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Mission Foods Review - Have You Tried Red Quinoa and Chia Wraps?

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As a mum, I feel I owe an awful lot to packaged flat breads. They're a perfect meal option for a quick fix when you can't be bothered doing a big cook-up. That means on weeknights these breads are a lifesaver for me! Dinner is so fast with a pack of flat breads in the house and naturally with my large family, I like to choose this option several times a week for the sake of convenience.

Breads are far less time-consuming to prepare than pasta or rice-based dishes and everybody enjoys them. Thankfully, it's a win, win.

My kids can demolish entire packets of flat breads at any time of the day too - oddly, even at breakfast times. We go through so many each week that I was more than willing to try out the Mission range when the opportunity came along.

Mission is not a brand that's new to this household. We have been enjoying their corn chips and Burrito wraps for some time now. I have always gravitated towards the Mission brand because their products have a delicious natural flavour - and I love the look of their packaging too!

Prior to receiving a huge delivery of Mission foods to share here, (thank you Mission!), I have to shamefully admit I had no idea that Mission produced the extensive range of international breads and products that they do!

As we're a family that are big on international flavours and curries in particular, I am delighted to discover that there's now something in this brand to accompany every cuisine we regularly enjoy at home - from Italian, Mexican and Indian - even South American.

Mission have recently refreshed the packaging on their Chia Wraps and Red Quinoa Wraps. (Like I said, these particular wraps are new to me so I'll be paying more attention next time I am at the supermarket!)

Admittedly I am not too familiar with chia at all and its associated health benefits. It seems to be the latest fad ingredient in everything from salads to cakes at present but it's actually an ancient Aztec grain that's long been considered a super-food.

Chia is naturally high in calcium, omega 3 fatty acids, fibre and protein. While I have been randomly adding chia oil to many of our family meals for a while now, I am so pleased to actually meet the physical grain distributed within one of the kids' favourite meal options - flat bread.

A new great tasting flat bread to enjoy in our household with no artificial colours or flavours

Mission's Red Quinoa Wraps are equally worthy of a mention. Quinoa was deemed the 'mother of all grains' by the ancient Aztecs and its origins come from the Andean region of Ecuador, Bolivia, Columbia and Peru.

Quinoa contains an amazing mix of all nine essential amino acids fundamental to good health, (pictured rear below), all served within the modern-day familiarity and popularity of the multi-purpose flat bread.

My kids are none-the-wiser to all those health benefits!

Mission's flat breads, no matter which flavour or style you choose, are totally versatile in the kitchen. Serve them up as rolls with your favourite sandwich fillings, toast them in a press or grill or fry them.

We regularly serve up any variety of bread as a taco shell alternative or burrito. (We're big on Mexican foods around here!) I am happy to have discovered the entire Mission range anew and so pleased that our regular, plain flat bread choices have now been expanded into the super foods category with the addition of quinoa and chia. These breads are great-tasting and an exciting alternative with real health benefits.

Mission's White Corn Tortillas.

You can find the Mission range at your local WOW and independent supermarkets.
Mission's Chia Wraps and Red Quinoa Wraps come in resealable packs of 8 and retail for 
RRP $4.79 each. They're delicious too!

 Are you a Quinoa or Chia convert?
Do you regularly eat flat breads?
If you've some serving suggestions, please share them in the comments below.


  1. My kids love flat wrap breads! They prefer wraps at school for lunch as opposed to normal bread. At home on weekends they love toasting leftovers especially spag bol & taco mince in the wraps. We haven't tried the Chia or Red Quinoa Mission Wrap breads yet. I'll look out for them in the supermarket this weekend!

    1. I am just pleased kids eat something that's not sugar-filled and rubbishy! Can't complain with bread though. You're right, breads are brilliant for leftovers.

  2. My son is mega-fussy and baulked at flat bread recently, but hubby and I love flat bread wraps for an easy, healthy dinner! I've also used the Mission Pizza Bases for homemade pizza night, they are great :)

    1. I am yet to try the pizza bases and I am looking forward to it. Eventually he'll come around!

  3. We love Mission brand too, my 2 yr old in particular loves his "circle bread" :).

  4. Wow I didn't know they had such a big range either and I have to say these do look delicious! Such an awesome idea to have the packaging resealable. Probably not a problem for 6 kids but for us this will help them definitely last longer. Thanks for joining #reviewroundup!

  5. So many to choose from! My girls love wraps for school lunches...I'll have to try some of these other ones next time!


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