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VTech Toy Review - Fun and Learning for Kids #SLHFeaturedThursdays

Have you realised that Christmas is just around the corner? (Sorry for the reminder - feel the panic rise huh?!)

While Halloween may be the very next official stop on the festive calendar, as soon as November 1st dawns, Christmas will be upon us with force. It's the same every year.

There's no time like now to get a head-start on the planning, shopping and decision making involved, especially when you're a parent to kids with high expectations of the season (and that's all of us isn't it!).

Let the fun begin!

Choosing a VTech toy this Christmas is a great step towards fulfilling the happiness of your kids and ticking your high-standards box for learning too. Their toys are durable, interactive, educational and fun with VTech being the undisputed experts in electronic toys for kids. They've a 35 year history in toy-making in an impressive 25 languages worldwide.  Simply put: It's great stuff!

My littlest peeps were the happy recipients of some great VTech gear recently and we'd like to share it here with you. If you're anything like me, you'll be needing all the inspiration you can get to kick-start the planning involved in the coming festive months.

For the baby of the family, VTech have this great Turn and Learn Cube which promises fun and learning on every side. There are five big, bright sides to explore for the littlies with teaching at its core. Kids delight in the five sing-along tunes and the twenty melodies to enjoy and there's sensory and manipulative features galore.

Learn all about the names, shapes and sounds of animals. Press and slide the musical instrument buttons to make music. A built-in motion sensor attracts children to continue the learning fun whenever the cube is moved, keeping the younger kids and babies entertained. Plus there are many manipulative features to slide, spin and interact with to help develop those important fine motor skills.

You can bet this one is popular around here! My youngest likes to switch on the tunes and dance like a ballerina around her cube which means even I am getting value from this toy! (She looks so cute when she dances!)

If you've a child in the 6-36 month age group, this toy is a spot-on pick for entertainment and learning. It's strong, vibrant and interactive and keeps kids happy for a good deal of time, over and over again.

Extra bonus: Parents can control the volume for quieter play!

The VTech Turn and Learn Cube is priced at RRP $29.95.

No doubt, your child has (or will) at some stage request their very own camera.

The funny thing about kids and cameras is, they're remarkably picky about how their camera appears! Experience has taught me that the ideal kids' camera can't be too kiddish, it has to work like a grown-up's and have a bit more pizzazz than the real deal and all this equates to real working functions parents!

The VTech Kidizoom Twist Plus camera has found this fine balance and it was an outright winner with my kids before it had even been unboxed. This camera is designed for a huge age group - the 3-9 year old age bracket which means it's a camera that will go the distance with your child, ruling out the need for more mature camera purchases as they grow. (Brilliant!)

Why we're loving it?: Seriously, this thing has everything going for it!

The VTech Kidizoom Twist Plus has a 2.0 megapixel camera, video recording, voice recording, a photo editor, five built-in games and a 4X digital zoom.

Believe me when I say it was an effort to prise this device from the clutches of my kids in order to check it out. I was immediately envious of the fun stuff built-in to this camera. (My own doesn't perform a quarter of it!)

Kids can create talking photo albums, make stop-frame animations and have fun with the colour filters. In addition, kids can connect to the VTech Learning Lodge to download extras. The camera has 256mb of internal memory and is able to store around 350 photos or 10 minutes of video. There's even a built-in auto flash.

A blogger in the making!

The camera takes very clear images and satisfies the toughest of kid critics. Just like a legitimate digital camera, it comes with its own USB to upload your child's work onto a PC and with the purchase of a microSD card, you can even expand its memory if required.

Easy to navigate buttons and features means your child can readily work out the tech side of things.

Kids can make movies, take photos, play games, take selfies and edit their images with lots of fun effects and stickers. It's endless entertainment and we love that this has so many areas covered in the one compact device, making it a fabulous travelling companion for your budding photographer.

The VTech Kidizoom Twist Plus camera comes with a RRP of $89.95.
Find out more about VTech toys on their website.
*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts were gifted the featured items in exchange for this review.
All opinions expressed are those of this blog's Author.


  1. Oh I love V tech! We have a couple of toys of theirs in our house and the kids seriously just love them. However with the Xmas on the horizon (scary!! yes, panic!) I really love this camera. What a cool toy! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. How cool is that camera! It does so much stuff. I always wanted a camera when I was little and I'm sure bub will be the same.

  3. The camera looks awesome! My kids would love that.

  4. I need that camera from my 14 year - so he stops smashing his iphone from filming whilst he is skating lol xx

  5. I think the storage space on the camera is the best positive. Click away kiddos! Michelle Sheriff

  6. I saw that camera in the shops and thought how awesome if it was around when my boys were younger! I love the range of VTech toys!

  7. They're all so pretty! Great activities for kids. These days, most would just keep them occupied...and quiet playing games on their ipads

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