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illooms Balloons Review - LED Balloons for All Occasions

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Nuffnang and illooms LED Balloons.

It can be difficult to think of anything more exciting to children than balloons can't it? They're up there on the top of the list when it comes to inexpensive, easy, convenient, good old-fashioned and instant fun and there's not a lot of that around where kids are concerned these days.

Balloons are a hit for the silliest of reasons and that's why humankind is so drawn to them. Think coloured balloons, helium-filled balloons, balloons of different shapes and sizes and water balloons - they all manage to keep kids (and grown-ups!) happy for hours and are a welcome presence at so many of life's special occasions.
Deservedly so too. (I am feeling the silly vibes just writing about these wonderful things!)

It's hard to imagine ways to improve on all the variations in existence (of the humble balloon), until you've seen illooms balloons that is. It's a case of what will they think of next?

When I told my kids we'd been invited to try out some 'light-up balloons,' they went ball-istic! (Balloons / balls - it's all the same thing to them!) Balloons tend to do that around here anyway, (make the kids crazy), but the exciting prospect of a balloon that glows on its own was just too much to handle.

They waited with bated breath for these to arrive...

These are illooms Balloons. A fancier and more funner way to celebrate and entertain than anything you've used previously. (Funner is not a real word but as we're talking all things silly here, just go with it!)
illooms have a gorgeous set of inflatable offerings for your next event. (Or no event at all, because seriously - where balloons are concerned, who needs one? Your kids will be off your back with a packet of these, 365 days a year.)
Inside each illooms balloon, is an LED light that is activated just prior to inflation by means of a small tab. Simply pull the tab, blow up your balloon, tie a knot and enjoy the fun to be had for up to  15 balloon-tastic hours!
illooms Flashing Alien RRP $9.99 for a pack of 3.

illooms come in a fantastic range for any occasion too. We were sent everything from aliens, girly characters and marble effects to regular coloured and Birthday themed balloons to try. All were an instant hit.

For illustration purposes, we photographed these ones outside in the daylight. Imagine hosting a party with these and surprising your guests as the sun goes down with actual glowing balloons to add atmosphere to your occasion?

Despite the claim by illooms that these balloons will last for up to 15 hours, our balloons were activated on Sunday and were (are!) still inflated, glowing and flashing on Tuesday!
You can bet my kids are thrilled about that!

illooms Plain Mixed four colours RRP $6.99.

illooms Multicoloured Marble pack of four balloons RRP $7.99

illooms have a dual power cell LED light within and comply with global safety standards.

Obviously it's in the dark where the beauty of these balloons really comes to life. The soft glow they give off is quite magical and you could really add another dimension to any event with these.

My crazy-excited kids went even sillier once they saw the full effect of the illooms balloons in the dark. (Needless to say, we grown-ups were left to enjoy our Sunday afternoon in peace.) Touchingly, my kids have even been sleeping with their balloons too! They make a great fun night-light option with each balloon emitting a pleasant glow that's just enough to see by, in the dark.

If you're hosting a Halloween party in the coming weeks or another event in future, do consider illooms for a memorable occasion, particularly where the kids are concerned. These are an uber-cool invention!
You can find illooms balloons at Big W, K Mart and Woolworths in the party aisle.

Have you tried illooms balloons yet?
Are your kids balloon-crazed too?!


  1. Who would have thought you could make balloons even "funner"! Great review and think I'd love to have a bit of fun with them - not just for the kids!

  2. Omg I was so excited I bought them for my grandson he was excited then THEY DIDNT Work for long out in an hour

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